UKIP has been knackered through it's collapse and realignment, away from an anti EU party - it's original purpose - into an anti-Islamic party.
There was an old prophecy found in a bog
Lillibullero bullen a la
The country'd be ruled by an ass and a dog
Lillibullero bullen a la
Now this prophecy is all come to pass
Lillibullero bullen a la
For May's the dog & Soubry's the ass
Lillibullero bullen a la

Nothing is as it appears to be when a crippled deep space haulage ship finds the Hotel Babylon, an asteroid based facility in an open, unoccupied sector of space .... old style Sci-Fi at it's best.

30 years from now, Astronaut Kadian Giametti becomes the first human to walk on Mars. But on his return to Earth he wakes up in a quarantine cell from which he's not allowed to leave. Slowly Kadian learns the truth about what's happened on Earth while he's been away, and what he's brought back with him.

When a couple discover that they can't have a healthy baby naturally, Zenith Genomics seems to offer the solution: they can create a perfect, bespoke child, with every gene hand-picked. For a price. But the parents soon find that perfection brings its own problems...

Robotics expert, Deborah, builds artificial bees in order to help pollinate fruit trees across the world - real bees having been driven to the brink of extinction. But then a strange phenomenon strikes mankind - people start getting lost. It happens slowly, people lose their way, forget where they are. But before long society starts to crumble.
Deborah must fight her way across an apocalyptic Britain and find her way back home. But first, she must remember where that is.

In the future, London is divided in two. North of the river is a virtual police state and the South is a lawless no-go area ruled by criminal gangs. When the body of young boy washes up on the banks of the Thames, a police detective crosses the dangerous divide in the search for his killers.

A wounded war veteran on a military pension, Nat Hocken, is working part-time for a farm owner when he notices a large number of birds behaving strangely along the peninsula where his family lives. He attributes this to the sudden arrival of winter. That night, he hears a tapping on his bedroom window and encounters a bird that pecks his hand, causing him to bleed. As the night progresses he encounters more birds, especially those flocking into his children's room, but the birds leave at dawn. Nat reassures his wife that they were restless because of a sudden change in the weather.

A historical mystery set in Arras in the lead up to the French Revolution, looking into the suggestion that the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati was behind some of the key figures of the time.

An unknown agent is ensnared in a sinister plot to brainwash scientists and trade them across the Iron Curtain.

John and Laura are trying to get over the death of their young daughter, drowned in a tragic accident. Seeking a change of scenery and an opportunity to come to terms with their loss, they travel to Venice, where John has been contracted to restore an ancient church. Meanwhile, Laura is befriended by two strange elderly sisters, one of them a blind a psychic who starts relaying messages from beyond the grave ...

A closet becomes a hallway and a hallway a vast labyrinth in an odd house in Virginia.

An artist hears voices in the future discussing a murder involving him

Young novelist Michael ghost-writes supermodel Vita's autobiography, but her life is dangerously seductive

Based on M.R.James's short story 'Casting the Runes'. Embroiled in a public controversy with a black-magic charlatan called Gardini, Montague receives an unexpected apology from the man - an apology which masks a strange and inexorable curse: Montague has been hexed.

A lover murdered ... her husband hanged ... Then inexplicable events occur in the room in which, years ago, the murder took place. A young man called in to explore the happenings becomes possessed by people from the past. Can the dead really return to control the lives of the living?

A bonding week in an isolated moorland cottage for a University Challenge team goes horribly wrong.

Are job pressures making Sally hear a child's voice that no-one else can hear? Or is she being haunted?

In an attempt to escape her recurring nightmares, a young landscape gardener decides on a drastic course of action.

In 1979, a team of scientists moves into a new laboratory in a Victorian mansion. When Jill Greely hears a strange disembodied scream, the team decides to analyse the phenomenon, which appears to be a psychic impression trapped in the wall. The scientists begin to realise that their work has disturbed something hidden beneath the stone, something ancient and malevolent.

Two couples innocently toy with a ouija board and find themselves drawn into an unnerving relationship with the spirit of Jonas, who died a century before.

Steeplejack Joe Clarke is hired to do some work on the spire of Muncaster Cathedral, but in the tower, a malevolent gargoyle wields its evil power over the fate of Joe and his family.
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Frank Ivory is full of anger: burning, simmering, steaming anger. On his way home one night, after making his colleagues lives a misery, he meets Gwen, who is determined to tell him the story of the Morrigan, the Celtic goddess in charge of who should live and who should die.

When Martha discovers her sister Grace has been trying past-life regression to break a cycle of abusive relationships, she decides it is time for them to return to a place from their past. Travelling to Cornwall, they are forced to confront demons. But which sister needs to be free and what will it cost?
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Scratching in the walls, under the floorboards, in the pipes: their new home is trying to tell the Williams family something and they won't be given a moment's peace until its secret is out in the open.

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Rodgers recounts to his old college acquaintance Will Carter how he solved the riddle of his friend's death last New Year's Eve. His storytelling draws Carter into a terrifying experience that will haunt him forever.
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The radio drama output in the UK, from 1960 to 2015, was some of the best written and acted in the world. It is a facet of the now dead notions of High Culture that once existed in Great Britain. Whether adaptations or new work, they are 110% more stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking than any of the trash of modern drama that millions sit glued to 24/7.

The videos here are originally audio recordings made using analogue equipment (a reel to reel tape recorder, attached to a radio via 5 pin DIN cable, with the start and ending of the recording dome manually). Many of the recordings - some are 65 + years old - are variable in quality, and should be enjoyed for what they are.