My Alaskan Back Yard

Some blabbering on and photos from some cabin dwelling ,right wing nut job survivalist , computer programming retired guy in Alaska , thanking the Carbon using public for the return of Summer . Now the human sacrifices to appease the higher power can be postponed .

April Fools Day ! Well it's spring and Break Up is on the foot , sit back and absorb my ranting as I celebrate making it through another winter.

A slide show of the flowers in my yard last year , I'm waiting for Spring !!

Sunday Morning rant and rave from the Frozen Chosen , lets learn together whats happening as I review the headlines on Druge Report and other shit ......

A simple to do treat for your next get together , stuffed Jalapeños wrapped in bacon , yum .

Making a batch of Cinnamon Rolls

10 days after the Earthquake , I'm thinking about how messed up we are that a traditional Christmas song is banned from radio .

My thoughts on the earthquake , banning Christmas Songs and general stuff.

Alaskan Earthquake 11/30/2018 , this is some screen shots and info that I captured right after the quake , most of the video was captured from channel 11 as they attempted to stay on the air and cover the event. We are still getting after shocks , over 2000 so far , we had a 4.7 just an hour ago. Enjoy , we are all waiting for the next shoe to drop ....

News about the 7.0 earthquake I went through on the 30th of November 2018 , enjoy and subscribe for more.

live stream

live stream

Fall mountains

Alaskan Fall Colors , down by the river , enjoy

A trip to the Palmer Alaska local Museum , and Garden

A recent visit to a historical Gold mine in Hatcher Pass , Alaska

A recent visit to the Hatcher Pass historic Independence Gold Mine , Closed at the start of WW2 , it was the main stay of the Willow Creek mining district , and parts of it are still producing Gold to this day.

The Cat and a moos have a run in today


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Stories , video and insight into what's going on in My Alaska , sometimes rants other times raves , always attempting to have a good time and share Alaska with folks . I've been in Alaska over 30 + years , through Booms and Bust. Seen political stuff come and go . Enjoy and thank you for watching , subscribe to catch the latest post .