Activism in the guise of journalism, sedition ahoy!

Who's more stubborn the EU or Boris Johnson?

circus Maximus is in town.

You are what you do, if you do stupid shit, guess what........

Is the Chinese social credit system intended to prevent a total collapse of communist power?

No deal Brexit will not be a disaster, I believe

Down with the msm, long live civilian journalism.

This is unconstitutional and therefore illegal, but does that stop politicians? why not ask Donald Rumsfeld?

posturing is the name of the game.

Boy, he's sure one to talk.

People who say he was murdered can provide more specific info than those who believe he had committed suicide. Think about that.

He must of had allies who were into it as well.

The homeless will increase, let's help them out huh folks?

I dare any politician to do better.

The new arms race soon to begin.

Sometimes riots and protests are justified and sometimes they are not.

The details of her mistreatment may be exaggerated.

What is old is new again.

The trade war will kill our economy dead!

Trump may have very well lost his mind.

In a mirror universe perhaps.

MI6 will continue to work with eu country's especially in regards to the search for Abu Bkr Al Bagdhadi.


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