The trip through Valdepeñas de Jaen, up the mountain road onto Monte de las Animas, to the new observatory being constructed near the peak. The last 2 Km of the road was constructed specifically to gain access to the observatory complex and is a dirt track. It's great fun driving the 4x4 Landrover up and down, but such a large vehicle is a bit challenging in the narrow streets of the town.

Staying with my friend Tom in Carennac, France - a beautiful unspoilt medieval village on the Dordogne. Resting up for a couple of days before travelling onward to Spain. On my return journey, perhaps I'll try to film some of the village. For now though, I was woken up today by this thunderstorm. The best bit is at about 7:50 where I filmed a lightning bolt.

How to install and use the NexDome ASCOM Server beta release.

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Time-lapse video of Monkton Nature Reserve Open Day 2019, filmed outside The Thanet Observatory. Captured at 1 frame per second, played back at 60 frames per second, so 1 minute of video is 1 hour real time. The video covers the entire event from pre-opening to post-closing. Can you see yourself?

Why do developers give their code away for free, and then undermine that good gesture by attaching all kinds of strings to it? I nail my open-source philosophy to the mast.

This was recorded from my home in Canterbury, Kent late on 18th June through midnight into 19th June. I set up this camera as an afterthought, which is why it's a bit carelessly composed. it was really the audio I was after. I recorded the audio using a Tascam DR-60D PCM Digital Audio Recorder with a Focusrite CM25 microphone. The video was captured using an ISAW Edge action camera (GoPro clone) at 50fps 1080p. It looks like we have some more storms coming up in a couple of days - I'll try to get better video from that one!

What's happening at teh observatory (live)?

TAO is a completely autonomous robotic observatory that can make decisions about what and when to observe, within the limitations of weather and the targets we put into the observing request database.

What's happening at the observatory (live)? TAO is a completely autonomous robotic observatory, which can make decisions about what and when to observe.

How To Install the NexDome Alpha Firmware and ASCOM server

What's happening at teh observatory (live)?

Would anyone be interested in helping out with this project? It's an idea I've been experimenting with to improve the developer experience for developers of ASCOM device drivers. The project is to develop a Roslyn code analyzer and quick-fix provider that guides a driver developer and helps them code a driver correctly. It is aimed specifically at developing LocalServer based drivers. Watch the video to find out more.


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