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When Wikileaks leaked the Chelsea Manning data, he went too far, Assange became a prime target for the elite. He is currently facing extradition from the UK to the USA, will he receive a fair trial when those he exposed are in charge of his trial?

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Capitalists use Socialist ideas to patch up the Capitalist system and prevent a real critique of Capitalism and the promotion of Socialism. Capitalist social solutions are diversions and bring only profit to themselves. The Capitalist's main goal is profit and not human rights or society.

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Title: The Descent ✘ Music: Kevin MacLeod ✘ License: CC BY 3.0 ( ✘ Download: ISRC: USUAN1200094 © 2012 Kevin MacLeod

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Because journalists overwhelmingly rely on the voices of elites, elites have a disproportionate influence on the media agenda, acting as the ‘primary definers’ who set the framework of interpretation against which all subsequent voices are forced to insert themselves. It is corporations, not leftist academics which enforce politically correct limits on speech. By contrast, ordinary people who appear in the news are constructed primarily as passive consumers, reacting to the agendas set by these elites.

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Although Wikipedia claims to have credibility because anyone can edit it, in fact, the website represents the viewpoint of its most strident and persistent editors

This matters because as a trusted source of information, Wikipedia entries often appear at the top of Google searches. So, when people search for the credibility about certain people, say John Pilger, the chances are that they will gain a bio from Wikipedia. Many people are unaware of the Wikipedia editing process and so are being misled as to its true nature.

Five Filters

The Philip Cross Affair

Philip Cross Wiki Author Banned

Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia

Wikipedia Co-Founder Blasts “Appallingly Biased” Wikipedia Entry on Intelligent Design

A new study by three MIT scholars has found that false news spreads more rapidly on the social network Twitter than real news does, and by a substantial margin.

Moreover, the scholars found, the spread of false information is essentially not due to bots that are programmed to disseminate inaccurate stories. Instead, false news speeds faster around Twitter due to people retweeting inaccurate news items.

The Spread of True and False News Online
Study: On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories

The science of fake news

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The mainstream media present the facts correctly but set the agenda by how they frame the news story. They decide which facts to present and which facts to leave out. They also decide what to focus on and what is considered morally acceptable and what is not. I might do a video on agenda setting but this one is quite light and short. Usually they break down a story into two sides of an argument, even if multiple sides exist. One is ridiculous that almost everyone will reject it and the other is framed to make logical sense. Fake news is not the biggest problem we face as most news is not fake but framed and that is a lot harder to spot.

Vibrator prize for Spanish squash champion spurs sexism debate

Squash club apologises after awarding vibrators to female winners of Spanish club tournament
Sexism Definition

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Master–slave morality is a central theme of Friedrich Nietzsche's works, particularly in the first essay of his book, On the Genealogy of Morality. Nietzsche argued that there were two fundamental types of morality: "master morality" and "slave morality". Master morality values pride and power, while slave morality values things like kindness, empathy, and sympathy. Master morality weighs actions on good or bad consequences (i. e., classical virtues and vices, consequentialism), unlike slave morality, which weighs actions on a scale of good or evil intentions (e. g., Christian virtues and vices, Kantian deontology).

For Nietzsche, a particular morality is inseparable from the formation of a particular culture, meaning that a culture's language, codes and practices, narratives, and institutions are informed by the struggle between these two moral structures

The replication crisis is an ongoing methodological crisis primarily affecting parts of the social and life sciences in which scholars have found that the results of many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce on subsequent investigation, either by independent researchers or by the original researchers themselves.

Because the reproducibility of experiments is an essential part of the scientific method, the inability to replicate the studies of others has potentially grave consequences for many fields of science in which significant theories are grounded on unreproducible experimental work.

People who win large amounts of money on lotteries tend to switch their political allegiances towards the right of the political spectrum and become less egalitarian, joint UK-Australian research has found.

