Got my third & final Youtube strike for this video which was set to private and had no public views, then banned without recourse after 15 years. Demonstrating how creepy their AI has become or the censors were combing my unlisted material.

LIE WITNESS Gerard Vowls on the London Bridge terror incident: ‘It was like a sword battle. Anyone that came near them they just stabbed them.’

A heroic punter threw pint glasses at the London Bridge attackers while calling them 'terrorist cowards' as he attempted to lure them towards armed police officers. Gerard Vowls tried to draw the attackers back onto the Borough High Street after watching them stab a woman nearly 50 times as she called out for help.

After following them down Borough High Street, Mr Vowls taunted them, saying 'come and get me,' before lobbing beer bottles and pint glasses at the Islamist killers.

Examine footage of the three 'terrorists' after being killed by police, not a drop of blood in sight. Shot on potato-cam of course:

I also done several searches on how many people in the UK with the surname Vowls - ZERO RESULTS

Millions Comatose In A World Of Illusion

From silicon tits to a silly con for president.

Vanilla Sky was released on October 2001. Years later once it become clear the depth of fakery surrounding the WTC attack and the evidence many of the victims never existed, skeptics argued about the veracity of the jumpers. Some claimed the towers were evacuated prior to demolition and those seen hanging from the windows and jumping out were CGI creations. Others disagreed and contended latex dummies were used to simulate victims jumping to their deaths to avoid the smoke and inferno. Richard Pecorella is adamant his fiancé is featured in photographs heroically leaping to her death.. .

"Mr Pecarello, 59, made contact with Associated Press photographer Richard Drew, who had captured images of many of the jumpers, and asked to look through his archives. He saw a couple of photographs of a woman in cream trousers and blue top which he is convinced were of Karen.

‘There was one of her standing in a window with flames behind her and one of her falling from the building,’ Mr Pecarello says. ‘It made me feel she didn’t suffer and that she chose death on her terms rather than letting them burn her up.’

When he tried to show the photos to Karen’s staunchly Protestant family back in Indiana, they didn’t want to know. They go by the official version, that nobody jumped."

Open Your Eye

Got side-tracked into studying Wadlow and watched all publicly available videos of the giant. Couldn't help notice how easy it would be to forge every single one of them. Wikipedia claim the films are; "irrefutable evidence" but something's up with them big rubber hands & stilt like strut.

Wadlow reached 8 ft 11" (2.72 m) in height his death at age 22. (33 would be too obvious)

'Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940), also known as the Alton Giant and the Giant of Illinois, was an American man who was the tallest person in recorded history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. He was born and raised in Alton, Illinois, a small city near St. Louis, Missouri.

Wadlow was a Master Mason under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Illinois A.F. and A.M.

This incredulous angle was broadcast within minutes of the second strike by Sky News. The plane is seen swooping in from high above unlike all other film of Flight 175. However Sky News were sneaky and only broadcast the second half of the clip, albeit numerous times but it hides the full scope of the simulation's conflicting trajectory. My own Sky News recordings from 2001 were further enlightened when the CBS footage appeared on Youtube in 2007. It showing the full descent of the 'plane' into the WTC during the extended video.

Even before the North Tower is detonated, Sky News are seeding the Osama Bin Laden myth. Then while mirroring the FOX News feed the presenter suggests to us that jet fuel will cause steel to melt....

This ancient Oprah episode has been memory-holed from the Internets. She interviews CIA shill Don Dahler and plays the most incriminating clips against hijacked planes hitting the WTC. Don is adamant the first strike was a missile (even ten years later) and sees nothing hit the south tower while watching live. The World Trade Centre demolition is also featured by Winfrey, watch pyroclastic debris chase firemen up the street. The no-plane or missile theory were seeded by Dahler during his live interviews on ABC news with Diane Sawyer. How deep does Don's acting role go? Firing missiles into buildings rigged for demolition doesn't seem feasible to me.
"This theory opens up the possibility that Don Dahler could have been doing more than just reporting on the events of the day. He may also have been orchestrating the events of the day.

Radios can beep regardless of whether the call is incoming or outgoing. What if the beep was outgoing? What if all the people on that particular radio channel could now hear what Don was saying on the air? Couldn’t that be used as an audio cue for the CGI’s to appear?

The time between the radio beep and the explosion is 15 seconds. There is no “live” footage out there that shows the plane appearing prior to this radio beep. Because of the fact that most of these angles show the plane “disappearing” behind the towers, there was an allowable margin of error inherent in those angles.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been scrolling through frames of these videos, thinking “damn, why hasn’t the building exploded yet?” The answer to that question may be that the CGI in the video I was analyzing at the time was initiated early.

