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Scottish Girl Plays The Drums from the Adventures of Scottish Girl.

Scottish Girl is a young lass fresh out of Scotland. Watch the adventures of Scottish Girl unravel as she amuses her self with the most unusual and silly things, set to music.

So do we think critically anymore or do we just criticize without thinking? What on earth is going on, reports Ms poopee doodee

Anastasia rides a mysterious talking horse only to undergo a sea of emotions she never knew she had. But is this all worth it if the path leads to the Devil's hell?

Anastasia sees double only to realize that what she sees is her identical replica. Could this replica be her new friend. Perhaps? Anastasia learns more about this replica, and goes about things in her usual way.

A gentle creature's abrupt departure leaves Anastasia in a state of despairing abandonment. But not for long for she conceives an elegant evil plan to entrap this unusual creature..

From the Diary of Anastasia - Anastasia writes in her darling beloved diary about a most peculiar mutation that has happened to her. Surrealistic performance is an excerpt from one-lady sketch comedy show Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure.

Anastasia hunts with a half mustang half human only to be tortuously subjected to a forage of banal words that make her truly sick.

Anastasia gambles her organs away as she plays a most deadly game with the Devil himself. Tales of self-destruction can make a lovely diary entry.

If you want to take a look at The Real Me. Then look no further.

Ms Poopee Doodee discusses womens rights since that's what we hear about all the time. That and the word P! Aren't Girls made of sugar and spice and all things nice

In world that has forgotten Jesus, here enters Google - The god of the New World Order!

Woohoo! Mr. Weird Man just got a nice IRS Tax refund. What better way to spend his hard earned money, than seeing dancing girl dance! But alas things don't go smoothly for Mr. WeirdMan. The Russian Mafia Super turns out to be the one who is the dancing girl's manager. Not only does he continually raise the price of Dancing girl, but he also uses his deadly hammer alot.

Things get even more strange, as the sinister Dr. Doctor carries out heart experiments on dead cadavers that the Russian Mafia Super provides. Who thought seeing Dancing Girl dance would ever be so complicated? But nothing stops Mr. Weird man from having a good time, and a good time he has!!!!

Mr Weirdman is back again as Barnacle Bill the Sailor. Also starring Ms Poopee Doodee and Scottish Girl in this one lady sketch comedy.

Scottish Girl spends an enchanting evening with Mr. Weird Man, as they dance the night together to the groovy drum beats of Senor Nacho.

Anastasia is in pain, something or someone is causing great discomfort in her ears. She attempts to find peace and is deeply disturbed by the external environment that surrounds her. This short experimental film is directed by Ms. Divine. Music by Das Ich, Equinox, Delta 9 and Hugo Wolf.
Note that this is an alternative (shorter) version of the longer film and excludes the 'oh my ear' diary entry.

Please visit to view more of my short sketch comedy films.

Ms Poopee Doodee chuckles as the arrogant media crumbles. Fear Not, big brother will compile a special list of sites for you to see, oops, wait that's google. ha!

Anastasia visits the flea market only to encounter an unusual painting sold by a strange artist, and ponders on the similarities between an Artist and a Killer. The main point being it is very important to find a painting that matches with ones carpet.

So what would happen in this world if we believed everything the news media fed us? Would Ms Divine be great again?
Ms Poopee Doodee reports

Ms. Poopee Doodee (worlds most determined reporter) defines freedom and discusses the concepts of being freedom and naked. There's no better way to report the news by reporting it in pure nakedness.

Anastasia rescues an odd but endearing creature only to realize the grueling consequences of being an Animal Tamer. From the Diary of Anastasia

The Real Me is back and is raw and exposed, this time partaking in an odd march as protesters spread the peace via fire. Why is approved complaining only allowed.#comedy

Scottish girl is a silly young lass fresh out of Scotland. Her Grandfather Scotty, writes her on a daily basis updating her on the life in Scotland. In his latest letter, he tells her about the Irish leprechaun that stole his sheep.
Scottish Girl is determined to get the sheep back and thus decides to pose as an Irish Girl and go to Ireland. Before she does that, she also attempts to learn Irish Dancing.

A collection of sketch comedy
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A lonely young girl is tired from the routine of a meaningless corporate job, and drained from the narrow minded mentality of humans born to follow. Her sorrows instantly vanish when a peculiar puppet comes to life and befriends her. The duo soon plan a daring bank robbery.

However, the puppet's weakness for nachos causes their plan to go awry (amiss). Now, they have to escape the wrath of a sadistic member of the Russian Mafia who poses as a super in the very same building that she lives in. And to make matters worse, the puppet is kidnapped by crazy Army General, Ox Malford who is determined to spread freedom and democracy to anyone and anything in his way.

Things get even more complicated when Mr. Weird Man, who happens to live in the same building, complains to the crazy Russian Mafia super about a leaky ceiling.

Will our favorite loony characters get out of this scrape in one piece? Watch this zany adventure unravel and let out a few laughs in the middle of the excitement. Director creator, Ms. Divine brings each cartoon character to life in this one lady sketch comedy film.

Scottish Girl Learns to drive. From the adventures of Scottish Girl.
Song: Whistlin Jack Smith - I was Kaiser Bill's Batman.


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Excerpts from Public Access Television show Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure - collection of short sketch comedy films featuring a motley crew of loony characters living in their own peculiar world. Watch these one-lady videos all written, directed, acted, edited and produced by Ms Divine.

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