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Mar 08, 2017 / 123

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama FLOTUS 2008-2016

This video is a part of my series of videos about Michelle Obama. I am sharing this video because ..


Mar 07, 2017 / 126

The "Michelle Obama Is A Man" Psyops: Ask A Psychic, Pt. 4 Michelle & Barack

Part Four: Michelle & Barack Obama's Participation In the Psyops.

I have made a series of videos ..


Mar 07, 2017 / 129

I Ching Booklist Slideshow

I created this video for my I Ching Videos but I would like to offer it as a separate video for fo..


Mar 06, 2017 / 104

Cult of Personality Slideshow

Celebrities are the new age obsession of modern man, who once built altars and brought offerings t..


Mar 06, 2017 / 121

What Does Lady Gaga, Obama, Trump, Beyonce, Lebron James and Jay-Z Have In Common

The Cult Of Personality and Modern Day Idol Worship.
What Lady Gaga, Obama, Trump, LeBron James an..


Mar 05, 2017 / 145

Social Engineering: Paul McCartney Is Dead?

In today's world looking back on how the entertainment industry has the mystique of the occult and..


Mar 01, 2017 / 131

Why Black People Are Suffering A Major Identity Crisis

The prevailing culture is American, and it has told the world it is greater than any other. A sane..


Feb 26, 2017 / 197

Olbermann & Tapper Are Pissed, How Dare Trump Deny Them Entry!

So let's talk about Jake Tapper and Keith Olbermann and the issue of the "Independent" news not be..


Feb 25, 2017 / 141

Are you Involved in Witchcraft, And You Don't Even Know It?

Let me start by saying, this video is not designed to offend anyone. I am merely using a bit of lo..


Feb 23, 2017 / 160

The "Michelle Obama Is A Man" Psyops: Ask A Psychic, Pt3 Joan Rivers

I had a hell of a time making this video. It kept crashing my video program and I believe Joan Riv..