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Second attempt to upload a video , lets see if it goes this time , this video is about making Roasted potatoes ....

This little video shows how to wipe up a batch of Chocolate goodness in the form of chewy cookies , enjoy shred's , subscribe and like for more fascinating content.

What to do with a giant Matanuska Valley Carrot , bake a cake what else ?

It was a dark and dreary day , temp hovering around 20 F , time to make a Cheese Cake ! More Red Cabin Cooking to entertain the masses ..... enjoy like , share and subscribe to encourage more such stuff .

The Continued rantings of a Global warming Loving Alaskan mountain dweller , that looking for Spring ..

A recent Fall day in Alaska , I stoped by Mud lake down the road , Lots of big birds gathering there in anticipation of Freeze Up . Enjoy and Subscribe or Like if you enjoy this sort of thing.

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A few days ago , I went out to Mud lake just down the road to see fall colors , I ran into a lot of Birds , they were either Swans or Geese , they were gathering up to migrate south , the lake was starting to ICE over . If you can Identify them please do in the comment section . As always enjoy a tase of Alaska , share and like to encourage more .

Some blabbering on and photos from some cabin dwelling ,right wing nut job survivalist , computer programming retired guy in Alaska , thanking the Carbon using public for the return of Summer . Now the human sacrifices to appease the higher power can be postponed .

Just some more rantings from a crazed old man , fucked up on some killer weed from the local pot store , discussing the Alaskan Permanent Fund with commentary on YouTube and Bitchute . I hope you enjoyed this description as much as I did writing it . Subscribe if you want to encourage more such behavior .

A visit to one of my secret fishing holes , where you can walk across the stream on the backs of the spawning salmon most years , just another part of <a href="">My Alaskan Back Yard</a> . If you enjoy this kind of video , Subscribe , more subscribers means more motivation to produce more content. as always have a great day -- enjoy ! .

A look at the flowers in hacker pass July 2019

July in the high mountains of Hacher Pass Alaska , take a stroll through the pass.

Yesterday went fishing , got a pink , enjoy and subscribe for more

A small video of fishing a local fishing hole up the road from my place , it's mid July and the Salmon Runs are almost at their peek , King Salmon fishing is over and now people concentrate on Pinks , Chumbs(Dog) and Red Salmon , the Silvers are still weeks away . Subscribe for more , we are going again tomorrow and targeting Sockeye or Red Salmon down on the title flats and Cotten Wood Creek .

A trip up into the pass and other neat things , lots of photos of Alaskan wild flowers , enjoy and subscribe. This is the second attempt to upload , hope it gets through this time.

a trip to hatcher pass and reflections lake , general pretty pictures and stuff . enjoy and subscribe for more.

Down by the inlet taking a hike around Reflections Lake , a rest area and breading area for many migratory birds that visit Alaska. This area is close to tidal wetlands that formed as a result of the 1964 Alaskan Earthquake in which the general area sunk quite a bit to become wetlands . Wiping out the low lying settlements of farms along side the Matanuska river , it's now a state game refuge . enjoy and forgive my foul language , seeing Dog poop on the trail pushes my buttons... enjoy and subscribe , and if you know what type of duck that's in the shot , let me know .

A short video of Some artist pouring molten iron , a demonstration , enjoy and subscribe for more . I am no longer uploading content to YouTube , the shadow banning has driven me off that platform . Bitchute will be my main host from this point forward.

Just a few weeks ago , as I was in the garden I got this visitor , enjoy and subscribe for more.

A few weeks ago , I was outside in the yard working on the garden and sitting at the picnic table in my yard when this Critter decided to barge in and drink all my garden water ... Enjoy and subscribe for more shit like this ...

We took a trip to the museum for a car show and got to see a lot of cool stuff , Trains , Planes and Automobiles , what more could you want on a bright Spring day in Alaska . Enjoy the show , like , subscribe for more , summers just starting !

A recent summer visit to the Transportation and Industry Museum over yonder in Wasilla , check it out Cars, Trains , Aircraft all kinds of neat stuff.

Some blabbering on and photos from some cabin dwelling ,right wing nut job survivalist , computer programming retired guy in Alaska , thanking the Carbon using public for the return of Summer . Now the human sacrifices to appease the higher power can be postponed .

April Fools Day ! Well it's spring and Break Up is on the foot , sit back and absorb my ranting as I celebrate making it through another winter.


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Stories , video and insight into what's going on in My Alaska , sometimes rants other times raves , always attempting to have a good time and share Alaska with folks . I've been in Alaska over 30 + years , through Booms and Bust. Seen political stuff come and go . Enjoy and thank you for watching , subscribe to catch the latest post .