The ketogenic diet is the secret to optimal health both in mind and in body!

Over one hundred thousand quebecers protested the covid vaccine passport that is going to be implemented in Quebec on September 1st. Meanwhile, Trudeau is fast tracking the next federal election to September 20th in order to clinch a majority government.

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee has stated that the mRNA vaccines undoubtedly contain graphene oxyde. With 5G towers being rolled out across Canada, will the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from these towers act as a kill switch to kill vaccinated people?

No 5g antenna in the new 5g cell phones:

Who could have imagined that we would be seeing Tik Tok dancing nurses the world over during a "deadly" pandemic? A pandemic that only kills less than one percent of the people who are infected with the disease. Yet, doctors are pushing for the vaccines even though reports show that they are killing people. And to make matters worse, parents are lining up to have their children vaccinated with the experimental jab because they are told by the mainstream media that they are safe and effective even though no long term studies have been done! We are definitely living in a mad world!

Trudeau on vaccine passport :

QR codes:

Klaus Schwab own nothing and be happy:

PCR test does not test for viruses:

Benefits of vitamin D on the immune system:

The final refutation of virology:

The covid 19 gene therapy has injured and killed thousands of people so far according to the vaers website. To make matters worse, some people are reporting that magnets are sticking to injection sites. Is this another attempt to discredit the conspiracy theorists or merely a distraction?

Magnetism after the covid jab:

Klaus Schwab on the upcoming planned cyber attacks:

A step by step guide on how to grow microgreens.

Don't grow tomato plants indoors! Instead, grow some microgreens! Not only are they good for you, but you can harvest them a lot faster!

With the third COVID-19 lockdown in full effect in Canada, the chemtrails continue unabated.

Who could have predicted that Canada would be in a third lockdown? Well, anybody who read the Covid road map disclosed last year could have easily predicted this:

Hundreds of Montrealers joined protests around the world against Covid health restrictions on March 20 2021.

Juicy information on the cucumber.

Covid can be a road to tyranny or an opportunity for real freedom! It all depends on us.

A beginner's guide to growing peppers.

The tomato is a colorful and versatile fruit that every beginner gardener should grow!


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