Unexpected fires or fires appearing to hit certain areas without real reason are happening all over. Alberta was struck by these types of fires and now California. Seems like a globalist doing to me

Hidden vehicles spying on us and giving us photo radar tickets. There is no defense and it is a pure money grab by the corrupt government. It is part of the way they are gradually enslaving us by forcing us to pay money in fines for not obeying them

Okay so I was bored. Silly Magpie

Just gotta get motivated, stay strong and do it

speaks for itself

The globalists take reasonable ideas and then use them to enslave the common people. I think they actually might have think tanks on developing these ideas. They then use them for Agenda 21

The video speaks for itself

Time to expand on the yellow vest visibility factor by using the yellow ribbon campaign. This will allow people who want to support our yellow vest movement to show support but be subtle about it. The campaign will also be used to support our veterans and our troops. In doing so more and more people will use the ribbon on their vehicles as they support one of the causes.

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Getting ready for changes in living area means adjusting a tree. Up until now had to do it myself without any experience. Here is the final climb before I am perhaps getting some assistance to remove the top portions. Sometimes a person just has to do what they have to do in order to survive thanks to the Turd

Everyone faces an uphill battle in their life. Don't let it stop you from achieving your goals. Keep up the fight and save Canada and the world. You have no choice or we will have lost to the globalists

Patriots and wannabe patriots who don't want to advertise to much should watch this video on how to casually represent the movement without going overboard

Get your ass off the couch and go out and spread the word. If you have 5 or 10 minutes just go do it. Put on your yellow vest, grab a sign and get your butt to the street. We need to save democracy

The rap up event in Estevan was the concert. This was where a lot of the money for the veterans was raised. Sit back and enjoy the entire concert in just over 21/2 minutes. You can also extend the video if you are enjoying the music at the end by closing you eyes, relaxing and listening to Jayme

The full Estevan Patriot Convoy and Court House Rally in 2.5 minutes. Fantastic event supporting our veterans. Time lapse filming compliments of Brio Ventures Ltd located in Calgary

Yellow Vest Patriot Party in honor and support of Canadian veterans took place on the long weekend. Here is the convoy of some of the patriots from Alberta. The journey took 10 hours but is covered in this video in 4 minutes using time lapse cameras from Brio Ventures Ltd located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Stop complaining about little things it could be worse

Globalist agenda - crazy weather stirring up the seagulls

The corruption of stealing the peoples money by the government continues using photo radar. Watch as this photo radar car decides it doesn't want to be on video

The city of Calgary corrupt system continues to grab our money by spying on us and hiding so we don't know they are there. Then they take your picture, you have no knowledge of it and weeks later you get a ticket in the mail. Pure corruption

It is time to put your comfort zone aside and help save your country

Sometimes you just have to trust the government and do what they tell you This especially applies to nuclear war

Don't dare to say a word on Fakebook They are self destructing

Max held three rallies on this day and this is the second in a series. Great speech. Please listen and evaluate. I personally think he is the best interim solution until we can restructure our government from the ground up

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This addendum is specifically aimed at the people who just don't get what is happening to them slowly by the government. Listen carefully and maybe you will learn. In all likely hood if you need this video for the explanation you probably will never get it anyways

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The globalists agenda is being run at all levels of government. These people have infiltrated even our cities. One of the ways to control and steal the peoples money is through hidden photo radar Watch and Weep as your money is stolen

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