Get Government Out of Marriage and Dictating Who Qualifies As A Dependent. A Christian argument for removing the government's power to dictate marriage rights.

I ask why the government is not looking to promote telecommuting as one of the solutions to environmental and health problems.

I discuss Trump and why the Republicans lost the majority in the House

I discuss aliens, demons, fallen angels, the apocalypse, and other supernatural possibilities. I discuss my Christian science fiction and fantasy book, also.

According to an article in Fox News, Utah apparently thinks decency laws trump property and privacy rights.

Fixing Education

I am just pointing out a simple proposal that the self-claimed compassionate left is not advocating for, which I am sure has nothing to do with their billionaire backers.

Carlos Acevedo fired for "accidentally" leaving hurricane relief aid in a warehouse.

A discuss being an example not a censor and how censors go after easy targets.

I discuss the truth about how to oppressive Biblical roles are. I defend the Patriarchy

A discussion on being a good example

Imagine the difference, if voters could vote out party leadership in the House and Senate.

I discuss NATO, globalism, and how the impeachments origins seem to be to protect the status quo with NATO

A simple suggestion for making the US political debates fair.

A brief video on creating things versus censoring or destroying.

I talk about Christianity and the need for men to quit caving to women's demands.

The importance of a consistent government foundation

Arithmo Apocalypto by lddj Chapter 1 and 2 as read by the author. Christian Fantasy and Christian Science Fiction

First Fruit Christian Poetry read by the author part one.

a robotic voiced song about obeying the economy

A rant on charities and money shuffling and how they are misused to inflate CEO wakes.

A robotic sounded voiced song. I retain all rights to my voice and lyrics. Feel free to use, remix/reuse. Enjoy.

A robot song about how you must obey the economy. Please feel free to create remixes I retain all rights to my own voice and lyrics but reuse and remix away.


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