If you start recording the times between the CGI’s disappearance behind the towers and the “exit face” explosion, these values represent that margin of error. The angle with the least margin of error just happened to be WNYW, or as I prefer to call it, blooper central.

If you read this ABC Nightline Bio of Don Dahler, you’ll see some pretty incredible claims about the “missions” he’s been on. I’ve excerpted three of these below:

1.) “Dahler was among the first American journalists to enter Afghanistan prior to U.S. military action against the Taliban regime.”

2.) “In the summer of 2002, Dahler, a Nightline producer, and camera crew, slipped across the Syrian border into northern Iraq for a series of exclusive reports on the Kurds.”

3.) “Dahler covered the war in Iraq as an embedded journalist with the 101st Airborne, traveling and living with the Army soldiers, going on foot-patrols and aerial assaults alongside the front-line troops.”

If he truly is “Grade (E)9” (Sergeant Major or Command Sergeant Major in the Army), these “missions” wouldn’t seem to be much of a stretch, would they?"

Muckle bloke caught on camera back in the day courtesy of korbyn dallas, among the best researchers online right now.

Dashcam witness video, another of the simulations broadcast all around the world immediately after 9/11 and not attributed to anyone. CNNs Aaron Brown explains the nose out illusion succinctly. Begins with the full NIST video release in 2012 then jumps back to demonstrate it being broadcast by the fake news networks on 9/11. Very similar to Gamma Press and Tina Cart, seems this batch of counterfeits were manufactured by the same perps.

It boggles the mind how this bogus clip was broadcast unchallenged all around the world immediately after 9/11. Even the most astute 9/11 sceptics took many years to unwrap this aspect of the hoax. Nobody has ever claimed ownership or been attributed as videographer of this particular clip, no wonder, it being the most fraudulent piece of evidence in support of hijacked planes hitting the World Trade Centre and absolute proof of TV Fakery being the main weapon unleashed on 9/11.

Antonio first published this video on Vimeo on September 11th 2009, 8 years after 9/11, having never been broadcast by any media previously. It's another crafty trick, zooming in prior to impact and Rosario himself not reacting until after the explosion with the obligatory OH MY GOD!
Unlike most of the other videographers Rosario has appeared in public and has his own Youtube channel. However the aluminium plane melts into the WTC and the nose seemingly emerges intact out the other side before dissolving into the explosion. Also unusual is the incredibly high quality of the zoomed in shot, it seems a higher pixel count than when the camera is zoomed out giving a panorama of the city. This artifact is in reverse to how most cameras work as quality often degrades the closer one zooms...

Pavel was one of only two people in New York to capture both towers exploding as they were allegedly being struck but he didn't release this clip until 2003. It's very similar to the uncredited mute splodge but here they have a building in the way to act as a fig leaf masking the plane having no impact as it melts into the World Trade Centre like a ghost.

Much is made of his footage of 'Flight 11' striking the North Tower but this video is less known. The banking, shining, silver plane is in sharp contrast to Park Foreman, Tina Cart & Boris Miller representations. Very few photos appear of Pavel from around 2001 onwards, then he appears a decade later on Czech TV in 2012 giving this extensive interview.

Tape of 9/11 WTC attack surfaces 2 years later -

"The only videotape known to have captured both planes slamming into the World Trade Centre, and only the second image of the first strike, has surfaced on the eve of the second anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The footage, obtained by The New York Times, was taken by a Czech immigrant construction worker whose son at one point came close to accidentally erasing the rare, chilling footage, the newspaper reported on its website today.

Federal officials investigating the Trade Centre collapse are trying to obtain a copy of the hourlong tape, which could cast light on the cause of the north tower's collapse by helping to determine factors including the exact speed at which the first plane travelled, The Times said.

The only other known footage of the first plane's impact came from a French film crew making a documentary about a probationary firefighter."

Cracking no planes video. NIST published this video which lasts 7 minutes back in 2012. The WTC explodes around 4.33 in and the footage is craftily edited to hide what did or didn't hit the skyscraper. Uncredited video but the 'author' gives a brief interview at the end.
On close examination the video appears cleverly layered, the contrast in quality between the WTC in distance and the spectators in the foreground would appear at odds with one another. I'd say it was layered to give authenticity. Released by NIST under FOI in 2012.
No Plane In Sight.

