There is a lot of natural help for prevention and
treatment of the Corona Virus.

This is a virus, like any other, that
can be prevented by using many different

Colloidal silver, zinc, copper, minerals,
turmeric capsules, diatomaceous earth,
cranberry capsules, hydrogen peroxide (food grade);
and black seed oil.

Black seed oil will cure many things! It
is a thymoquinone, which is an anti-viral

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Keep your immune system boosted and strong
by using a regular multi-mineral, vitamin supplement.

Nancy Gurish (Nancy Frances 2.0)
Your Health And Tech Friend

I use alternative forms and types of health substances. DMSO has been used for a very long
time for health.
This is not health advice!
~~~Nancy Gurish

Prescription drugs cause our body's pH to lower MORE; and if you are sick - it is because your pH is
already low. Rx drugs just do more harm and don't cure anything!
Nancy Gurish
P.S. This is NOT health advice.

Growing gum tissue is not rocket science; provide the body with what it needs and wants and it will take
care of itself!
P.S. It's not health advice, it is what I do for myself and I share it with you!

Nancy Gurish documented her experience using Black Salve (Cansema) for skin cancer.
Nancy Gurish
Your Health And Tech Friend
This is not health advice!

Learning how to treat for cancer for yourself at home. You don't have to kill all cancer cells. Also inforrmation about Hepatitis B. ~~~Nancy Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine
This is not health advice.

Black salve by mouth - what an idea! This salve had zinc chloride, and lots of Indian herbs as well as some DMSO. ~~~Nancy Gurish Your Health and Tech Friend
P.S. This is not health advice!

Age spots are nothing but mold on the skin! it's oxidation on your skin!
~~~Nancy Gurish
Your Health Ad Tech Friend

Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade, gets rid of a cold fast.

Cranberry has the highest amount of antioxidant concentration! Cranberry capsules are sometimes used in place of antibiotics! ~~~Nancy Guris

Vitamins D3 and K2 are to be used so that any calcium in our bodies, goes to the right place! Keep calcium plaquing out of the body; keep calcium where it belongs in the bones, teeth and fingernails!

Coconut oil pulling (swishing) is great for healing cavities and for good oral health! ~~~Nancy Gurish
Oil pulling (swishing) is a great way to remove bacteria from the teeth and gums!

Calcium can cause a lot of trouble in the body! Using magnesium is a great idea to keep illness and disease away!
~~~Nancy Gurish

Images of a beautiful shrine in Southern Ohio, set to music! Music is copyright free, Topher Mohr, "Mother's Son". Images are taken by Nancy K Gurish of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine.
The oldest place of pilgrimage dedicated to the Blessed Mother in the Midwest and east of the Mississippi. Set on 120 acres amidst the trees are several grottoes and religious sculptures in the landscape. Each grotto is dedicated to a aaint or a mystery of Christ's life, death and resurrection.

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There are symptoms that will occur that are signs and indications of problems beginning to happen in the body! If we just 'take a pill', we won't begin to be able to reverse the situation that is brewing! Cholesterol can be managed with a real vitamin C, and oil vitamins. Cancer can be taken care of with Turmeric and Curcumin; Thyroid can be taken care of with iodine supplementation!
Grow and learn about your health and you can stay healthy.
~~~Nancy Gurish
P.S. This is not health advice!

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If you have a flu or virus and you are given an antibiotic, you may experience the Herxheimer reaction!

When I take colloidal silver for my arthritis, then the area that is getting better; will for a short time, feel worse!

The Herxheimer Reaction was termed this by a Dr. Herxheimer. This is the bodies reaction that is experienced, when the body is in a healing state.

It may be termed a healing crisis.

~~~Nancy Gurish

Apricot kernels are great for their B-17 property! This substance is good for raising your pH! I've used apricot kernels for treating my body to good health!
~~~Nancy Gurish

Know if you have cancer. Find out how to use your saliva pH to determine if your body is in good health, or if cancer cells can develop.
Nancy Gurish shares her help in determining a healthy saliva pH!
Apricot kernels, miracle mineral solution, black salve (cansema) and other natural supplements for help!
~~~Nancy Gurish

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Sharing my information on Supplements to Stay Healthy Through Natural Means! Minerals, vitamins and special supplements, salves and solutions to stay healthy and avoid disease. Nancy Gurish is a cosmetologist who speaks about topics that help her and her family to stay healthy. This isn't health information, it is Nancy's experience in using alternative forms of health support.
Nancy speaks on video and publishes articles at her Website Magazine, called Your Health And Tech Friend.
An internet magazine she started in October of 2010.
Apricot kernels, black salve, black seed oil, cansema black salve are just a few of the supplements that Nancy shares her experience with. Hydrogen peroxide, the food grade is another, as well as diatomaceous earth (food grade), and DMSO, MMS and liquid minerals, such as colloidal silver, zinc and sulfur! Nancy has experience in remineralizing her teeth and repairing gum tissue. She has allowed a cracked tooth to heal and shares what supplements she used!
~~~Nancy Gurish
Bleeding Gums & Vitamin C!
Good stuff!