More footage from Warzone.

A fire has engulfed a skyscraper in Sharjah, one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, showering debris on cars in the streets below.

Dozens of firefighters worked to put out the blaze in the Abbco Tower using at least a dozen fire engines and drones, a local journalist reports.

They are now trying to cool the 48-floor building down.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or of the likely cause of the fire.

Little bit of a camping killing spree, I can feel the rage!

Some highlights of my first weekend on Warzone. Still suffering with sound issues. If anyone knows a fix please let me know.

I was lucky enough to join the boys from Viva La Dirt League on their stream. I loved their reaction to my smooth voice.

Just how powerful are Call of Duty: Warzones Molotovs?

Alinity strikes again! No cats involved this time, fortunately. Just a good old fashion Nip Slip. Will she get banned? ** UPDATE, SHE GOT BANNED**

Had to test the Bush Wookie tactic to see if it works on Warzone.... seems ok hahahaha!

PointlesTV has a taste of desync... what do you guys think?

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#pubg #desync #badnetcode

Played Devil Daggers, best experienced yourself.

Model and Fitness star Demi Bagby does the stand up challenge

The man was wearing something resembling a suicide vest but it's unclear if it was real.

Police confirmed the attacker died in the incident at around 2pm.

Three people were treated at the scene and taken to hospital - one is in a life-threatening condition.

Video shows two officers with guns drawn approaching the body outside the Boots on Streatham High Road, before another plain-clothes officer on a motorbike pulls up.

Single by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams (Emily Ratajkowski, Elle Evans and Jessi M'Bengue)

Guy looking happy live streaming from a warzone... what could possibly go wrong.

This is why people stop playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, because it's full of small genital hacking scumbags who need a beating.

Little Chrissy, Claw, Spoon Snake and McCoy are off to see the Jelly Fox.

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Fortnite X ends with a mystery...

11+146+15 = I was not alone,
87+14+106+2 = Others were outside the loop

Also a mini game using the Konami Code!


YouTuber decks are so predictable.

I firmly believe people using this tactic have very small genitals. It's pretty lame right?

Pennywise the Clown seems to have found his way into the sewers of Fortnite... creepy stuff.

Ninth batch of highlights from playing PUBG.

The eight installment of Highlights from my games on PUBG.

More highlights from PUBG

Belle Delphine is sexy Link


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