As if he NEVER brought his hands back toward neutral in his swing. Just dumped it straight down his right side.

setup to the ball. bring the club head up and do the Peter Croker club drop. Move your lead side into impact position. How is the ball, club head relationship? Remember to keep the C7 vertebrae stationary.

stance width, ball position and pivot have to match up to bring the club face back to the ball.
If you are hitting it fat or thin, check your stance width first. You'll be glad you did.

It depends on you

sometimes you just may want to lose control.

guess I have to somewhat touch base on it. so many do it incorrectly and worse yet, teach it incorrectly.

1928 Walter Hagan

You may be on to something though video evidence in this case is inconclusive due to not being able to see the ground forces in his feet

This put too much strain on my middle back

In combination they give you Phil

Cooper Osborne Golf Classic Vardon description

Practice it this way but it is adjustable depending on loft and lie requirements. You may open or close the club face to your hearts desires.

This is the grip to use. There are exceptions but they are few and far between

Finding camera angles can help moderate your illusion

feel the left side move in front of your spine keeping the top of the spine stationary. It will feel as if you are crowding your space between you and the ball. you are not. the tendency of an amateur is to stand up or rock back on the heels when the left shoulder comes in sight slightly causing a distance variance from the ball. This also sets up an inaccurate plane back to the ball in the downswing causing all kinds of symptoms. If you are hitting toe shots this is most likely your problem. It is very hard to detect especially on your own. Video will help from the target back to you as I demonstrated in this video where the back can be seen. Also a caddie view will help see sways or what they used to and still incorrectly call lifting the head. You may lift your head all you want as long as the top of the spine stays immobile.

go to :29 mark and put playback speed to .25. Kind of grainy but notice his left hand and the right hand functionality.

Notice the announcer said steady head. It isn't the head that needs to be steady but the top of the spine.


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