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The Has-Been Dwarves Yodel Song
(Cancelled from the new Snow White Movie)

#ParodySong, #Parody, #PlayAlong, #SingAlong, #LaughAlong

Thank you for stopping by! This was incredibly fun to make! Download the words & chords (w/ melody, too) for your next party! -

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There are lots more songs in the works! ~Suzanne
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She Wears Red Feathers (dishonoring her brother's coronation)

Inspired by the 1953 Guy Mitchel hit, the same year as Queen Elizabeth's coronation, it's now been updated for her son Charles' coronation, where, unbelievably, Princess Anne stuck her red feathers in her nephew Harry's face!!

I'm so sick of all the universal Harry bashing, by the royals, the mainstream media, AND the independent media. Aren't you? Please sing, play, and laugh along with this fitting tribute to... I'm not sure what!

Download the lyrics and chords here:

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Welcome to the world premier of Gaslit Hits!

I laughed myself silly making this one, and have lots more in the hopper.

Download the pdf music lead sheet (with words & chords), to bring to your next party or jam session:

See you again soon,

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Welcome to the fun! I've been writing parody songs for years, and only recently did another active parody songwriter inspire me to start recording them. Like what was I thinking? (He beat me to two songs I had in mind is what, LOL.) Not to worry, I have lots more in the hopper, and the world is so ridiculous now, it's time to just start singing, laughing, and touching people. Where I can, I will be providing lead sheets (lyrics & chords) for musicians, singers, and wannabe musicians and singers, to bring to their next parties and jam sessions. I will be expanding over multiple platforms. If I disappear from anywhere, keep an eye out on . Nice to meet you, Suzanne.