Im anti shootings. This is satire. As you can see I make fun of all peoples (most of all myself). However one people (in my estimation) are becoming increasingly off limits which is why I often focus on them. And clearly certain events (whether you believe [ MISSING ]
Mirror of a video by BatsInTheBarbell. Original description above. Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting of October 27 2018. This is the only video of her that I have.

I got this kind of mental training everyday:

You people need to open your eyes and realize just how much you are hated because you are white!
Articles on sexual harassment by muslim refuges:

- post more articles and vids in the comments of the white/european women being harassed by muslims and non-white men
-lets have meaningful conversations on TAHARUSH!

original description above
Re-upload of a video from 2016, by Michelle K. BANNED on YouTube for tendency to generate hatred. This is the only video of hers that I have and consider worth uploading.

A birthday celebration of an elderly German woman take an unexpected turn

Re-upload of parody song by: Blinky Bill:

We only vote one party, party just for us.
We just want your country.
Country ain't for you, yeah
I know you want a party, party just for you.
Whites, you got me laughin, whites. You got me laughin.

Browner by the day, yeah
The Democrat party, yeah
That party just for us, yeah
We just want your country, yeah
This country aint for you
I know you want a party, yeah
Party just for you, yeah
Whites, you got me laughin, whites. You got me laughin, yeah.

Dancing on your graves soon.
This new America.
We have street-shitters now, faggots in glitter now, Somalis from ?????? now.
Don't catch you thinking now, don't catch you thinking now, Kool-aid we drinkin now.

56% America.
Don't you be racist now
Put you on a blacklist now
Learn to coexist now, yeah

56% America,
School shooting hysteria,
That one don't count,
Anarcho-Tyranny, yeah yeah
You know statistics lie, yeah yeah
It doesn't matter, yeah yeah
When you are the one who dies, yeah yeah
We're so brown, like yeah
I get paid, like yeah
To brainwash kids, yeah
Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Shut up whitey, you won't tell nobody,
Grandpa told you: get your country white man,
get away from black men, get away from brown men, get your country white man.

56% America,
Don't you be racist now.
Don't you be racist now, stand up and resist now.
Don't you be racist now.
Don't you be racist now, stand up and resist now.

Men among the ruins,
Rust-belt ghost-towns,
Gold chains on slaves who own you now.
It slips away,
Watch us take and consume what you built.
State of decay.
Why is it? "You can't take your side", they command, they command, they command
take a stand, take a stand, take a stand,
And when you have given it all to them,
You will see, it is still you they condemn.


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