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For my Japanese Graphic novel I draw the Kyoto cityscape in 1155 AD for a double page spread. It's work in progress. Time-lapse

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This is my tribute to my favourite nation on earth and that is Japan. So I animated the flag with its national anthem.

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I animated a Tarantula to play the Turkish Kanun in 3D.

The tune it plays is called: "Bir Dame Düşürdü ki Beni Bahtı Siyahım" by Zeki Müren

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Hello Everyone,

First I need to make clear that I don't own the copyrights to this video. This was originally aired on a Greek channel Ant1 in Cyprus with Greek as its native language and it's not available in English.
So I hired a translator to add the English subtitles to make this video accessible to the English speaking world.
Cyprus is where I originate from so I thought it would be nice to share its wildlife with the rest of the world.

The gentleman being inteviewed is George Konstantinou who is a wildlife photographer and camerman in Cyprus.
He gives great presentation on Cyprus's wildlife.

So I recommend you check out his youtube channel. It's amazing.
George konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours

In this video he talks about the snakes in Cyprus that are coming out of hibernation and he tells everyone not to worry.
Remember: These snakes are harmless unless provoked.

Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Mustafa Kulle

The original video is here on its youtube channel:

I was always curious to how the original Hagia Sophia cathedral looked before the Ottoman conquest. After doing some research, I built the 3d model and this is the result. It is indeed a magnificent building and one of the best forms of architecture ever. This is one of my best projects. I am really happy with this result.

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This is my tribute to Stephen King and John Carpenter.
I love the book, I love the movie, love the car, so I made a 3d model of the famous Plymouth Fury 1958 aka Christine.

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This was my Second year 3D animation project at Hertfordshire University back in 2007.
It was fun to make. I wrote the story, directed, and animated it myself.
Enjoy. ^_^

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I present to you my own mix of the Alexander soundtrack. My very own edit.
It's not on youtube due to copyright reasons. I don't own any of the content. This is to show my audio editing skills.
Hope you enjoy it.


A video I found in an old hard drive. This is my 3D modelling showreel from back in 2008 when I did my final year Digital Animation at Hertfordshire University.


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Hello Everyone,

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