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The White Ethnostate is the Telos of the White-European Race and is the best way to secure and existence for our people and a future for white children. While the exact location of the Ethnostate is up for debate what is not is that it should be the stated goal of these new national movements for this new state to be culminated.

According to recent polling:

31% of Americans see a civil war occurring within the next 5 years. While 61% of Americans fear violence from the anti-trump forces who can be accurately called Radical Socialists. Just as in Weimar Germany when the Radical Socialists went on attack against all of Germanic and European values they sought to destroy society bending it to the will of their Bolshevik masters and to their decrepit and paedophilic ideology.

The same can be seen today although Bolshevik forces have rooted themsevles within our society far more then they did in Germany. You can see this in Media, Education and Finance. And using these powers they unleashed their rapid dogs, their deranged pawns to come fourth and genocide our peoples and destroy our great civilisation. They are using the Barbarian Races of the world to rape and pillage our nation and peoples and they will not stop. It will never be enough until every man who holds the blood of Europe is dead.

But don’t lose faith, just as they did in Germany they underestimated us. The backlash to their agenda has culminated and now they must use these socialists dogs to continue pushing their plans but in doing so they shall reveal their true goal and the true American peoples will see this.

It is our job to do what we can, to help spread the message, to save our people. Every bit of activists helps. Every poster, every rally, every video. Don’t underestimate the influence one person can have.



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The Effects of Cultural Marxism on the Western world and where it is heading.


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