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This is a simple soup to help get you through the social isolation of Covid-19 . It's not a cure but it Couldn't hurt ! Of course as always eat desert first , if one of your grand kids sneezes on you it could be your last meal .

Well this is a fine pickle you got us into ! Those pesky Preppers don't look so Silly now do they ? What are they going to wipe their ass with ? Who would have thought TP would be so important to our society ? Jone me as I analyze the situation form my mountain strong hold in Alaska . Like Share and Subscribe.

Here is a meatless burger that actually tasty and easy to make , it consist of a few basic ingredients and a little prep . Takes about 30 min to put together , the burgers can then be fried , grilled or baked , served on a decent bun with the toppings of your choice and of course a cold beer . enjoy and subscribe for more yummy ease to make stuff , if I can do it in my cabin you can do it in your kitchen !

Here is a simple easy way to make up some yummy DONUTS ! Takes a few hours , mostly letting them rise , putting together and cooking is fast and easy. give it a try next time you want a great snack but don't want the hassles of a trip to the bakery. enjoy and subscribe , share and like .

Leap Day ? Join me as I show off even more photos of SNOW , revel in the knowledge that you're in warmth and I'm not experiencing any Global Warming.

Here is a take on the American South and South West favorite bean , Pinto Beans , or as known were I grew up , "Soup Beans" .
Feel free to "Like,Share and Subscribe" (TM) . Above all else Eat desert first , you never know if it's your last meal .....

Just another Saturday Night at the Cabin , Join me as I pre view some of my up coming films , debut a new Channel for the over 60 crowd , called Over 60 Computing . Go over how to back trace a Spam e-mail and other shit . As always Subscribe , like and share .... or not what difference does any of this shit make we are all doomed !!!!

Second attempt to upload today , seems that bit chute is fucked up today for some reason , I can't get a video processed.
This video is some eagles at the dump , and maybe a falcon or two. you decide and comment .

Here is a few minutes of a recent bird watching expedition to the land fill , mostly Bald Eagles , some type of Falcon , if you can identify , please do , enjoy and Subscribe for more .

Here is little tase of January for those of you who live in warmer climates and never get to experience the COLD ,ICE and SNOW . it's a every day experience for me ....
So sit back , light up , pour a cold one or just cuddle up with fido or the kids and count you lucky stars you live in all that global warming ..... enjoy !

3 days of -20 froze everything in my kitchen pantry , but we still needed to eat , Baking Frozen potatoes will it work ? watch and find out !

Damm it's cold , still. -20 F , tonight we celebrate by shooting the shit , the tempture in the office is 35 ! time for another show , sit back relax , light up a bowl , rase a glass ! the end is here !! We cover some tech shit on how e-mail spam works . hey bottom line , start working on that Global Warming crap , It's cold.......

Just a quick check in with the folks , I show a typical days worth of e-mails that I receive and talk about the weather , Did I mention it's fucking Cold ?

A simple to make version of Chili Verdi , along with some home made green sauce and some Pico de Gallio , a great meal for a cold Alaskan night , total time , about 2 hr . total from start to plaiting , enjoy , subscribe , share all that great crap .

A quick easy concoction of Italian goodness , great on pasta or pizza , or just dip some bread in it and munch out , it takes about 30 minuets tops to do , you can get fancy adding more stuff or leaving out the mushrooms . The balsamic vinegar makes it , you could use red wine as a substitute . enjoy and subscribe spread the wealth , lets hit 100 subscribers !!! we're only like 40 % there :) have a great day ! Eat Well , it could always be your last meal .......

Second attempt to upload a video , lets see if it goes this time , this video is about making Roasted potatoes ....

This little video shows how to wipe up a batch of Chocolate goodness in the form of chewy cookies , enjoy shred's , subscribe and like for more fascinating content.

What to do with a giant Matanuska Valley Carrot , bake a cake what else ?

It was a dark and dreary day , temp hovering around 20 F , time to make a Cheese Cake ! More Red Cabin Cooking to entertain the masses ..... enjoy like , share and subscribe to encourage more such stuff .

The Continued rantings of a Global warming Loving Alaskan mountain dweller , that looking for Spring ..

A recent Fall day in Alaska , I stoped by Mud lake down the road , Lots of big birds gathering there in anticipation of Freeze Up . Enjoy and Subscribe or Like if you enjoy this sort of thing.

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A few days ago , I went out to Mud lake just down the road to see fall colors , I ran into a lot of Birds , they were either Swans or Geese , they were gathering up to migrate south , the lake was starting to ICE over . If you can Identify them please do in the comment section . As always enjoy a tase of Alaska , share and like to encourage more .

Some blabbering on and photos from some cabin dwelling ,right wing nut job survivalist , computer programming retired guy in Alaska , thanking the Carbon using public for the return of Summer . Now the human sacrifices to appease the higher power can be postponed .

Just some more rantings from a crazed old man , fucked up on some killer weed from the local pot store , discussing the Alaskan Permanent Fund with commentary on YouTube and Bitchute . I hope you enjoyed this description as much as I did writing it . Subscribe if you want to encourage more such behavior .

A visit to one of my secret fishing holes , where you can walk across the stream on the backs of the spawning salmon most years , just another part of <a href="">My Alaskan Back Yard</a> . If you enjoy this kind of video , Subscribe , more subscribers means more motivation to produce more content. as always have a great day -- enjoy ! .


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Stories , video and insight into what's going on in My Alaska , sometimes rants other times raves , always attempting to have a good time and share Alaska with folks . I've been in Alaska over 30 + years , through Booms and Bust. Seen political stuff come and go . Enjoy and thank you for watching , subscribe to catch the latest post .