Dr Vladimir Zelenko shares his safe and effective covid treament protocal, now being used by thousands of doctors around the globe. Plus he shares proof of how the FDA and main stream media have misled the public and blocked this information from reaching the public. This video is a shortened version of the original. If you would like to see the original full-length interview, use this link:
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When Dr. David Martin speaks, people listen. Here is the complete interview where he discusses the vaccines.

Dr Sherry Tenpenny explains the COVID vaccine and the bigger plans for this shot.

Dr. David Martin explains the effect of the vaccine in this short clip. Please share it with those you care about. Information is power.

This was a clip on the main stream media.. only it’s fake. Watch a his hand magically go through the microphones. That could never happen in real life!

Dr Simone Gold on why using HCQ to treat Covid-19 was blocked.

To see the entire presentation, click here:

Del Bigtree shows how toxic air becomes within seconds of his 11-year old son wearing various kinds of masks.


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