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fallout 4 gameplay pt.1 the opening scene.

fallout 3 gameplay pt.4 blood ties, when arriving in arefu we find the town locked down and even king wants us to check on the town folks.


fallout 3 gameplay pt.3 we went to the water treatment plant in megaton and found that Walter needs help fixing some broken water pipes and that he will but scrap metal from us.


Fallout new vegas gameplay pt 3, we head to Primm to find our first companion ED-E. the companion perk we get is enhanced sensors. a great little guy and one of my favorite companions to have.

Fallout new vegas. game-play pt.2, in this run I complete back in the saddle and burton the fink.

Skyrim the game that would not die.

just a great game hands down.

running around in the wasteland.

one of the best games ever.



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some of the games I love to play.