The corruption of stealing the peoples money by the government continues using photo radar. Watch as this photo radar car decides it doesn't want to be on video

The city of Calgary corrupt system continues to grab our money by spying on us and hiding so we don't know they are there. Then they take your picture, you have no knowledge of it and weeks later you get a ticket in the mail. Pure corruption

It is time to put your comfort zone aside and help save your country

Sometimes you just have to trust the government and do what they tell you This especially applies to nuclear war

Don't dare to say a word on Fakebook They are self destructing

Max held three rallies on this day and this is the second in a series. Great speech. Please listen and evaluate. I personally think he is the best interim solution until we can restructure our government from the ground up

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This addendum is specifically aimed at the people who just don't get what is happening to them slowly by the government. Listen carefully and maybe you will learn. In all likely hood if you need this video for the explanation you probably will never get it anyways

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The globalists agenda is being run at all levels of government. These people have infiltrated even our cities. One of the ways to control and steal the peoples money is through hidden photo radar Watch and Weep as your money is stolen

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We are slowly being enslaved on the local level and no one is any the wiser. This is a start of a series on how we are being enslaved without us knowing it. Yes this is happening in all major cities across north america

Nenshi and all the council members are taxing us to death and they keep speeding all our money It is time to stop them Here is another example of wasting our hard earned money. Stupid additions to sidewalks

Globalists agenda in a different form. Lies and misinformation using a baby. How low will they go?

Here is the link I mentioned in the video to get a full story

A short light video designed to expose non believers that the problem of world take over is real and they need to wake up. Perfect for a believer to send to a non believer so they will understand without getting afraid of the YV movement

We need another way to engage the people and this concept should help those that are intimidated by the protests feel comfortable enough to come over and engage in conversation

Yellow vests are trying hard to save whats left of our country but if we cannot expand the fight our new song will be taps

Loblaw given 12 million dollars of tax payer money This is a rich company and needs to be boycotted until they return it and maybe boycotted forever because of what appears to be a hidden agenda

I do not know if the change in anthems can be stopped

The vests have come to Canada for the last 5 weekends and will continue. We need the numbers up so it is up to you


Listen and think about this

National Citizens Alliance holding rallies in Nov

Liberals vote against Trudeau

Touching briefly on the platforms of two new parties

Two alternative parties to look at. - Viable? You must decide as this video just glances at the surface of their platforms

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Your heart can only be filled with love when you see these three playful brothers that need to be adopted together


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