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I know I got dirty with this song(and pictures) but it’s just for laughs.
Also don’t go talking about how I’m a degenerate. I did not talk about sodomy and this is sex in a relationship(marriage). Trust me I’m against the degeneracy in Hollywood, but if you can’t talk simple jokes about sex then this is not the video for you.

This is my second Diss Track on YouTube. This time YouTube deleted my song Old McDonalds Slave, making a joke about black slavery. So this is my second middle finger for YouTube.

Hope this made your Valentines

Hope you had a sense of humor like me.


This is not really supposed to be a parody, I really liked the beat, but since it was based off a song that already exists, I have to put parody.


This song is from a retired album The Corrupted Album.





December 7th is when I upload my first official rap song Expose me for my album Mindful Conspiracy. Reminds me the reason why I became a rapper and that is to spread truth. Anyway as my token of appreciation here is a remix version of Expose me.

1.Santa Clause is coming to rape
2. Frisky the Hoeman
3. Adolf the mustache Führer
4.Wiggle your Cock
5. Altright Christmas
6. Little Rapping Boy
7. Your a mean one Mr Bitch
8. Jingle Balls
9. Twelve Days of Dickmas
10. All I want for Christmas is Two Big Round Balls
11. Horny Junky Dickmas
12. Merry Overdosemas

This is a message to YouTube saying F You for the Censorship.

This is an Album of mixed feelings of inspiration. Incorporated with some personal things in life and some hardships, this Album is meant to serve as a source of inspiration to those who encounter upon it. So I am proud to present Overdoseland.

1. Days Like This
2. Take Me Away
3. Against All Odds
4. Worth The Risk
5. Empty Promises
6. True Story
7. You Are The Reason
8. On My Mind
9. Nowhere To Turn
10. Day After Day
11. Where I Belong
12. Find The Answers

Beats by Sinima Beats
Song lyrics written and produced by Music Man Overdose.


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I am a rapper who goes by the name Music Man Overdose. I rap about many things.