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This matters to you very personally because the Israeli cyber units are deeply involved in trying to shut up dissent ALL OVER THE WORLD, not only in Israel. WHO in HOMELAND SECURTITY and other American investigative bodies cooperated to imprison LORI SHEM TOV and why???

The Israeli gov't was cooperating with HOMELAND SECURITY and other US investigative bodies under the Obama Administration to surveille LORI SHEM TOV.

Judge Uri Shoham has heard testimony in the case of LORI SHEM TOV. He made special mention of Lori in a celebratory get-together after he retired. LORI SHEM TOV is being made an example of so that no one should ever criticize the judges in no uncertain terms again. Her incarceration is meant to terrify the Israeli public at large.

State Atty Yael Katz said this at one of my hearings to the Judge, Lilli Young-Gofer, who seemed entirely satisfied to hear that.

This is an URGENT request for honest research into the problem and a fully legal investigation.

These people are all in touch with the counterparts in the US and in Europe and are working in tandem with them.

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Highly Acclaimed Documentary about the show trial of ROMAN ZADAROV, in jail for over 11 years for a murder he didn't commit: SHADOW OF TRUTH to be found on Netflix with English subtitles. The last of the 4 parts is particularly disturbing.

"Enlightened Despot" - an article about former Head of the Supreme Court and current Godfather of the Israeli judicial system, Aaron Barak, by American Jurist, Economist and Judge Richard A. Posner

Information about LORI SHEM TOV:

The Reasons Why Israelis Don't Speak Out Against Corruption

Image of the Nazareth court house - lower court and district court.

This mapping provides the Open Society European Policy Institute and the Open Society network intelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society values during the 2014–2019 legislature.

Chief Pathologist Barred From Retrial on 2006 Murder of Israeli Teen

I should like to mention that American Forensic specialists Guy Cooper and Wm. Bodziak both said that Roman Zadarov is not the murderer of Tair Rada, of Blessed Memory, a 13-yr-old who was mutilated and murdered in the bathroom of the jr high school in Katzrin.

Examining Cancer Research and DCA. If a promising cancer drug can’t get a patent, it risks never being used on a patient. Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr. Humaira Khan from Medicor Cancer Centres in Toronto. Broadcast and recorded at ( 2010-05m-19 Check our site for the 24/7 live stream and so much more!

A theoretical protocol for Cancer. This video examines DCA and Avemar to newer anti cancer agents, and suggests why they should work perfectly together to effect a broad based cure for many cancers.

Yes, I mispronounce apoptosis.

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