The first feature length film exposing tv fakery on September Eleventh, released in 2007 to no acclaim, subsequently immitated but unmatched. Ghengis6199

Recently Banned by Youtube for exposing the truth about no planes on 9/11.

Go home they're blowing up the buildings....

Crash physics for dummies.

September Clues redux

Extremely rare shot, only broadcast by this network. The news anchor admits the plane comes out the other side of the building. Physically impossible....

This had nearly a million Youtube views before being censored.

Real planes explode on impact. Top 10 reasons why no planes hit the WTC on 9/11/01

Folks, on 9/11/01 the TV networks lied to the world about planes striking the World Trade Center.

1. Planes are made of light materials like aluminum and fiberglass. Think of them as long beer cans. Even birds can give planes problems.

2. There were many steel core columns supporting both of the Twin Towers. No plane could enter such a structure without being completely destroyed.

3. Two planes were depicted as being inside and intact the Twin Towers, a pair of buildings made with 200,000 tons of steel each.

4. Eyewitnesses: Very few people in New York's business district actually had a decent view of the South Tower of the WTC. Only a few thousand people at most would have been able to see the South Tower explode. The author of this website has interviewed people who do not believe that they saw a plane strike the South Tower.

Meanwhile, it was a simple matter for the TV networks to keep the eyewitnesses who didn't see a plane off the air.

5. Both Boeing 767s (i.e., Flights 11 and 175, which supposedly struck the North and South Towers respectively) have165 foot wingspans. Meanwhile, both the North and South Towers were 210 feet wide. We're supposed to believe that both planes were entirely inside the tower they hit, with no pieces showing, with only 45 feet of room to spare!

6. United Airlines Flight 175 was shown entering the South Tower like a ghost. When the tip of the plane's fuselage hits the steel exterior of the South Tower the fuselage should be breaking up. That would cause the wings to break off.

7. Newton's Third Law of Motion states that "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.". Let's apply Newton's Third Law to Flight 175. In the 9/11/01 story, Flight 175 strikes the the South Tower at 450 m.p.h.

Now imagine that the South Tower moved at 450 m.p.h. and struck a stationary Flight 175. We would not expect that Flight 175 would be undamaged. We would not expect that it would simply disappear into the South Tower.

8. There was no audio of 'Flight 175' striking the South Tower. This is true even though there were about a dozen videos of the event said to be obtained from lucky amateurs.

9. There are innumerable contradictions with the news reports of planes striking the WTC. (The author's writing is here.) Just a cursory examination of the 911 news reports can reveal dramatic inconsistencies.

10. There has been massive censorship of the 911 Hoax. Dozens of media sources have exercized a zero tolerance policy for any suggestion that no planes struck the WTC before it was vaporized from exotic weaponry and nuclear weapons.

Why would CBS, The New York Times, The History Channel, and be censoring the idea so aggressively if real planes hit the Twin Towers?

The MSN tried to convey there were multiple shots from many angles of the WTC being struck but this is the GAMMA footage with a wider lense and the background sky through a different chroma filter.

Probably the fakest of the fakes, this was repeatedly shown on every network TV station in the days after 9/11 and the 'nose out' is a clear sign of CGI video fakery.

Youtube scrubbing evidence that no planes hit the world trade centre, this video had 200000 views until recently censored.
These interviews by Rick Leventhal were shown on Fox News around 10-10.15 am on september 11th 2001.

The late great Webfairy was the first source where I remember seeing this footage online back in 2003. RIP Rosalee Grable.

The 9/11 Fraud - who, how & why it was perpetrated.


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