My first time using FreeBSD on real hardware. I installed FreeBSD along side my favorite GNU/Linux distro, Arch Linux, on a separate hard drive.

Download FreeBSD

There are some issues I had with FreeBSD that I did not point out in this video, but overall it's a really nice OS.

Also, I was very tried when I recorded this.

#FreeBSD #BSD #Unix

Desktop Ponies, a free/open source cross-platform desktop toy for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.


You must install Mono, and Mono-Basic (AUR) in order to run this program if you are using Arch.

Song: Equestria Girls - This Strange World (Mel's Remix) by Melodosis:

My desktop environment: Deepin

#mlp #gnulinux #archlinux

This is a unfinished YTP I've had sitting around for a while.

#michaelrosen #ytp

Ya serious?

This is the same for any GNU/Linux distro.

Clip from Spider-Man 2

#archlinux #linux #GNUlinux

An Easter Egg that unlocks zombie Lin as a homie. Bring back Lin by calling Eye for an Eye (555-5966). Zombie Lin drives a custom Reaper.

#saintsrow #ogsaintsrow

A knock-off Thomas the Tank Engine toy from Aliexpress. It's pretty cool.

I've made a new channel just for items like this! Check it out, it's called TopHatToyCollection:


Shark Puppet upgrades to another laptop, and installs Arch Linux. Yeah!

This is a parody of Shark Puppet.

#sharkpuppet #yeah!

In this video I take a look at Latte Dock. A very awesome dock program for the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

This may or may not be the last time I make a GNU/Linux video in this style. I plan on making videos with a script on hand, better voice recordings, and more editing.

Icons and themes by: Numix Project

Mouse cursor: Blue Diamond - Originally made by BlooGuy for Windows, was ported to Linux:

Recorded with: OBS Studio

Edited in: Kdenlive

#KDE #Plasma #KDEPlasma #FreeSoftware #Linux

A compilation of my wacky and crazy YouTube Poops new and old (mainly old) from my YTPpooper111 account. These YouTube Poops were made between 2014 to 2018.

I no longer upload to the YTPpooper111 channel.

Also, this was posted on the 7th of May, Michael Rosen's birthday! Happy birthday Michael Rosen!

#YTP #YouTubePoop #YTPMV

R.I.P George Carlin - 1937 - 2008

Original song: The Wiggles - Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car

Once again I'm too lazy to make a decent thumbnail.

#YTPMV #YTP #ThomasTheTankEngine

A short compilation of all the weird Garry's Mod animations I've made in the past.

Also, the first video was corrupted. I repaired the file, but the audio got distorted in some parts . Sorry about that :/

#Gmod #GarrysMod #GmodAnimation

A YouTube Poop music video thingy I made.

The Ringos - Peep Peep, Wheesh Wheesh, Splendid Red Engine

Parody of The Wiggles - Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car

The thumbnail is unfinished because I'm too lazy to make a decent one. Will update later.

#YTPMV #YTP #ThomasTheTankEngine

These are the best Mac OS icons I found for Deepin and other desktop environments.

If you know any other Mac OS icon packs or themes for Linux, leave a comment and a link.

Github Downloads:

Halo icons:

Mojave-CT icons:

AUR Downloads:

Halo icons:

Mojave-CT icons:

The distribution used in this video is Manjaro Deepin.

#Deepin #Manjaro #MacOS #Linux #GNU #GNU/Linux

It's as big as a battleship.

Since I imagined the Skyfoogle to look like the Giant Claw, I made this video.

The film used in this video is The Giant Claw (1957)

All content in this video belong to their respective owners.

#MichaelRosen #Noice #Skyfoogle

In this video I take a look at an operating system called Haiku. It is basically a fork of another system called BeOS.

Download Haiku:

This video was recorded on Manjaro Deepin.

#Haiku #BeOS #FreeOS

In this video I take a look at a free *alpha* operating system that is planned to be a replacement for Microsoft Windows.

Note: This operating system is in alpha stages only and is not ready for daily use.

Download ReactOS at:

Check out the ReactOS Community YouTube channel:

The themes I used in this video can be downloaded here:

#ReactOS #Operatingsystem #Free

Michael Rosen is very hungry.

A parody of the Pumpkin World game, Hungry Pumpkin.

#MichaelRosen #HungryPumpkin #PumpkinWorld

NO! I don't want that!

This video shows you how to fix icons that were not made for the Deepin desktop environment without using any scripts or terminal commands.

I was tired when I recorded this.

Note: I am not a Linux pro. I am quite new to Linux and there could be an easier way of doing this using scripts or terminal commands. There are a million ways of doing the same task on Linux.

Icons used: Ubuntu Yaru (Default icons on Ubuntu 18.10)

#Linux #Manjaro #Deepin

Who Trip really is.

This is a filler video.

#Facade #Trip #Grace

Just a video about Twilight's plot.


I put no effort into this.

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I'm already at full health.

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A Source Filmmaker recreation of a video by Tridashie.

This is my first project in Source Filmmaker. It may not be the best.

Original animation by Tridashie:


Remake Animated by:


Original animation by:


Pony Models by:


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro, Inc.

Software Used:

Source Filmmaker (Animation software)

GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program - Image editing software)

HitFilm Express (editing software)

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