Bodymotion's annual Enthusiasts' Day is always great for up-close ogling of classic and brand-new race and performance machines. Here a carbon fiber black 2019 Z06 as it leaves the event grounds, showing off its dual yellow racing stripe, (removed) carbon fiber roof, wing, and other options. Driver gives me a thumbs-up when he notices I'm videoing. ;)

Nissan Skyline GT-R on the dyno at Bodymotion in Ocean, NJ. Two oblivious boomers photobomb the video. :\

View from Mizzen Road, in Toms River, NJ, of Silver Bay and a beach at Cattus Island County Park in Ocean County.

Finale for this year's Fireworks display. As usual, done during the fair at the municipal harbor

A short, twisty section of Rumson Road that's always fun in the roadster.

Driving along Rumson Road (county road 520) toward Sea Bright. Busy in summer. Beautiful scenery at the ocean; all wide vistas.

A view of the Atlantic from a beach on Sandy Hook (Gateway National Park, NJ). Video also shows a flock of piping birds flying at the end.

A quick walk-around at the AMCOMC Cars N Coffee May 18: The Divine Miss Mustang, a 1967 stock base 200 ci straight-six 3-speed automatic coupe, restored to original everything except the paint color. She started life as a beige car but her previous owner converted her into a green car.... and she just looks better as a green car. If you doubt that, look at a Bullitt Mustang. :)

This is a walk-around of the gorgeous, mint black & red Viper at AMCOMC Cars N Coffee on May 18.

A quick video of the cars at our club Cars N Coffee. People stopped by to look at the wonderful classics, and members enjoyed coffee, bagels and doughnuts in the fine weather.

Suitable for all ages. Getting ready to step off (start) at the Bradley Beach Memorial Day Parade. Classic cars by AMCOMC members (Antique Motoring Club Of Monmouth County). The Ragtimers playing Yankee Doodle Dandy behind us, sounding so much like they are on the radio but they're live! :) Starting off summer at the Jersey shore!

Graceful pleasure boats passing under the raised drawbridge, including a group of very happy kids waving and cheering at the waiting passersby. Oceanic Bridge in Rumson, NJ

Historical dancers celebrating the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Perth Amboy’s city charter.

Various cars at the weekly Cars and Coffee at The Grove. Very cool gasser as the end.

Two amazing Bugattis - a Veyron and an EB 110 next to a Ferrari (which looks ordinary by comparison)

Taking Miss M on an outing down first Avenue after the St. Patrick’s Day parade

You can see the snow better in slow motion.

Walking around my favorite car, the Divine Miss M, while listening to her growling engine.

The Venom outlaws NJ & NY, and Pig vicious racing car clubs meet up at Vauxhall Service Plaza in Edison NJ before cruising to Whiskey Bar & Bistro to meet up with other clubs. Part of the Venom Invasion Cruise to Harold’s New York Deli for National Mustang day 2018.


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