Everything was customized

My process took three hours

look at the look of shock on his face at the end of the video. Even my students have a hard time believing me, and Gavin has been with me for 10 months. This was taken today. We worked on keeping his hands inside the body box today. His hands tend to exit the box due to his ability with flexibility.

Because the devils gonna take the lead. And where did that get you?

By bringing sunlight on their inadequacies

Should be on yours too. Thanks Bill

Traveling back to Dubai and then off to Oman for work for a few days

22.5 degree hand path in front of the body. Appears 45 degrees due to rotation. Notice Dunaways hands never get outside the two walls outside the shoulders in front of the body. With this being the case it is physically impossible to actually move the hands at a steeper angle

Do not fight it

5 shot shapes you can easily perform

There will be no lower body for dummies 102 because there is nothing more to know

Dont be a dummy. Why force the automatic

Right wrist angle and spacial location are key. Adjust the club in you grip setup to achieve this

Maybe found stateside home course too

This is why your right hand is the club face and how it tries to control the toe. Find the path and the correct grip for your physiological makeup and you are golden. This IS the only secret to golf. This is why it is automatic with the human physiology

Must know. This is why the tool works the way it does.

The truth is out there, actually the truth is right here. Fantastic video. MUST WATCH. One of the best psycho logical videos out there.

Copy this

Win win

This is most likely your ideal swing

Get caught up in the accuracy of your speed

Do not overswing. You are killing your game


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