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This is a guest training I did for Bofta Yimam's "Speak, Impact, and Build Your Tribe" Facebook group.

A testimonial from Clark Wilcox.

"Nabeel just gave that little bit extra that made all the difference."

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If you're browning a lot of beef and you don't have a large enough pan, brown it in batches.

Put too much in at once and you'll boil/steam it, not brown it, ending up with a grey pile of flavorless beef.

You want a nice crust to form on the beef.

You'll also get the caramelized beef drippings in the bottom of the pan which becomes the foundation of a robust, flavorful sauce.


When you have big goals and you want to make a big impact, from time to time you're gonna feel daunted.

The magnitude of what you're trying to accomplish can sometimes paralyze you.

The key is to step back, take 6-10 deep breaths, and break your goals down to the smallest unit of work.

These discrete chunks of work are far less intimidating because you can actually imagine your future state after completing them.

They're easier to do and faster.

And, completing them, you gain momentum.

Momentum gives you motivation.

With momentum and motivation, big things are accomplished.

As a side effect, you'll start to see residual benefits.

Things you weren't expecting but contribute to your overall success.

Maybe challenges will come up you hadn't thought of.

Different ways of looking at problems.

Better ways of achieving your goals.

But it all starts with breaking stuff down into small, manageable chunks.

Just like browning beef.


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