Keep the butt end of your grip pointed at your belt buckle throughout the swing. Sets you up for perfect chipping pitching and full swing. Yep it should be pointed on the line through your digital plane even at the top

Use prior to the top of your back swing whatever height it is. Sets your hands for the downswing. May be utilized on all occasions. Parties, cookouts and bar mitzvahs

loop the club way outside to left hand knuckle drag condition(Neanderthal), holding back to the target swing inside to out to finish. Really sets the right wrist to where it should be. This is Jim Furyk on steroids but only to get the feeling of setting the wrist where it needs to be. Basically leave out the initial loop and you are there on the swing but leave in the loop until you have it down. Then ease up on the amount of loop you put in until it is gone.

Exact movement required. Thought I'd give you a front and rear view for better comprehension. Really is this simple. club head moves approximately 6 feet throughout this move. The most difficult part of this move is getting there to start it. Do this as the 7 to 5, 8 to 4, and the 9 to 3 drill to ingrain. Practice inside to out path. Hold your back to the target with whatever back swing rotation that you generated in the downswing, releasing it only when your body tells you to. Kind of an arms only type drill. Getting there, that's coming soon to a theater near you.

If you cannot hold the tool properly, how can you use the damn thing. Get in front of a mirror and manipulate your hands on the grip until you can get this motion automatically. Focus of my wrist conditions and hand movements. If you don't like mine use any pros slow motion side view and emulate theirs, there is no difference. Do not let there be a difference in yours. You then practice this every night for 15 minutes for 2 weeks in a mirror.
When you find this prepare yourself, you are going to have two strong, yet dissimilar reactions, one is shear jubilation that what has evaded you for so long has now been found. The other, anger, that in all those grip lessons/videos no one has shown you one, what to look for, and two, how to achieve it correctly. Now you will know. Let's move on to the first reaction and enjoy some great golf. Please watch next video that breaks down "my" hands. Gives you a start at finding your grip. No one lied to you. They just didn't put 2 and 2 together. They did not show you what to see and look for in yourself, they showed you what worked for them, and by now if you have followed my channel at all you know that we are all different. You no longer are in the dark. Enlightenment is a wonderful thing.

P.S. You ever hit that perfect shot, you know the one I'm talking about. Happens once in a long while and you ask yourself why you can't do it all the time. What was different in that swing to all the others. THIS IS WHAT WAS DIFFERENT. You accidentally held the tool properly. Your grip felt the same, but was it? Just a slight nuance that made your system work flawlessly. You could not tell the difference because you had no feeling. The shot was that amazing. You know that shot. If only you could bottle it, you'd make a fortune. Well here is your bottle. You can swing it as hard as you want to. Comes back to square.
P.S.S. Yours will be slightly or way different to mine. Kinda what makes us unique. But you can find it. Just remember. It..

Lazy mans way of describing a complicated body function that puts trigger words in your head that should never have been put there, ever heard the term " keep your head down"? Same thing. Minimal bend to the side at address. That is all the side bend there is. Everything else is an optical illusion, it is the way the pelvis to spine functions that make it appear to be a side bend when you are only maintaining your spine angle and the pelvis moves up or down.

Explained in the video

Play within yourself. No need to over swing. Distance for inaccuracies not a good tradeoff

Over swinging irons the front nine. Figured it out on 7. Fix on 8 and played 1 under the rest of the round. Extremely tight course with 20 to 30 yard wide fairways and then into trees. Irons a premium as greens were like concrete having to land well short of the flag to release.

Remember in the science video where I discussed how with inertia flattening the circle causing the club head to move in a straight line, with no return rotation the club head bottoms out behind you. This was Moe's setup point. Add rotation and release inertia and the club head returns back to the ball with the same move from the top

Just tuck the rear elbow into your side a keep it there while rotating upper torso. Feels like cheating. Raise your good contact percentage to 95% overnight

We have alot of work to do. By the end of his first bucket ever he was hitting a 6 iron 150 yards and fairly straight

Working on my chippingVideo from James Mobbs

Then build a swing from the ground up. Doesnt have to be mine, but choose one and build that cozy, comfortable place you can call home. You'll be glad you did.

It's all in the video this time

Don't overload your brain with conflicting information. Pick someone you trust and learn everything you can from them. If there is something you don't understand then ask them. Once you have mastered what they teach only then go to another if you feel there is more that you can accomplish. I have been at this for years and have developed my own way of doing things. It doesn't make me right. Just my view of things. Believe me I have almost tried it all and the times I was most successful were the times I had very little going on inside my head. Develope in pieces, and stack your knowledge, always building on and mastering earlier pieces with the new. You are developing new skill sets to master.

Practice with the eyes closed, with the exception of the pineal gland, your third eye. Feel your balance, your body movements, the putter weight, path and balance, and the forces that you intend to generate. Get in touch with your putting system, get synergy between yourself, your putter, the ball and the forces generated to determine the path your ball will follow on it's journey to the hole.

Dont be in a hurry to sink that putt, or you might not

Try cruise control for a while and be amazed

Prove it with close your eyes and putt drill

Slighty closed clubface imparting draw bias spin on your chips.

Consistency and positive attitude with your work will pay out in spades


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