In this rare and deliberately hidden clip of the Bund Fritz Kuhn himself says that "We are not nazis, we agree with the chancellor himself that nazism is not for export and reserved for Germany". This segment of the audio begins at 7:30.

This information is hidden by the systems historians as well as the neonazis and "movement" both for the same reason. It casts light on the fact that they are both telling the same lies from the same sources for the same reasons. If that's not a sign of controlled opposition what is? Clearly neonazism only exists to defame the NSDAP and make the narrative of the system look accurate.


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Revolutionary takes on the right, racialism, history, and society.

We have all been lied to about history. We have all been lied to about the world wars, the civil war, international finance, the media, and politics.

We are surrounded today by people who think they know the truth, people who think they are on our side and who know nothing, people who inadvertently parrot the narrative that our enemies want.

While many of these people mean well they are little more than a tool for our enemies. They serve as a free bogeyman for our enemies, a free tool to batter down well meaning whites with white guilt propaganda. In reality the entire history of the so called "movement" has been little more than a tool of our enemies to use against our race and twist their arm into accepting that self preservation and white self interest is a taboo subject, a subject left for only uncouth belligerents and antisocial defectives and pseudo-terrorists.

The single biggest bogeyman created by our enemies to be used against us is neonazism which spawned the so called white nationalist movement. We seek to educate and provide alternatives to this destructive and race damaging culture while exposing it for what it is in the hope that we may over time defang one of our enemies most powerful weapons against our people, and by doing so allow room for a fresh start. We hope that real nationalism, the kind unseen since before ww2, will experience a resurgence.

No, we are not "white nationalists" or a part of the "movement".
In regard to our own ethnos and its best interest we will paraphrase William Pierce:

There are two active elements in the struggle for white self interest today.

There is "the cause" and "the movement". The cause itself is innocent and benign. It is nothing more than the wish for survival, the wish for self interest and self preservation. This is nothing evil or malicious whatsoever, it is pure and natural and absolutely beyond criticism at face value.

And then we have the "movement". The movement is nothing more than a subculture which expresses the view that it is the only way to support the cause, while being the dead weight on its back keeping it from ever being acceptable to normal people. The movement is a magnet for anti-socials, misfits, defectives, and people who are simply looking for friends or a politically incorrect outlet for their frustrations. They arent at all interested in strategy. They aren't at all interested in whats best, what will draw to us people who can assist us in making a difference for our people. Instead they are interested in big talk, posing as militants, talkng about terrorism, and looking as extreme ugly and dangerous as possible thus disgusting outsiders who simply want to live their lives but who also see that they are under a widespread attack. The movement does nothing but harm the cause, and truly if that wasn't the case it may have accomplished something in the past 7 decades aside from giving the system free propaganda to guilt our people with which further drives them away from the truth.

As such we are absolutely against the so called "movement", we instead stand for the cause it damages and the people it harms in the process, which is the white European ethnic pool.