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Well I'm back to cooking again , weather sucks so I decided to do another Red Cabin Cooking show . The Store (slave mask required) was having a blow out on pork so I decided to make Pork Schnitzel , really just a fancy name for pork chops that have been breaded and fried alone with some mushroom gravy . Enjoy and remember to always eat desert first it could be your last meal.

I decided to buy a Slave Mask today , and went looking for Ammo , no Ammo but plenty of Slave Mask's , I'll show you the only possible type of mask that will stop Covid-19 , and we will surf the web for information about the war. Come and kill some time if you got nothing better to do . You can take off your mask wile at the key board , i think thats the new CDC ruling.

Took a ride on the moto Bike up to the hay fields , some pretty scenery to bust your COVID-19 blues ...... enjoy

Reflections lake and other cool looking places , enjoy , no political content this time just pretty photos

Nancy , Oh Shame on YOU !! Tonight's show we learn about Nasty Nancy and her "Blow Out", It's rummer that she is reptilian and not susceptible to the CHINA VIRUS.... You tell me in the comments.......

Experimenting with some local grown grains , Barley from the heart of Alaska . I made a batch of rolls , come along and get your red cabin cooking fix .....

This is a test of a different format for my live videos , check it out and let me know if it is better than before , I've added split screen and scrolling text , I know just eye candy but hey i'm getting there and it's free entertainment , where else are you going to get to hang out with a old techno fart ? See cool Alaska stuff and watch the Second American Civil war play out on these long cold dark nights ahead ? Enjoy

Just a short little rant , went to the river and shot some footage and stills , it was a nice day , enjoy..... Don't worry it will all be over one way or another soon.

August 16 th 2020 Show , we took a ride up the road about 160 miles to check out the mountain no clouds. enjoy.

This is a very short film made with Iphone 7 , we took a hike up in the mountains yesterday , come along and enjoy the view .

I came across a bargain at the big box store , Skirt Steak primal for less that 15 bucks . This is my take on Fajitas that I learned to love when I was stationed in Texas many years ago , it was taught to me by a friend and fellow instructor at the Academe of health science , Ft Sam Houston . Enjoy and fear not , the end is near !

I've been out the last few days fishing , it pretty much sucks this year , the salmon just aint making it back from the pacific . enjoy and Subscribe , Like and Share....

Tonight's show is news conference by the Doc's using the hydoquraquim /zink and anti bio's to cure the Dreaded COVID-19 that you are forbidden to see by Face Book , you-tube and Twitter , fuck them here it is now archived by the NSA for all time . Enjoy another Covid-19 free evening with me while you still can .....

Take a road trip up into the Alaskan Sky with us , hell you need something to escape this nightmare . fuck I sure do.

It's a great day to go outside , take a virtual drive through the mountains of madness with us in search of the elusive whistle Pig . Fresh air and NO COVID !!!

t's a great day to go outside , take a virtual drive through the mountains of madness with us in search of the elusive whistle Pig . Fresh air and NO COVID !!!

Come along with me as we participate in a local gathering , celebrating a summer day with local artist . WE can overcome the COVID !! there is hope !! Enjoy and subscribe .

Well it's another fine COVID day , why not take a virtual ride on my motorcycle ? I stumbled across this couple of year old footage that I shot with my gopro hero 4 some years back. enjoy

One of the Advantages of the dreaded COVID-19 is lack of tourist , not good financially for my state but it was nice to be able to go places without crowds so far this summer , the park was deserted where on a normal year there would be bus loads of folks visiting . enjoy it was a nice day away from all the shit .....

Got out a few days ago and headed North up the Glen found this mountain lake , thought you all might enjoy the view , the fishing was great but windy and I didn't stay too long.
enjoy and cheer up it surly can't be much longer now ?

took a drive over the pass today , the sun was out , the views spectacular . Not a face mask to be seen, people having fun , kids playing , it was almost convincing me that this shit storm might pass and life go on with out end times crap .... every day another dose of .......

Tonight's Show is me going back to my Linux roots for production , I wanted to see if I could get just as good quality with OBS on my old AMD quad core running Ubuntu 14.04 as my 2014 Mac Book Pro . No web cam , so you can't see my face , see if you can guess what i'm doing .... Shit we are all still COVIDed OUT and the salmon are not running yet so for all our sakes I need to entertain myself. Join if got nothing more interesting to do and you still cant go anywhere.

June 17 th show . I'll show you how close my Alaskan Backyard is to Russia. Enjoy a COVID-19 free evening with me before the bombs start to fall . This end-time shit is killing my buzz man , you fuckers better stop that shit down there or we are leaving !

How I made a Juicy Lucy , a cheese filled delight of a burger , blue cheese inside cheddar outside , enjoy , cheer up it's summer Time !! it hit 70 degrees F today ! all hale the mighty sun !

A beautiful June 12 th day , get out of the house if only in your mind and have a seat at the table in my back yard garden and chat , then take a tour of the garden and check out the wild flowers growing through out my property. lets see how many folks get the covid-19 after this next week ..... it will tell the true story.


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Stories , video and insight into what's going on in My Alaska , sometimes rants other times raves , always attempting to have a good time and share Alaska with folks . I've been in Alaska over 30 + years , through Booms and Bust. Seen political stuff come and go . Enjoy and thank you for watching , subscribe to catch the latest post .