Another atrocious counterfeit appearing ten years after 9/11. Bleached colours and stretched buildings. This appeared on Youtube around 2011 having never seen this wide angle shot broadcast by any news network in the previous ten years, and I spent a lot of time collecting archive footage. It's credited to Holly B, unsure if that is the videographer or female 'newscaster' who sounds very professional but in many cases audio was dubbed over separately and there is no watermark on the video detailing which network broadcast the fake. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Ten seconds of terror - this mute splodge appeared online around 2008, again melting into the WTC defying the laws of physics.
It was not broadcast by any news networks in the months after 9/11, only appearing many years later on Youtube. Uncredited and Unbelievable.

This shot was broadcast everywhere the day after 9/11, quite a contrasting trajectory from SKY dive bomber, and no 'nose-out'. I have low quality versions from Channel 4 in the UK however NIST released this HQ video back in 2012 under FOI requests. They name Boris Miller as the videographer. This being the only mention of Boris shooting the footage since it happened. Running his name through Gematrix turned up Walt Disney, another great animator.... ;->

TV Fakery in Woolwich, the bogus beheading left a bad actor-taste even after all these years. Published in 2013 and long since banned. Dedicated to the late, great Morris108, without whom this video would never have been produced. Morris lost his life to dengue fever after moving to Cambodia and starting a family. And to Chris Spivey whose life was made a living hell for questioning the man-made tricks.

"A conspiracy theorist claimed Lee Rigby's murder was a hoax and taunted his family by publishing their address online, a court has heard. Chris Spivey, 52, allegedly made a string of outrageous claims about the soldier, including that his family were involved in a conspiracy with M15 to incite anti-Islamic propaganda.
The court heard how the tattoo artist and self-styled internet journalist even claimed that Fusilier Rigby did not exist and that his relatives had doctored their family pictures. He also allegedly accused the 25-year-old of being a rapist and said his wife Amy West was involved in the 'hoax'."

MORRIS108 on bitchute before passing -

Morris Herman (Morris108) dies shortly after having his YouTube channel terminated, October 2, 2019

Brilliantly astute broadcast back in 1988 by KYTV, report was dead right when originally blaming structural failure, no bomb reside was ever found. Did the insane cost of litigation lead authorities to concoct the terrorist narrative... In the 35 years since this happened no other news outlet has laid out the simple truth behind the explosion. TWA 800 suffered the same structural fault.
Pan Am 103 rained down on the Muckletoon as well as Lockerbie, I recall still finding plane parts years later when grouse beating the moors.
"The time has come to finally review the evidence, usually defined as the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

What do we really know about Pan Am Flight 103?

This reviewing process will be very unnerving as it will force us to ask ourselves a very simple question.

Knowing that the evidence of the crime was obviously fabricated, could the crime itself be a fabrication? In other words, can we be sure it was a bomb, at all?

The magic luggage — An implausible scenario

Noel Koch headed the U.S. Defense Department’s anti-terrorism office from 1981 to 1986.

Koch has ridiculed — and quite rightly so, I must say — the idea that terrorists would gamble on the likelihood that unaccompanied luggage would be successfully transferred twice, first from Malta to Frankfurt, and then from Frankfurt to London. [4]

“I can tell you this much that I know about terrorism: it’s simple. You don’t complicate life. Life’s complicated enough as it is.

If you’ve got a target you want to get as close as you can to it and you don’t go through a series of permutations that provide opportunities for failure and that provide opportunities for discovery. It doesn’t work that way.”

Of course, an astute reader will also be left wondering why a terrorist would set the timer for just a few minutes after take-off instead of a few hours when Pan Am 103 would have exploded over the Atlantic, thus leaving nothing to be investigated?

And if that was not troubling enough, keep in mind that, after being transferred twice, the magic brown Samsonite suitcase was loaded on Pan Am Flight 103 against the fuselage at a very specific location (Sections 41/42) which is known to be the weakest part of the Boeing-747 airliner. Seriously? Only a child would believe such a fairy tale!

Fabricated evidence

After reading my analysis of the “evidence”, UK terrorism researcher Paul Feeney posted the following comment.

“The more I study the collection of evidence related to Lockerbie, the less sure I become that any of it is genuine – other than those items which were the possessions of the victims and which were later identified by their families.

We know PT/35(b) was fake evidence and was probably planted after the explosion, the Malta clothes are just too convenient for the prosecution and there are so many anomalies with the color, design and labels, not to mention the whole Gauci story, that it seems possible that they might have been planted after the explosion.

The white-then-black bits of Toshiba cassette radio, the intact Toshiba manual which had supposedly been wrapped around the IED, and so on. Is it possible that the forensic evidence was also faked? Indeed was any of the Lockerbie evidence genuine?

Is there any genuine, honest evidence; and, ultimately, was the explosion also ‘planted’ to look like a terrorist attack or was it all pre-planned?

At this point it becomes very frightening!”

All the evidence was fabricated...."

