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Quit being a Stupid Faggot and stand up for Yourself!

Always has been, always will be.

I was getting worried y'all

U need to see a woman smile. Quit acting like u dont bro.

Eating microwave burritos and playing Xbox in rusty shack > wage cage till 65

Our society cares not for your foibles. Our society cares not for you.

Time and spatial reality dissolves and all you remember is nothing. All you can feel is nothing. The moment comes and goes like time travel.

Please swan dive into a moving blender already. Possibly wash your face with a bubbly deep fryer. I don't even know what I am saying anymore…. But I'll say it anyways.

So mobs of anarchist fags can legally burn down buildings now; but you're not even allowed to enter them during business hours. Our country has been subverted by children and retard Normiez! PEAK CLOWN WORLD LEVELZ!!!

t seems the more money that’s dumped into something, the more a pile of literal hobo feces that said content becomes. Why is this so consistently true?

It's just a phase, hopefully it doesn't stick around too long for both our sakes

I am a Digital-Anti-hero Messiah; yes this is most certainly factually true. But even messiahs fail and flounder. Don't put all your dollar bills under one pair of panties anytime soon broz.

I am but a mortal. You are a 19 YEAR OLD, bitch GOOK whore who suckz off dudez behind crusty dumpsterz.

Grab da Popcorn and da Beerz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it immoral to give up your beliefs for a better life? Is it immoral to roll over and take it to prolong your beliefs in the long run?

Boredom is a luxury, don't ever forget that faggot……….

If Jon Leibowitz, and Zimmerman can do the reverse. I think we can do this successfully. I see no problems here.

Yes, people do this. But not everything is a signal to your comrades. There are genuine people trying to make the world a better place, but they are too retarded to know how to actually improve it. Learn to differentiate between intentions.

Luv Ya BROZ, but I wish I had a gaggle of clams thirsty to get my chowderbowl. The problem with making outsider content, is it exclusively appeals to men, and frumpy women that look like Gimli.

Massacres never happen in round numbers. Genocides never happen in multiples of 10. Reality is not that symmetrical.

This is an obvious bait and switch maneuver. Always believe what you see and experience in your own life, in your own neighborhood, in your own community. Don't let some aggregate polling database override your personal lived experience.

As times change, and systems change; a failure to change our political system will inevitably result in tyranny. There is no one size fits all political ideology to solve modern issues. But the catch is, what works now may not work 100 years from now. This is a ludicrous notion.

Normal people do not share this view, this is a viewpoint imposed by the elite. I'm not saying that your average person believes this, because they don't. Nonetheless, this is the most clear sign of a rotten culture I have ever seen. The sad fact is there is no cure for this sickness that I can see.

"Listenz Mr. big man science pantz, I don't understand what you sayingz. Sayz it in a way that a regular ass borderline mentally retarded italian person, canz understandez.”

When you are so disconnected from reality, that you imagine your five-star luxury vacation is a political statement. This stunt has not aged well you stinky hippy bastards.


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