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When you are so disconnected from reality, that you imagine your five-star luxury vacation is a political statement. This stunt has not aged well you stinky hippy bastards.

Sometimes self-awareness creeps in as I am ranting, and I realize how absurd this whole thing is. The trick is to let go and not take this all too seriously. Fueled by Coors banquet and caffeine.

Looking back at who I have managed to be in this life, fills me with both pride and shame. You're going through a phase bro, but luckily for you and me, it will eventually pass and you will course correct.

Propaganda from your own current era camouflages itself more effectively then propaganda created before or after your era. You quickly spot the jingoism and catchphrase creation because it seems out of place in your own time. Whereas modern propaganda blends in because it wears the masks of your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family.

Every mainstream figure has preached the virtues of squashing your ego. The fact is a colossus ego is required to accomplish anything of great importance in life. Ego is your friend don't be scared of it, and laugh in the face of anyone who tells you otherwise. Most of these people have huge egos, but they won't admit it, because it's a social faux pas to not act like a whipped dog.

According to some gay pop science magazine, the number one thing people regret on their deathbeds is "caring about what other people think too much" DON'T BE THAT GUY!

When the only heroes available are demonic scarecrow people being presented like they are not propaganda Pinocchio people; what options do you have? When the only heroes are more villainous then the villains.

The media will tell you if you aren't a brain-dead, dopamine, addicted slug then you must be abnormal. Get back in your cage, swallow your court ordered pills, and surrender your children to the state mandated reeducation camps, or be crushed beneath our sequin encrusted flower power boots.

Selling out is only bad if it requires you to drastically change your artistic vision. But if Jews will pay you millions of dollars to create content you truly believe in, then props to you brother. Take him to the yarmulke cleaner, get that bag.

You can't just get em’ wet, only to leave just before you jackhammer that shit. You can't go halfway to the moon anymore. You're better off turning them all to glass, or isolating yourself indefinitely until real threats emerge on the world stage. EITHER TAKE THE BOOTS OFF ENTIRELY or keep them at the savages necks.

The stinky kid does not know they are the stinky kid. If they are never told that they are in fact the stinky kid aforementioned; they will grow up to be the stinky adult. Even other stinky people don't want to be around stinkyer people. They will only accept being around people that are stinky, but in fact less stinky than they are. This is fact.

Kindness can be used for good, but it can also be used for bad. Learn to decipher when people are attempting to hijack your emotional nervous system for their own gain. Be weary of those who attempt to shame or guilt you into their way of thinking.

We all live in atomized bubbles, but occasionally we accidentally see into someone else's bubble. When this happens you realize there are entire clusters of apes gibbering and clicking away at topics and interests you were unaware even existed.

Cavemen would have literally beaten you with a rock then coomed in your ear canal. Your disgusting yeast filled oyster was never worth more than a man's labor. Even when skagz try to make themselves feel important, they act even more skaggy then if they had just shut the fuck up and accepted their greasy skaggery

The feelings of discontent you have are perfectly normal. Don't ever let anyone tell you that energy is hyperactivity, or that boredom with garbage culture is a deficit. Don't let them drug you with experimental brain scrambling pills.

Every online commentator over the last five years has shilled hard to demonize tribalism and identity politics. This is an obvious maneuver to manipulate people from self-selecting who they associate with. Most of These online commentators have unknowingly joined a tribe, the tribe of anti-tribalism. They are just too stupid to realize.
The inverse of tribalism is globalism. Tribalism is a microcosm within nationalism.

Caring about starving children on the other side of the world is borderline sociopathic, considering there are people in your own community struggling to get by. Caring about 7 billion people is borderline psychopathic. Care about your own tribe and treat them well. This notion that we should all ignore our own self-interest is obvious brainwashing bullshit.

The shape of objects conforms to the shape of the human body. Growing up around these objects warps your viewpoint into perceiving these objects as unique shapes into themselves. Always remember these objects are in some way a mold impression that conforms to the shape of the human body.

Learn how to wash your ass from those who neglect to wash their own. Learn how to think by observing those who can't.

The ability to understand one subject thoroughly takes a lifetime, but these retards assume they can just as easily learn everything. They assume because they understand astrophysics, that means they are more qualified to speak politically. When in reality most of these people are complete dolts playing mental hopscotch with kazoos and glittery paint.

The story of late-night teenage pranks. There's always that one friend that just keeps on upping the ante, until the whole scenario just becomes ridiculous.

Dumb Comedians think they get to say things we can't because they are "artistes" and what they are doing is just an act bro. All you rabble can't speak like we do because what we do is an art form. This is retarded nonsense, trying to secure their job security. Fuck all you Daisy sniffing butt ticklers.

You desperately want that sweet nectarine juice, yet at the same time you laugh when the sweet nectarines dry up and become dehydrated cornhusk succubi; colloquially known as "menopause"

Sometimes you have to wear different personalities to successfully interact with different camps of people. Different situations require different behavior modifications. Learn how to change yourself accordingly.

The truth is they hate you as much as you hate them. Get over it and move on with your life bro.


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