"Oh My God!" September Eleventh was a religious experience for many of the lie-witnesses and video forgers.
This is original footage aired on UK TV day after 9/11, unaltered by me but manipulated by the MSN.
Early days fake planes research, took 5 years to make it public, buy which time......

Outrageous footage of Savile seemingly groping a wee girl during a broadcast of his infamous kids TV show. Given to him so he could procure kids for our evil elite. Jim made Aleister Crowley appear tamer than Philip Schofield, at least Phil only fisted the Gopher. "Jimmy Saville supplied kids to top people such as prime minister Ted Heath. The boy in the video uploaded this whole episode to Youtube many years ago but I don't think he noticed the creepy actions of Sa-Vile

Allegedly, UK Prime Minister Edward Heath "would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends....

"The name 'Mr. Eddy' was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies."

"ALLEGEDLY... the person bringing children for him to abuse was Sir Jimmy Savile.

"He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the Morning Cloud when they were at party conference.

"Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse."

Sir Jimmy Savile told Esquire magazine: "I am the eminence grise: the grey, shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work under cover."

Savile says he spent "11 consecutive Christmases ... with the Thatchers."

Speaking of former Prime Minister Thatcher, Savile told Esquire: "I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else. The times I spent up there (Chequers) - Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire."

"He spent an afternoon entertaining the wives of the G7 leaders back in 1991 at John Major's invitation...

"Savile had dinner with ... Admiral Sir Michael Boyce (Chief of the Defence Staff)...

"Dickie Arbiter, who was Prince Charles's press adviser, confirms that Savile was involved in the lives of the Royal Family."

Diana described Savile as a "sort of mentor" to Charles.

Roger Ordish, Savile's former BBC producer, said: "I know he met the President when we were in Israel in 1975.

"And he did the same thing at Chequers with the Blairs as he did with the Thatchers."

Savile claimed that was the only existing civilian holder of the coveted Royal Marines Green Beret.

Read more:

This clip only aired once by SKY NEWS features a jet seemingly terrorising the capital long after the Pentagon was allegedly struck.
Was it 'live' or another insert into TV broadcasts as part of the 'show' to scare the viewing public into thinking hijacked planes were behind the destruction at the World Trade Centre? Notice how they are blaming Osama within 2 hours of the first explosion at the WTC.

A white jet circling around the WTC first appeared in news reports around 9am as claimed by Diane Sawyer on ABC news.

An old extensive article on the mystery jet on 911blogger..

In his recent Internet article "The 9/11 Mystery Plane," Mark H. Gaffney presented compelling evidence--including a clear photo and video footage--indicating that this "white jet" had in fact been an E-4B National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) plane. These are highly modified Boeing 747s that act as flying military command posts. [3]

Important new evidence corroborates Gaffney's conclusion, and raises further questions about the role played by the E-4B planes on 9/11. This evidence appears in the 2003 book Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism, written by Dan Verton, a former intelligence officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and former senior writer for Computerworld magazine, who has written extensively on national security, the intelligence community, and national defense topics. Verton reported that, the morning of September 11, an E-4B was launched from "an airfield outside of the nation's capital." (He did not, however, state which specific base.) This plane was carrying "civilian and military officials," and was going "to conduct a previously scheduled Defense Department exercise." This exercise would involve "the use and testing of the aircraft's various advanced technology and communications equipment."

According to Verton, the E-4B launched from near Washington "had only just taken off" at the time of the Pentagon attack, which was at 9:37 a.m. This would mean it could, quite plausibly, have been circling above the White House and Capitol building at around 9:44 a.m., when CNN's John King and Kate Snow spotted a plane up above. Verton adds that, once airborne, the E-4B "was immediately ordered to cease the military exercise it was conducting and prepare to become the actual national airborne operations center." [4]"

David versus Goliath - DJ Yoda remix. 90s NHB sensation; Igor Vovchanchyn was on a run of 20 winning fights when he fought unbeaten Kerr, the Smashing Machine.

Published on Utube over a decade ago, going viral before being banned.

Another muckletoon classic banned by chinatube. A teaser trailer for the sublime September Clues, the most supressed and censored 9/11 documentary out there. No fucking wonder....This went viral in 2008 & banned in 2020.

Rare CNN footage, F15 seen on 9/11. Did the military stand down, or were there no hijacked planes to stand down for?.
You might want to mute the music. This is the only copy left after youtube murdered muckletoon recently.

Contrasting eye witness, lie witness or crisis actors.... Both interviews screened on Fox News around 10am and NEVER again on any news network....

In one side and out the other.... 'TINA CART' is attributed as the videographer.
Never forget, no planes hit any building on 9/11


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