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Cynthia Mckinney American Hero with Heart & Integrity

Special Thanks to my Mom - I Love You :-)
Recorded 12-9-2020
"EDITED" 2-26-2021 12-11-2020
Mentors shout out!!! Ralph Smart // Kasey Stern // Brian Scott // Joe Dispenza


IN NATURE - Video 1 Expressing my Expression - Cylindropuntia fulgida - Jumping Cholla Cactus - Hanging Chain Cholla etc ... Simply enjoying the raw beauty of nature - one silly video at a time... :-)

Coherent World 12-23-2020

Strong Like Saguaro Wrinkled Like Crocodile - Expressing my Expression
If I Can Do It Here.... You Can Too...

Turkeys and a Deer on Mystery Mountain
Turkeys and a deer start this episode... The Mystery on the Mountain ...
also includes CoherentSpectrum(s).com ( heh heh...available with or without the s) and is also available for Joe Dispenza :-) to purchase... Today!!! 12-18-2020
Help me move out.. Today !!! heh heh ... ALL DOTCOMS AVAILABLE LISTED HERE

12-15 & 16 - 2020 // Snow White and the 7 Dwarves / 7 Deadly Sins
edited 1-3 ... third day editing... heh heh

Stickerisms of Nastyness 1-12-2021
Halo around UR An*s
Ummm.... ok then.. tell me how you really feel... heh heh

Christmas Walk - Deer Sign - Tree Lik-a - Da Rock !!!
Relax with a Christmas Day Walk ... Enjoy... Take a Break ...

Camera Conspiracies - Call Out plus a Scorpion
Edited 1-19-2021

Take a break... and enjoy this video
DESERT COW - Bovinus Elusivus

Expressing my Expression ...
Electro and Magnetico!!!

Dr. Cynthia Mckinney - 1-6-2021
Can't have Freedom without Freedom ... You are gonna lose UR Dingos!!!
and Sooo much more...


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