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Alberta's Premiere Jason Kenney addresses the subject of The Great Reset, discusses how he was approached by The World Economic Forums Klays Schwab, what The World Economic Forum really is about, and how detrimental to society The Great Reset really is.

#TheGreatReset #TheWorldEconomicForum #KlausSchwab

The world is going through a very questioning and bazaar time and there are so many contradictions within our Government's actions.

We sat down with Ontario Member Of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier, an MPP who is bringing fire and making news headlines as he stands up and voices those questions and concerns in the Ontario Parliament including Covid Quarantine-Internment Camps, the new and very dangerous Bill 218, and so much more.

Mainstream medias and Government officials quickly went in to damage control this week trying to downplay last weekends event, with Toronto Mayor John Tory claiming 150 in attendance, and medias labelling the protest an "anti-masker" protest, vilifying everyone who attended.

We wanted to get a better understanding of what the event is really about and what they are fighting for, so we sat down with Lamont Daigle from The Line International to discuss his recent March For Freedom - Anti-Lockdown Protest - Toronto Police are estimating 8,000-9,000 were in attendance.

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The World Health Organization strongly advised recently against lockdowns, thousands of health professionals and scientists around the world have stood up and spoken out, yet 2nd wave lockdowns are happening all over the world with many similarities. Is there more to it?

"I think for many, part of it is the 'shut up, don't want to hear it' - they simply do not want to face reality so they go in to denial as a form of comfort"

EXPLOSIVE NEW INFORMATION: In this interview, David speaks on new developments with a Canadian Liberal Party whistle-blower email, MK-Ultra psychology and how these techniques are being used today, and he reviews and discusses the Premier of Ontario - Doug Ford's recent message stating "I have no agenda" and much, much more!

#lockdowns #DavidIcke #secondwave

“Quarantine belongs back in the Middle Ages. Save your masks for robbing banks. Stay calm and carry on. Let’s not make our attempted cures worse than the disease.”

We had a chance to sit down with Ontario's Former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard Schabas to discuss his views and opinions on Ontario's current response to the Covid Pandemic.

His responses may surprise you!

Full article available at

#drschabas #ontariochiefmedicalofficer #covid19ontario

“We could have prevented 84% of the deaths.”

Dr. Zev Zelenko has been successful treating virus out-patients with a treatment called 'The Zelenko Protocol'.

Full article:

My interview with Seven was both educational, and powerful. I would definitely recommend you taking some time to watch our discussion, as she reviews some of the most controversial topics that have surfaced during this pandemic. Naturally she has been censored, so this interview is a chance to dig deep into the cognitive dissonance you might be experiencing, and naturally, do your research.

Full article:

On Monday July 27th, 2020, medical professionals attended the America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. The doctors present took the opportunity to address the media and the U.S. public about the country’s fight against COVID-19. One of those doctors was Dr Stella Immanuel. Backed by her medical colleagues, she spoke out against the current accepted virus treatment and the need to wear masks. It was not too long after that, President Donald Trump endorsed the claims of the doctors, and even admitted to being on this now very politicized over the counter drug.

Since this announcement, there has been a whirlwind of events.

“Of course they think I am dangerous, because I am speaking the truth!” Dr. Stella Immanuel

Full article:

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW coming in the September 16th edition for the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper

We sat down with UK producer Seven Starseed and discussed her views and perspectives on how her eyes were opened to a lot of what is happening today during her long legal battle with Production companies and big tech.

Full interview coming September 16th on

What's really going on? Is it as it appears? Or is there more meaning and underlying issues happening in our world that we are unaware of?

Chief Reporter for the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper sits down with renowned author and speaker David Icke

With fall around the corner and our little ones heading back to school there is a lot of concerns with the virus, masks and more. We sit down with popular medical journalist Del Bigtree to discuss these concerns and more!

The whole situation with COVID19 is very concerning, but not in the way you may think! Join us as we sit down with Dr. Rashid Buttar to discuss some of his views on what is really happening around the world.

Systemic racism is not only evident within the criminal justice system. According to the New York Times, African-American and Latin residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbours.

Chief Reporter, Simone J. Smith from Toronto Caribbean News sits down with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to discuss the effects of vaccines and the African Community.

“We know that African-Americans react differently to vaccines than Caucasians. They’re more sensitive to antigens. They need half the antigens that Caucasians need; yet, it’s a one-size-fit-all program. Maybe some benefit from vaccines, but it’s clearly true that African-Americans are disproportionately injured by vaccines.” - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

#AfricanAmerican #RobertFKennedyJr #Vaccines

Look out for our cover story with David Icke in the upcoming August 19th edition of the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper

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