It’s 7am and I have thoughts

More info tomorrow because I can’t upload a 15min video without WiFi

Thank you for still being around in all this mess ???

I’m grateful for the people i have met on this journey and have open armed welcomed me into the land of misfit toys.

I know i’m a snarky ass but i feel cleaner in my car or stop being stubborn and ask someone to crash. i tried to be independent and yea

Life restart button ( more to come when i can think again )

True love means you let them go and find what makes them happy even if it hurts...

i got too many thoughts

hey look another rant and water is wet!

This year is interesting

this is from jan 2018 Some of the info is outdated

This video makes me way too happy

All i do is bitch

I either feel for his lie or He actual was able to step away and see himself...
hmmmmm? curious and curiouser
The video in question:

I have natural medium to dark brown hair and i lighten it to a very light white blond and then usually add bright colors to it. This has been a constant for at least 5 years however i started messing with my hair at 12. This is a short video of the products i use and the methods I have learned.

My brain is a mess, You are welcome

2018 can suck it. I will post the damage to the house tonight

Stole the idea from the lovely GothicSoul Flower

i promise i will make real videos again. I have so much to say but can’t. So, you get this instead

Vlog blah blah blah


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I'm not Politically Correct and I like to rant on things. I also talk like a trucker on a meth binge, so keep up :)