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Destination Unknown: Track Nine

Song: Of These, Hope
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Album: Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ

Destination Unknown: Track Eight

Song: They Don't Know
Artist: Tracey Ullman (Original by Kirsty MacColl, 1979)
Album: You Broke My Heart In 17 Places

Destination Unknown: Track Seven

Song: Amazing Journey (Reprise)
Artists: Michael Cerveris, The Who
Album: The Who's Tommy Original Broadway Cast Recording

Destination Unknown: Track Six

Song: Leaving Home
Artist: John Williams
Album: Superman The Motion Picture OST

Destination Unknown: Track Five

Scene: We Are The Future
Artists: Michael Kamen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellan
Movie: X-Men

Destination Unknown: Track Four

Song: Something's Comin' Up
Artist: Barry Manilow
Album: Barry Manilow II

Destination Unknown: Track Three

Scene: Dante's Inferno
Artists: John Barry, Roddy McDowell, Anthony Perkins, Yvette Mimieux
Movie: The Black Hole (1975)

Destination Unknown: Track Two

Song: Starman Main Theme
Artist: Dana Kaproff
Album: Greatest TV Themes Original Soundtrack

Destination Unknown: Track One

Song: St. Elsewhere Theme
Artist: David Grusin
Album: Night Lines

Ripley and the Marines battle for their lives against the dreaded Xenomorphs and their monstrous Queen.

It Knows What Scares You: Track Three

Song: Futile Escape
Artist: James Horner
Album: Aliens OST

A lot of people think Star Trek is about Outer Space. These days you might be forgiven for thinking it's about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. But back in the day when Gene was still alive Star Trek was actually about morality, and the unbreakable Spirit of the Human Race. That's why I put so many clips of it on the Mix Channel - there are lessons in life here that should be passed on and not forgotten. This episode from season one aired way back on October 26th, 1987. This scene where Picard encounters his mother is incredibly moving, in large part thanks to the incredible score by Ron Jones. I used this song as the first track on the mix THE MASTER SWORD for anyone who wants to hear this exceptional piece of music on it's own.

I originally was going to make this scene a part of IT KNOWS WHAT SCARES YOU but decided to put the clip up in the OTHERWORLD: SCENES AND THINGS department instead. Ah, Hellraiser. Where would horror be without you? Clive Barker's most famous work, based upon his story THE HELLBOUND HEART, is classic 80's horror. This scene is the first time we get a good look at the Cenobites....Female Cenobite, Butterball, Chatterer, and of course Pinhead. The rest of the movie at times devolves into some serious cheese, but there's nothing cheesy about THIS scene. It's the stuff of nightmares.

The Avatar is ambushed by the Shadowlords of Hatred, Falsehood and Cowardice in a dark and forsaken grotto. One by one they reveal themselves, bending the fabric of reality to their evil and twisted wills.

It Knows What Scares You : Track Two

Song: Dark Grotto
Artists: Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ohta, and Kōji Kondō
Album: The Legend of Zelda: Twilght Princess OST

An Ancient Evil cloaked in a supernatural Fog envelopes a community of Souls, testing their resolve before retreating across the Water to resume It's dark designs.

It Knows What Scares You: Track One

Song: Andy on the Beach
Artist: John Carpenter
Album: The Fog OST


May we all heed this warning from the past. Dickens knew what he was talking about. These shall be our children, the products of a fearful and spiritually bereft society, the spawn of a people who devalue and cheapen all life.

Get the fucking masks off of the children's faces, let them breathe the free air, and look upon them full in the face with Honesty and Love. If this is not done right now their Spirits may soon be damaged beyond the ability to heal.

In twenty years time when we, the elderly, look to this younger generation for assistance and compassion, there we shall find only ignorance and want, callousness and cruelty.

This need not be our fate if we turn the corner now.


I often mention that POLTERGEIST is my favorite movie, but I rarely talk about WHY it's my favorite movie. I saw it for the first time when I was seven years old - we had free HBO for a weekend, Mom and Dad were out of town, and the babysitter was into it. The rest was history. Tobe Hooper's masterpiece was forever imprinted on my soul. This clip of the infamous "sucked into the closet" scene perfectly encapsulates everything that makes the movie work so well, from the effects (No CGI here!) to Jerry Goldsmith's legendary score, to the superb acting from the cast. There's been a raging debate since the movie was released as to who ACTUALLY directed Poltergeist - was it Tobe Hooper or was it producer Steven Spielberg? In the end I give it to Tobe. Spielberg provided the story and the suburbs, but it was Tobe who provided the horror through his Texas Chain Saw eyes. Film making at it's finest.

Hi y'all! Here's the Fireside for LAY IT DOWN. This mix is entirely composed of songs from the 80's and 90's (surprise). I talk about how this mix came to be and why it's structured the way it is. Oh, and I end the video with some brief Karaoke Chris just for fun. Till next time!

Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the last light of the setting sun will shine upon the key-hole.

LAY IT DOWN: Track Sixteen

Song: It's Only Love
Artist: Steve Perry
Album: Street Talk

LAY IT DOWN: Track Fourteen

Song: The Heat is On
Artist: Glenn Frey
Album: The Allnighter

LAY IT DOWN: Track Fifteen

Song: Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Artist: Poison
Album: Open Up and Say... Ahh!

LAY IT DOWN: Track Thirteen

Song: Heaven
Artist: Bryan Adams
Album: Reckless

LAY IT DOWN: Track Twelve

Song: Jump
Artist: Van Halen
Album: 1984

LAY IT DOWN: Track Eleven

Song: I'm On Fire
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Born in the U.S.A.

LAY IT DOWN: Track Ten

Song: Welcome to the Real World
Artist: Mr. Mister
Album: Welcome to the Real World


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