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I used
Crazybee F4 V2 Flight Controlle
FRsky built in reciever
Running Dshot 600 in D16 mode
Gemfan 1636 40mm props
Happy Model 803 15000kva brushless
Ran video on 200mwa vtx using CADDX Turtle 2 16:9 ratio
Taranis Qx7 transmitter

I built this from spare parts I had along with a new flight controller so I configure it in betaflight.
Trashcan 75mm v2 frame
Eachine 803 15000kv motors
Crazybee F4 V2 flight controller
Supports 1,2,3S Lips 2.0 connector
ESC firmware 16.7
Betaflight 4.0
B_Heli_S Dshot 600
D8 mode
Frysky bulit in receiver
Caddx Eos 25-200mw VTX Camera 16:9

My Rise Vusion 250 racer drone got caught in this tree again. No damage and I take it back up to show. Still can not get rid of the Jello.

I got stuck in a tree again, high winds and I knew I was pressing my luck. Luckily I was able to get it back. No damage occurred that I am aware of.
Rise Fusion 250 Drone Green and black.
Great beginner modular drone. No soldering, no betaflight skills needed.
Model below.

I switched out to arms with new motors and 4 new props. Im am thinking to go with 3 blade props as they may reduce the jello, any thoughts?

I was flying my Rise Vusion 250 Drone in gusts of upto 25 mph. I got a a wind that got me into the trees. This is where Crital Thinking takes place. I could climb the tree fall and not get my drone. So I decided to take the saver route for me but not for my drone. I decided to use the drones motors to free its self. I had a feeling this would work because it hapoened to me before. I did not stop filming and decided to take it back up. Very reliable I must say. Sorry about the camera was very windy. My VTX reciver is fried so I had to record using the 5.8 ghz dvr lcd screen it came with. There is no sound but you can speed upto the crash at 2min and 20 sec marker.


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all about drones. My journey and beginning into learning to fly a drone in various modes and and in FPV.