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democrats fight like the flynn's


so rigged, they will never be able to pull it off

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Michael is so blind w/ rage, he cannot even decipher his old lies from his new ones. He also has not taken me up on my offer for X Spaces, or a Zoom Call

They own you

Very real,

Please let me know if you have anything credible

This Is to Help Show Brazil

tooooooo funny

This was a frightening time and a double murder

FBI director is such a sick man predator

10 steps to tyranny

This has to stop. These kids are too young and trained to be sexual predators dreams

He said he could not breathe, and they killed him. Suffocated him to death


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Government is out of control Take Your Freedom Back. They work for US, not the reverse.
Socialism has been a plot in the making - every person has to take their own freedoms back
there is no one person that is going to do it, we all have to do it together.