Keith Woods points to a way out of our present situation. The individualist vs collectivist framework is a trap--we need elements from both to succeed. This is cut from the middle of a very insightful conversation he had Aug 7, 2020 with The Iconoclast.

Thanks to YouTuber Alexandre D'Avvocato for uploading this enhanced volume version. Thought I'd mirror it here on BitChute for when YouTube deletes it. (They already deleted the original version Dr. Kaufman uploaded to his YT channel.) Check it out if you're suspicious about what you're hearing--you are right to be!

I was taught in Sunday school how Moses' marauders raided and looted the cities built by the people whose land they invaded. They didn't see any need for a "king" because their Priests already gave them guidance straight from the Creator.
#nationalism #judaism #oneworld #messiah #goyim

German "newsreel 474" from 1939 encourages Germans to shine brightly with courtesy while driving on streets darkened by blackouts (designed to hide targets from Allied bombs.) Fast forward to UK current year...
Thanks to @whitepower for posting the old news reels
American Crow Funeral edit

Shannon Sharpe discloses the "reasoning" behind the community-destroying stereotyped behavior of his blood-brothers, while threatening white America with escalating chimpouts as long as the demands of blacks are not met, on ESPN's Undisputed, Sept 6 2016

Music video by American Crow Funeral to go with Mr Bond's parody of In the Ghetto
Inspired by a bummer-in-chief

Everything good posted to yourtube eventually ends up here on bitchute, right?
From channel "Vaccine Wars"
"Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science," April 14, 2020 by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits OUT OF STOCK!

Illustrated Highlights from Benji Shapiro's self-groyp at Stanford on Nov 7, 2019
American Crow Funeral edit
Music: Frank Klepacki - Hellmarch

First came across this on the Cato the Second YouTube channel, may it Rest In Peace, along with his others. The video keeps popping up there and keeps getting deleted. So here's a copy. Looks like Cantwell came up with the lyrics:
Not sure who sang them in this version. I appreciate this song more each passing year.

One of the greatest philosophers YouTube has ever produced, Stefan Molyneux, recognizes on camera that argument is ultimately just words, and sometimes words are not sufficient.

ACF edit of MotivationalPlague's video

På vikingtog til fremmed land
dro menn av nordisk ætt,
på kongeskip sto mann ved mann
av Hirden kamp beredt.

Til Grønland og Island og Hjaltland,
gikk ferden på langskip mot vest,
i Frankrike, i Irland og England,
var nordmannen ubuden gjest.

Ja, fienden de måtte vike,
selv paven han tapte sin makt,
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha – ha.

For til vern om det stornorske riket
stod trofaste Hirdmenn på vakt.

Nå reiser vi en Hird påny
av Vidkun Quislings menn.
Og her i gamle Oslo by
står Vikingkorpset frem.

Se baunene lyser fra fjellet
Bærer bud om den nye tid.
Og baunenes lys skal fortelle
om Hirdmenn som fylkes til strid.

Da fienden atter skal vike
og pampene tape sin makt,
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha – ha.
For til vern om det stornorske riket
står trofaste Hirdmenn på vakt.


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