Worlds Funniest Job Interview Ever 😅😂
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Tom was actually the first guy who lost his job because of AI.

Don't try to beat artificial intelligence, work with it and leverage its power to maximize your potential and productivity.

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This bottle starts to decompose the moment you finish drinking. We need to save our environment.

Scientists use ultrasound waves to treat an aggressive and fatal brain tumor.

Anti-drowning t-shirt⁉️ Kids t-shirt turns automatically into a lifejacket in the water….thoughts?

Look at the Importance of Seatbelts and Safety Airbags

Experiencing a futuristic breakthrough as Tesla introduces fully Tesla-made bots. These humanoid robots walk among us, and are capable of learning from the real world which makes them quite different of Boston Dynamics Atlas robot. Powered by advanced machine learning, they seamlessly interact with humans. From revolutionizing industries to enhancing daily life, Tesla Bots redefine possibilities. Witness the emergence of artificial intelligence in human-like form.

Unveils WheelBot, an innovative wheel system that enables cars to move in all directions!

Have you seen Coca-Cola's latest insane ad campaign🤯👀
Is it generated 100% by AI ( Midjourmey, Runway, stable diffusion!)? Read the story to learn more👇

What do you think?⁠ 😍

I love creative thinking which is important to use both sides of our brain.
Besides anything, we experienced hard days during the pandemic, We learned the importance of everything in our lives.
When we have only one option, to use materials in our hands -
We learned to focus on getting the next best thing in between our options.
Many of us worked from homes with all ups and downs, Some of us enjoyed creative thinking with solution-oriented thinking, And it was free-ing!
This was one of the best life lessons to have learned, To keep calm, to look wisely at everything around us.

Automatic Parking of Vehicles to next level

ChatGPT for document analysis

With Petal you can turn your documents into a digital expert you can talk to!

Get answers quickly by talking to your personalized ChatGPT. Upload research papers, technical manuals, policy handbooks, resumes, case studies, or even works of fiction. Chat with multiple documents at once and track sources. Collaborate with your team and share files, annotations, and comments.

Supports PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, and other common text files.

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Google launched "Help me write" in Gmail.

AI talk show featuring Elon Musk and Steve Jobs!

Check Your Health in 5 Minutes

South Korea's 20-mile solar bike highway!

Bill Gates and Socrates generated using #AI debates on the benefits and threats of AI itself.

Watch this video to learn how to make your content stand out. I hope you will like this video.


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