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Precious Pussycat Show

Precious Pussycat Show


Precious comes out of the back with food on her chin. She then begins to wash her face.

I love to get Precious to talk and hear her voice.

Part 2 of Precious pics. Take a look and enjoy your day.

Precious seems to like to play with things other than a cat toy. She is very interested in playing with my razor. Does your cat love to play!?

Precious starts her day by meowing at me and giving me kisses. She is a very sweet cat!!

Precious wags her tail like a dog and I ask her if she is a dog. She then talks to us and in the end Precious shows us the stripes on her back! Maybe that is the answer to my question... she is not a dog!

Precious is always ready to take a ride. She loves to go where I go. Once the engine starts Precious is ready to go!

It is good to play with your cat and have some fun. Precious usually gets a little too excited when she plays, but if I keep it short she keeps it nice. Watch the related video and you will see what I mean!!

Is Precious ready for a nap?

I walk up on Precious as she is watching birds. I call her and she responds with a HIGH FIVE! Ya gotta love this cat she is amazing!

Precious takes advantage of the morning son and the view from the dashboard.

Before we go get some cat food, I give Precious her ball of yarn. She decides to make sure that I know that it is her ball of yarn!! Hey that's my hand!!

Precious was taking another nap... until I showed up and woke her up. The look on her face was .... What??? #cat #catlover #cutecats

Precious eats her favorite food! Hear the crunching and munching!

We are in the truck with Precious. She considers us invaders. Cats are very territorial. Just act natural!!

Engulfed In the Rays of the Sun, Precious is engaging in her morning ritual of watching the birds. Cats are creatures of habit and her bird watching every morning is a #purrfect example. Thank you for watching The Precious Pussycat Show!!

Precious gets to see a huge number of birds flying all around her. We have to make sure she doesn't jump out the window and go try and catch some birds. All I have to say is the word bird and she knows what's up!!


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When I adopted my cat Precious, she was a kitten and could curl up in the palm of my hand. She is 13 years old now. She is a Calico cat and her mother was a polydactyl cat (6 toes). Precious has been really cool to have and she is an affectionate feline. She loves to play and she also has an unpredictable wild side to her personality. She can be very, very loving and she is very smart! She understands what I say to her. Precious loves to go wherever I do and see people. She is very curious when out in public with me and we get some interesting looks! Thank you for watching the videos! We love you!

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