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The following famous tale by George Lincoln Rockwell is among the many utterances which caused him to be denounced as an “anti-hennite.”
Under federal legislation which some have proposed, he could have been charged with a “hate crime” for expressing such “bigoted” thoughts.
Inasmuch as we feel that the message contained herein to be as relevant and important as ever, we’ll take our chances in republishing it.
Any relation to known groups and events, past or present, is purely INTENTIONAL

The most successful film the National Socialists ever made.
Long recognized as history’s most incendiary film, Jud Süss was the cultural centerpiece in Joseph Goebbels’ information campaign about the Jews.
Released in 1940, it was a box office sensation across Germany and Europe; alongside the movie’s theatrical distribution, it became a staple of NS propaganda evenings organized by the Hitler Youth, SS and others.
The film as based on a historical novel, "Jud Süss "written in 1925 by best selling author Lion Feuchtwanger, a Munich born... Jew !
Feuchtwanger's Jud Süss was an international bestseller and was translated into over twenty languages.

On August 18, 1940, after screening the final cut of the film Jud Süss, Goebbels wrote in his diary:
"A film of the kind we could only wish for. I am happy about it".
Germany's best known producers, directors, actors and over 120 Jewish extras participated in the film:

Written by Veit Harlan
Directed by Veit Harlan
Produced by Otto Lehmann & Eberhard Wolfgang Möller
Starred: Ferdinand Marian as Jud Süss
Werner Krauss, Heinrich George, Kristina Söderbaum

Jud Süss was launched at the Venice Film Festival in September 1940, to extraordinary acclaim; it received the "Golden Lion" award and rave reviews.
The film's popular success was overwhelming, the Bielefeld SD reported on October 15, 1940:
"Now it surpasses all expectations. No film has yet succeeded in having such an impact on wide segments of the public.
Even people who rarely attend the cinema don't want to miss this film."

A visit to the Lodz ghetto in occupied Poland, recorded in 1940 by German cameramen with the cooperation of the Jewish community, is combined with rare archival footage, clips from international newsreels and excerpts from related cultural films to portray the world's Jews as they really are: swindlers and parasites.
This very logical, realistic and genuinely frightening documentary interprets Jewish life and history from the viewpoint of traditional European.

The Jews are a people without farmers or workers: a race of parasites. Where the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make business out of the sickness of the nations, and therefore endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness. That's how it is in Poland, and how was in Germany. The Jews have been this way throughout their entire history. Their faces bear the age-old features of the perpetual sponger: the eternal Jew.

"We shall have a [Jewish] world government, whether or not we like it.
The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."
- James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker
Our ruling crime families are not dumb. In fact, they are getting smarter and faster. They know it's the endgame. They know, it's either us or them. It took them a while to work out that it is cheaper to go from A to B riding their horse to death and replacing it with a new one, than watering, feeding and giving it a rest when it gets tired. So they replaced feudalism and open slavery with capitalism. Then they figured that it is more profitable to groom the smartest and most ambitious kids on the block and entice them with a privileged life style in return for their help with outsmarting their fellow-men with trickery and evil scams. So they gave us the soft-spoken psychopaths and mild-mannered mass-murderers that roam corporate boardrooms. The most ruthless of those smart kids end up with multi-billion dollar fortunes, not for them to use at their sole discretion, but to put to 'good use' in the stealth enslavement of mankind. Those Bill Gates, George Soroses, Eric Schmitts and Mark Zuckerbergs know all too well that their fortunes will be wiped out overnight, if they don't do as they are being told. That's why every copy of MS Windows and the MacOS has a back door to Mossad and the NSA. That's why Bill Gates donates billions to mass sterilization programs disguised as vaccinations and invests heavily in Monsanto and chem-trails. That's why George Soros spends hundreds of millions on campaigns to help disarm the American people and overthrow governments that refuse to follow the orders of the ruling parasites. That's why Eric Schmitt has transformed his search engine into a corporate 'Big Brother' and Mark Zuckerberg his social networking application into a spying tool that knows everything about you, your family, your friends, your likes and dislikes, even your most private thoughts.
The truth is Anti-Semitic

Do you know all of the great things that Jews are doing for you?

By Germar Rudolf
Amazon is the world's biggest book retailer. They rake in some 50% of all consumer spending on books in the U.S., and dominate several foreign markets as well. Pursuant to the 1998 declaration of Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos to offer “the good, the bad and the ugly,” customers once could buy every book that was in print and was legal to sell. That changed on March 6, 2017, when Amazon banned more than 100 books with dissenting viewpoints on the Holocaust, after having been pressured by Jewish lobby groups for years to do so. While Amazon ignored those lobby groups in years gone by, things were different in early 2017. At that time, a series of anonymous bomb threats was made against synagogues and Jewish community centers in the U.S., and three Jewish cemeteries were vandalized, or so we were told. Although there is no link between iconoclastic historical research and anti-Jewish acts, Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Center took these acts as a pretext in order to urge Amazon to take down history books they don't like. The mass media were quick to join into this campaign, and Amazon promptly fell for it, wiping its sites clean of any revisionist research on the Holocaust. Around the same time, it turned out that those cemeteries had not been vandalized at all, and a few weeks later, in a surprising turn of events, the mass media even revealed that those ominous bomb threats originated not from deranged Neo-Nazis, but from an Israeli Jew. Yet still, ever since this Yad-Vashem initiative, Amazon has insisted on deleting any history book from its list that Jewish lobby groups disapprove of. Anti-Semitic and Nazi literature, however, can still be purchased there… This documentary reveals how revisionist publications explaining ground-breaking archival and forensic research results had become so powerfully convincing over the years that the powers that be resorted to what is obviously a dirty false-flag operation in order to get these books banned from the biggest book retailer for good. Watch it and be amazed and appalled…

This content is also available in German: https://codoh.com/library/document/5330/?lang=de

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Yuri Bezmenov worked as a "journalist" for Novosti Press Agency, which was a disinformation and propaganda agency controlled by the Soviet non-military intelligence agency (commonly known as the KGB). The Soviets called their disinformation work through Novosti "active measures," though Schuman uses the phrase "ideological subversion" to describe the activity of Novosti. Actually, "ideological subversion" was more of a term used by Soviet and Soviet-bloc propaganda to characterize the supposed actions of the West to undermine socialist and Communist ideology within the Soviet Union. In the fifties and sixties, the Soviets and their allies began to use more creative means to mislead and misinform the West and the Third World, creating a cumulative effect that would in the long term be favorable to the Soviet Union. Novosti Press Agency was an overt and legitimate organization that published articles and books mainly for the West. It was ostensibly independent of the government, but we now know that this is a ridiculous claim. Most people assumed (and observed) that Novosti's work was somewhat propagandist, but until Bezmenov many did not realize the extent to which Novosti worked closely with the KGB to produce disinformation and mislead foreign governments and organizations, to the extent that Novosti's goals were quite simply the KGB's goals. Looking back, many people might think that no one really took Novosti seriously. This is not the case. Western journalists and newspapers treated Novosti as a legitimate source of news and opinion. Papers like The New York Times used Novosti press releases just as they would the press releases of the AP, Reuters, AFP, or Groupe Presse. Novosti publications like the magazine Soviet Life and various books and travelogues were widely available in the United States and throughout the world and treated for the most part as honest, legitimate publications. Many of these publications can be found simply by searching Amazon for "Novosti Press Agency."

Please listen carefully to this man. And look around you. Sounds familiar?

Israeli Mossad educates Zionist trolls how to manipulate online content


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