Nearly 18% of winners immediately switched their support to the Conservatives after their wins over the course of the study

Does Money Make People Right Wing and Inegalitarian? A Longitudinal Study of Lottery Winners
Does Money Change Political Views? – An Investigation of Money Priming and the Preference for Right-Wing Politics
Winning the lottery makes you more conservative, study finds

A big lottery win might not just change your finances – it could also affect your politics.

"Two Concepts of Liberty" was the inaugural lecture delivered by the liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin before the University of Oxford on 31 October 1958. It was subsequently published as a 57-page pamphlet by Oxford at the Clarendon Press. It also appears in the collection of Berlin's papers entitled Four Essays on Liberty (1969) and was more recently reissued in a collection entitled simply Liberty (2002).



Chomsky's political writings have largely focused on the two concepts of ideology and power, or the media and state policy.One of Chomsky's best-known works, Manufacturing Consent, dissects the media's role in reinforcing and acquiescing to state policies across the political spectrum while marginalizing contrary perspectives. Chomsky asserts that this version of censorship, from government-guided "free market" forces, is more subtle and difficult to undermine than was the equivalent propaganda system in the Soviet Union. As he argues, the mainstream press is corporate-owned and thus reflects corporate priorities and interests. Acknowledging that many American journalists are dedicated and well-meaning, he argues that the mass media's choice of topics and issues, the unquestioned premises on which that coverage rests, and the range of opinions expressed are all constrained to reinforce the state's ideology. He states that, although the mass media will criticize individual politicians and political parties, it will not undermine the wider state-corporate nexus of which it is a part.] As evidence, he highlights that the U.S. mass media does not employ any socialist journalists or political commentators. He also points to examples of important news stories that the U.S. mainstream media has ignored because reporting on them would reflect badly upon the U.S. state, including the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton with possible FBI involvement, the massacres perpetrated in Nicaragua by the U.S.-funded contras, and the constant reporting on Israeli deaths while ignoring the far larger number of Palestinian deaths in the conflict between those two nations.To remedy this situation, Chomsky calls for grassroots democratic control and involvement of the media.

Chomsky considers most conspiracy theories to be fruitless, distracting substitutes for thinking about policy formation in an institutional framework, where individual manipulation is secondary to broader social im..

The official explanation was that David Kelly, the distinguished weapons expert had taken his own life by overdosing on painkillers and cutting his left wrist, after being unmasked as the source of the BBC’s claim that the Government had ‘sexed up’ the case for the Iraq War.

But since Dr Kelly’s death in 2003, time has done nothing to dispel the cloud of suspicion that hangs over the episode. The troubling questions surrounding it have only increased as the years have passed.

The hostile media effect is the process by which individuals perceive what they want to in media messages while ignoring opposing viewpoints. It is a broad term to identify the behavior all people exhibit when they tend to "see things" based on their particular frame of reference. It also describes how we categorize and interpret sensory information in a way that favors one category or interpretation over another. In other words, its a form of bias because we interpret information in a way that is congruent with our existing values and beliefs.

The Causes of Hostile Media Judgments

The Hostile Media Effect

The Hostile Media Phenomenon: Biased Perception and Perceptions of Media Bias in Coverage of the Beirut Massacre
They saw a game; a case study.
Broad Reach or Biased Source? Decomposing the Hostile Media Effect

The power of brand to inspire bias: How do perceptions of Al Jazeera English change once the logo’s gone?

A Self-Categorization Explanation for the Hostile Media Effect
Neutral news perceived as biased depending on who shares it

Another day, another effort to combat ‘fake news’ online. This time it’s NewsGuard, a new app claiming to help defend against "disinformation" by adding 'trust rankings' to news websites. But can the app and similar ones themselves be trusted?


Removing Additional Inauthentic Activity from Facebook
Meet the Reporters Whose Pages Were Shut Down By Facebook
Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say
The Social Media Purge And How It Affects Everyone

John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist and BAFTA award-winning documentary film maker. He has been mainly based in the United Kingdom since 1962. Pilger is a strong critic of American, Australian and British foreign policy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist agenda.

