Globalists agenda in a different form. Lies and misinformation using a baby. How low will they go?

Here is the link I mentioned in the video to get a full story

A short light video designed to expose non believers that the problem of world take over is real and they need to wake up. Perfect for a believer to send to a non believer so they will understand without getting afraid of the YV movement

We need another way to engage the people and this concept should help those that are intimidated by the protests feel comfortable enough to come over and engage in conversation

Yellow vests are trying hard to save whats left of our country but if we cannot expand the fight our new song will be taps

Loblaw given 12 million dollars of tax payer money This is a rich company and needs to be boycotted until they return it and maybe boycotted forever because of what appears to be a hidden agenda

I do not know if the change in anthems can be stopped

The vests have come to Canada for the last 5 weekends and will continue. We need the numbers up so it is up to you


Listen and think about this

National Citizens Alliance holding rallies in Nov

Liberals vote against Trudeau

Touching briefly on the platforms of two new parties

Two alternative parties to look at. - Viable? You must decide as this video just glances at the surface of their platforms

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Your heart can only be filled with love when you see these three playful brothers that need to be adopted together

Celebrate with fireworks

A few thoughts about my trust in Bernier being compromised

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Canadians are waking up in droves as provincial elections are defeating the globalist liberals and their corrupt partners such as the NDP.
Currently their defeat is coming provincially but next year they will be tossed out federally
Congratulations on Quebec booting out the liberals

Trump Rally Wheeler West Virginia - What a success

All Candidates in an election must be allowed to speak equally and freely This is not happening

The common folk needs to get involved but they need a starting place. This video suggests a start to regaining control from the globalists

The state of politics today

Remembering events that were not mental illness as the government would like us to believe

Andrew Scheer wants to act like a little trudeau and ignore the reasons he was elected so I am putting him on notice

The conservatives may have brought about the end of Canada


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