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Video with Rachel Vaughan speaking of Ley Lines and Portals

link to conference sign up
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Video is a short from previous Sky To Earth Conference
next conference starts November 16t, to join conference see link
Dale Telegram https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
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Madeleine Doherty telegramhttps://t.me/withnaturesrhythm
Dale instagram @daleholmes89 & @daleh_van

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Dale's Telegram https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Dale Instagram @daleholmes89 & daleh_van
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Homeopathy welcome to the revolution 'courses' Use code 'DALE' for 10% discount First Aid Homeopath kits 'DALE' in code for 10% discount https://www.rmdycollective.com.au/https://www.rmdycollective.com.au/collections/first-aid-online-shop
Apocalupso tickets available here for FNQ event in October
Dale Telegram 'Dale H' https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Dale instagram @daleholmes89 & daleh_van

Full podcast on 'Design on purpose' click link
• #23 Dale Holmes — AI, Consciousness a...
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Dale Telegram https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Dale Website https://www.beyonddark2light.com

Matt shares his inspiring story from working in the Victorian Police force, the PTSD that came from the job and how he stuck strong through business closure and mandates in Thailand. Matt's attitude to life, self healing and appreciation for what he has is a great listen and lesson for anyone.
Matt interview on Cosmic Gateway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcOF1I7wFb8&t=2456s
Matt Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@ecodivingcentre/videosDale Dale Telegram 'Dale H' https//t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Dale Website https://www.beyonddark2light.com

Max speaks about her childhood and some of the horrific abuse she went through, up to her work as a psychologist and current day.
I have really enjoyed Max's energy and what she brings to light from her experiences s well as her grasp on current events and her perspective on the greater picture.
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Max Website https://unbroken.global/
Max Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@unbroken.global3565
Dale Website https://www.beyonddark2light.com
Dale telegram 'Dale H' https://t.me/DaleHolmes

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Dale Telegram 'Dale H' https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985

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Dale Telegram 'Dale H' https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Website https://www.beyonddark2light.com
Instagram @daleholmes89 & daleh_van


Dale Telegram https://t.me/DaleHolmes1985
Dale's Website https://www.beyonddark2light.com/
Dale Instagram @daleholmes89 & @daleh_van
clips from Jason Breshears interview


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