On September 16, 1920, as hundreds of Wall Street workers headed out for lunch, a horse-drawn cart packed with dynamite exploded in front of Morgan Bank — the world’s most powerful banking institution.

Pvt. Snafu suffers the consequences of not keeping his equipment and weapons properly maintained.

In this satire of the Nazis the 3 Stooges are paperhangers in the country of Moronica. When evil cabinet ministers overthrow the king, they decide to make Moe the new ruler as he'll be stupid enough to follow their orders.

In the year 2081, the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments to the Constitution dictate that all Americans are fully equal and not allowed to be smarter, better-looking, or more physically able than anyone else. The Handicapper General's agents enforce the equality laws, forcing citizens to wear "handicaps": masks for those who are too beautiful, loud radios that disrupt thoughts inside the ears of intelligent people, and heavy weights for the strong or athletic.

A documentary examining how U.S. Naval Intelligence struck a secret deal with the Mafia in Sicily during World War II.

In the 1963 short story that inspired the movie They Live, George Nada "wakes up" to find that there is a great secret being kept from the world... and he's the only human to have found out the truth.

Mr. Yossi and Mr. Raviv discussed their book, Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israeli Intelligence.

James Bamford is an American bestselling author, journalist and documentary producer widely noted for his writing about United States intelligence agencies, especially the National Security Agency.

An author, mathematician, and political commentator, James Lindsay is also the founder of New Discourses, and co-author of Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity. During this podcast discussion, Lindsay talks about the “Grievance Studies” hoax he was part of, the intellectual roots of today’s radical left, and whether there’s hope for the future.

Journalist Whitney Webb discusses chilling facts surrounding COVID-19. Webb draws parallels to pandemic simulations including Operation Dark Winter, Crimson Contagion and Event 201, also noting their connections to the anthrax attacks that followed 9/11. She also talks about the allegation that coronavirus was created in a Chinese bioweapons laboratory, the spread of the virus worldwide, and the Orwellian response from governments and corporations around the world.

Without an effective propaganda machine, the empire cannot rule.

Over the past months, the phrase “social distancing” has entered our lexicon. Many of us have found ourselves separated from family and friends—or at least from our normal social lives. As humans grapple with pandemic-induced isolation, science is starting to offer insight into what may be happening in our brains when our social contact with others is dramatically reduced.

A desperate dying man injects himself with experimental nanobots that can supposedly cure anything.

This short film produced for Spanish television is rich in symbols and metaphors about loneliness and alienation in the urban landscape.

Catherine Davis is the Founder and President of The Restoration Project. She often partners with the National Black Prolife Coalition, the Network of Politically Active Christians, and the Frederick Douglas Foundation in an ongoing effort to educate Americans about the issues that are impacting the Black community.

Many parents are unhappy with the current public education system, but Alison McDowell shows that we are likely going from the frying pan into the fire.

You’re in a conversation about global warming, vaccines, dinosaurs, or gender identity and someone says, “There’s no point in discussing this more. The science is settled.”

What would you say?

Sidney Powell is the author of Licensed to Lie, the true story of the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power.

Dr. Kary Mullis earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta in 1966. He then received a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 1973. His Nobel Prize was awarded in 1993.

Flinders’ University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky says there is no “truth or transparency” reflected in the newly released email correspondence which reveals a letter in the Lancet - regarding the origin of COVID - was authored by EcoHealth Alliance. Sky News Australia, Nov 22, 2020.

The severity of the H1N1 outbreak was deliberately exaggerated by pharmaceutical companies that stood to make billions of dollars from a worldwide scare, a leading European health expert has claimed.

Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, has accused the makers of vaccines for the virus of influencing the World Health Organisation's (WHO) decision to declare a pandemic.

Tarek Bazely reports (Jan 11, 2010)

This is the first transmission from the Weather Underground. Spoken by Bernardine Dohrn. Taken from the documentary "The Weather Underground."

Why does Lenin sound like a Russian Homer Simpson?

From the episode "Red October Sky" (Season 3, Episode 13)


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