The top 100 music videos of 1998, according to MTV.

The top 100 music videos of 1996, according to MTV.

The top 100 music videos of 1994, according to MTV.

The top 100 videos of 1993, according to MTV.

The top 100 videos of 1992, according to MTV.

The top 100 videos of 1989, according to MTV.

The winners and nominees at the first ever MTV Europe Music awards, held on November 24th, 1994 at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany.

Songs not credited in this video include:
"No Limit"
"Walk on Water"
"Get It Together"
"Pay No Mind"
"Violently Happy"
"Streets of Philadelphia"
"All For Love"
"Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm"
"Locked Out"
"Things Can Only Get Better"
"Suds & Soda"
"Right in the Night"
"Without You"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
"Buddy X"
"Year of da Boomerang"
"I Like to Move It"
"Prayer for the Dying"

The iHeartRadio MMVAs (originally an initialism of Much Music Video Awards) are annual awards presented by the Canadian television channel Much to honour the year's best music videos.[

Originally debuting in 1990 as the Canadian Music Video Awards, the awards were renamed in 1995 to its now-former and commonly known name as simply the MuchMusic Video Awards. In 2016, the awards were rebranded with the iHeartRadio banner after Much's parent company Bell Media reached a licensing agreement with iHeartMedia. In 2018, the awards' full name "Much Music Video Awards" was officially dropped.

I don't have a title card due to all the names this award show goes under. Logos were mostly taken from logopedia. It's quite clear music is heading in a certain direction when you watch the change in the videos overtime.

Nominees and winners at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. These is when genre-specific categories were introduced, as well as "International Viewer's Choice Awards", where viewers from MTV's various emerging regional variants chose between the nominees exclusive to their regions - this "subcategory" would change over time with those regional affiliates expanding from programming blocks to full on music channels that had their own award ceremonies. Their interesting enough to be the reason why I'm making these videos - I kind of contrast, if you will.

Nominees and winners at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards. Technical prowess was valued more in those days then genre. "Most Experimental" was renamed into "Breakthrough Video" this year, while "Best Overall Performance" was not awarded this year, and not since.

Nominees and winners at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards. Technical prowess mattered more in those days then genre. "Best Video from a Film" debuts this year.

Nominees and winners at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards. Technical prowess mattered a lot more in those days then genre. Quite an upset there regarding "Sex as a Weapon".

The nominees and winners at the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards. Technical prowess mattered more back then genre.

The best-selling albums in the United Kingdom by year.

Note that this refers to the best-selling album within this year, not throughout the year. This is why the best selling album of the 1990s, Oasis's "What's The Story, Morning Glory?" doesn't appear, not does the top two best-selling albums in British history, "Greatest Hits" by Queen, released in 1981 on Parlophone and "Gold: Greatest Hits" by ABBA released in 1992 on Polydor.

Song credits:
"You Make Me Feel So Young" by Frank Sinatra bookends the video, referencing the first album to top the UK Albums Chart, "Songs for Swinging' Lovers" on Capitol Records.
1956 - "Main Title: The Carousel Waltz"
1957 - "The King And I: Main Title"
1958 - "Overture / Why Can't The English?"
1959 & 1960 - "South Pacific Overture"
1961 - "G.I. Blues"
1962 - "West Side Story Overture"
1963 - "It Won't Be Long"
1964 - "No Reply"
1965, 1966 & 1968 - "Prelude: The Sound Of Music"
1967 - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
1969 - "Come Together"
1970 & 1971 - "Bridge over Troubled Water"
1972 - "Hold Your Head Up"
1973 - "Crocodile Rock"
1974 - "We've Only Just Begun"
1975 - "You Make Me Feel Brand New"
1976 - "SOS"
1977 - "Arrival"
1978 - "Night Fever"
1979 - "Picture This"
1980 - "Super Trooper"
1981 - "Kings of the Wild Frontier"
1982 - "Memory"
1983 - "Thriller"
1984 - "Can't Slow Down"
1985 - "Brothers in Arms"
1986 - "True Blue"
1987 - "Bad"
1988 - "The Loco-motion"
1989 - "Too Many Broken Hearts"
1990 - "Another Day in Paradise"
1991 & 1992 - "Stars"
1993 - "Back into Hell"
1994 - "Always"
1995 - "Righteous Melody"
1996 - "You Learn"
1997 - "Be Here Now"
1998 - "Queen of Hollywood"
1999 - "Come On Over"
2000 - "Love Me Do"
2001 - "No Angel"
2002 - "Feel"
2003 - "Life for Rent"
2004 - "Laura"
2005 - "High"
2006 - "So Clear Now"
2007 - "Back to Black"
2008 - "Rockferry"
2009 - "I Dreamed a Dream"
2010 - "The Flood"
2011 - "Rolling in the Deep"
2012 - "Read All About It (Pt. III)"
2013 - "Midnight Memories"
2014 - "Sing"
2015 & 2016 - "Hello"
2017 - "Castle on the Hill"

My intent is to eventually "complete" this when the best selling albums of 2018 and 2019 are revealed, hence the rather awkward 61 years and the "To be Continued..." near the end.


Note this is the best-selling within the year, not in total, as very often the single continues to sell more in later years (and sometimes other singles released within a particular year will go on to outsell the year-end winner (e.g. Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan's "Especially for You" (from 1988) ultimately outsold "Mistletoe and Wine").

The song that is played both at the start and the (rather drawn out) end of the video is the first UK number one single "Here In My Heart" by Al Martino(Capitol).
For more info, see here:

And here it is - the full video, all 131 and a half minutes of it uninterrupted and with some finishing touches, though at 512 kbps due to preserve storage on my hard drive, as this is the longest video I've ever made- the fact it has so many elements, from text to transitions,etc. it consumes the bytes. This video is separated into four parts, all in compressed 1080 HD.

Special thanks to this source here for supplying data:

I've decided to start this channel with the longest video I've made, because why not? Start things off with a bang. Here's 75 years of the biggest hits within the United States, according to Billboard magazine. A higher resolution video, may be available later once I have more space on my desk drive.

Special thanks to this site for applying the data:

The first award show ever broadcast on MTV, the one where it all started and therefore gets compared to later shows. Technical prowess was much more important in those years as opposed to gender. Winners and nominees are summarized.


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