Pilger said that mainstream journalism means corporate journalism. As such, he believes it represents vested corporate interests more than those of the public. He has additionally pointed to the 48 documentaries on Ireland made for the BBC and ITV between 1959 and the late-1980s which were delayed or altered before transmission, or totally suppressed.

Check him out here:

The exposing of the Integrity Initiative has just scratched the surface of what appears to be a much more sophisticated, insidious, and extremely online version of Operation Mockingbird. With new internal documents appearing each week through a hacker’s organization called Anonymous Europe, the revelations are yielding one of the most potentially explosive national security scandals in recent times.

The whole operation appears to be run by, and in conjunction with, members of British military intelligence.



The EU’s support for free movement is based on its desire to create a European-wide labour force that can be profitably exploited by capital. It is not motivated by humanitarianism or anti-racism. The European Union provides internationalism for the bosses, not for workers.

In reality the Social Chapter, while it potentially gave some extra legal protection on certain issues, was never much more than a fig leaf to disguise the reality of the European Union as an employers' union.

What protects workers in Britain - and in other countries - is not the European Social Chapter but our collective strength.


Why socialists should vote to leave the EU
Why the British said no to Europe
John Pilger Revealing and Insightful Interview on Brexit & E U
Nearly two-thirds of children in poverty live in working families
Poverty in Manchester – people face ‘hunger and fear’
Pale, male and posh: the media is still in a class of its own
Whatever happens next, Blair is the greatest
At last they admit my 'heir to Blair' scoop
The EU doesn't protect workers' rights - it has destroyed them
The European Union’s Neoli..

With Article 13, the European Union are about to make massive changes to a fundamental part of society (the internet) without clearly comprehending what they're doing and this is incredibly frightening. This is like a bad first draft of a bad proposal. This is not just "this is a bad bill that went through a comprehensive process and I disagree with it." This is an utter mess. It keeps shifting, it has vague and contradictory definitions, it tells companies to wave magic wands, and tells companies not to let the very thing the law compels actually happen. This is not regulating. This is why the public hates regulators.



The EU says it wants Europeans to engage with it: now that 4 MILLION of them have opposed mass censorship through #Article13, will they listen?

Article 13 approved: What is the EU copyright law amendment?

Article 13: Europe's hotly debated revamp of copyright law, explained
Deconstructing the Article 13

Article 13 Doc

What is Article 13? The EU's divisive new copyright plan explained
Latest EU Copyright Proposal: Block Everything, Never Make Mistakes, But Don't Use Upload Filters

#saveyourinternet #article13 #EU

False Flag operations are usually considered conspiracy theory. However overtime, some information leaks out. Here are 10 proven false flag operations. Check out the links below for more information.


Operation Gladio:

Terrorists 'helped by CIA' to stop rise of left in Italy

BBC Documentary:

Operation Northwoods:

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

Official Document:

Russian Apartment Bombings:

Moscow flat bombers get life for killing 246

None Dare Call It A Conspiracy

The Shadow of Ryazan: Who Was Behind the Strange Russian Apartment Bombings in September 1999?

Russian apartment bombings

Indonesian military Kills Two American Teachers

Indonesian Probe Leads to Army; Police Pin Ambush That Killed Two Americans on Soldiers

US Links Indonesian Troops To Death Of Two Americans

London G20 Police

G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

IDF agent provocateurs
Operation Glass Houses: IDF agent provocateurs admit to throwing stones at the IDF in Bilin

Ukrainian Snipers

Leaked: EU Officials Speculate Kiev Snipers Acted on Protesters’ Orders

Leaked call raises questions about who was behind sniper attacks in Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: bugged call reveals conspiracy theory about Kiev snipers

The Shelling of Mainila
Shelling of Mainila

Genoa G20

Media Missing New Evidence About Genoa Violence

Genoa police 'admit fabrication'

US Special Forces Tactics

US Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces,_FM_31.20-3,_2003

Based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks/Julian Assange, I will show how governments around the world engage in fake news and online misinformation/propaganda. This is not just a problem of Russia as it is currently sold.

DoD documents reveal for the first time the vast scale of DoD/CIA government control in Hollywood, including the ability to manipulate scripts or even prevent films too critical of the Pentagon from being made — not to mention influencing some of the most popular film franchises in recent years.

National Security Cinema: The Shocking New Evidence of Government Control in Hollywood

The US military storm Hollywood

Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA
Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think
How Hollywood Peddles Propaganda

410 movies

Spy Culture

DoD Documents
How & Why the Defense Department Works With Hollywood

We laugh at Russian propaganda. But Hollywood history is just as fake

Hollywood and the Pentagon: A relationship of mutual exploitation

A Guided democracy functions as a de facto autocracy. Such governments are legitimized by elections that are free and fair but do not change the state's policies, motives, and goals. In other words, the government controls elections so that the people can exercise all their rights without truly changing public policy.

The concept of a "guided democracy" was developed in the 20th century by Walter Lippmann in his seminal work Public Opinion and by Edward Bernays in his work Crystallizing Public Opinion.

Daily Mail Link

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Noam Chomsky's manufacturing consent filter 4 discusses how flak causes the media to self-censor and how this forms a filter regarding which news is published.

Flak and the Enforcers: "Flak" refers to negative responses to a media statement or program (e.g. letters, complaints, lawsuits, or legislative actions). Flak can be expensive to the media, either due to loss of advertising revenue, or due to the costs of legal defense or defense of the media outlet's public image. Flak can be organized by powerful, private influence groups (e.g. think tanks). The prospect of eliciting flak can be a deterrent to the reporting of certain kinds of facts or opinions.

Journalists Under Pressure

The Guardian shows its mettle
Accountability and the organ theft controversy

Big companies ‘buy influence’ with funding for think tanks

John Humphrys reveals Blair's Labour threatened to withdraw co-operation from Radio 4's Today unless they dealt with the 'Humphrys problem'

BBC, Blair call truce as heads roll over Iraq

Russia Today threatened with Ofcom sanctions due to bias

RT sanctioned by Ofcom over series of misleading and biased articles

BBC spent £350,000 on legal battle to keep report on its 'biased' Middle East coverage secret
Guardian 'changed Iraq article to avoid offending Apple'

Data Firm That Helped Trump Threatens to Sue the Guardian Over Investigative Series About Brexit

I won’t keep my silence: Michael Fallon lunged at me after our lunch

The increasingly close ties between leading politicians and journalists in Britain have been to the detriment of the public interest

#chomsky #propagnda #changethemedia

I will show using university research studies that the UK news is largely not written by journalists but by PR releases and then take a deeper look at the BBC sources of news to show that the government has a major role in setting the agenda of news debate.


Moulding and Manipulating the News

'BBC has high dependency on Tory government for statistics'

Rethinking balance and impartiality in journalism? How the BBC attempted and failed to change the paradigm

BBC News most trusted source for more than half of people in the UK

BBC most trusted news source

Channels 4 and 5 giving Tories more airtime than other broadcasters

Ricci, D. 1993, The Transformation of American Politics: The new Washington and the rise of think tanks. New Haven CT: Yale University Press.

Manning P (2001) News and News Sources. London: SAGE.
Hard Evidence: how biased is the BBC?


Section 4: Impartiality
Suddenly, national newspapers are heading for that print cliff fall
Chilcot report: Tony Blair's ambitions and panic revealed in private memos to George Bush


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“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789. The only way a democracy can flourish is if the citizenry are well informed. In the modern age this is done through televised political debates, through articles in the printed press and on the internet as well as social media. This channel is about giving an alternative view to politics and philosophy. Democracy demands an informed public. People who lack adequate knowledge about politics will find it difficult to control public policy. People who lack sufficient knowledge may be manipulated by corporations. They may also demand policies that contravene their own interests.

Hopefully you learn something new through the documentaries I make.