The United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a joint training mission under the command of Headquarters, United States Central Command, (USCENTCOM) MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. The Chief of USMTM also serves as the United States Department of Defense Representative for Saudi Arabia. The USMTM Air Force Division has supporting detachments at Taif, Dhahran, Khamis Mushayt, and Jeddah. Personnel work directly with their RSAF Headquarters counterparts on all logistics, operational, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) issues. In addition, E3A/KE-3A Extended Training Service Specialists (ETSS) personnel provide training and assistance to the RSAF in a variety of flying operations out of Riyadh Air Base. F-15 operations are supported by US Air Force personnel at Dhahran and Khamis Mushayt. RF-5 operations are supported at Taif, while C-130 operations are supported at Jeddah and Riyadh. Detachment Commanders (DETCO) serve as advisors to Saudi Air Base Area Chiefs and supervise ETSS personnel in the area.

The United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) Advisory Detachment located in Taif, Saudi Arabia, is responsible for providing advisors for key flag officers who oversee regional Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) and Royal Saudi Air Forces (RSAF). In addition, the detachment is responsible for the protection, morale and welfare, and general supervision of permanent-party Department of Defense (DoD) Personnel stationed in the Taif area.

The detachment commander is the senior permanent party US military representative in the local area. He acts as an advisor to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) Area Commander and the King Fahad Air Base/Western Sector (Air Defense) Commander, as well as participating as a mission-ready F-15C instructor pilot in the RSAF 5th Flying Squadron. All noncombatant DoD programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fall under the sponsorship of Chief, USMTM. As such, the detachment provides umbrella leadership to personnel from a variety of US military organizations located in Taif: US Army Corps of Engineers Ordinance Program Division (OPD); Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center/Operating Location Taif (OC/OLT); Defense Contract Management Division International (DCMDI); and Air Post Office (APO). In addition, the detachment provides local area leadership and support to US Army Office of Program Management/Saudi Arabian National Guard (OPM/SANG) TDY personnel, on a weekly basis.

The mission of USMTM Advisory Detachment, Taif, and the other DoD organization, is to advise and assist local Saudi Military Forces through security assistance efforts to develop, train, and sustain a capable deterrent and self defense force to facilitate regional security, and when needed, expedite activation of CENTCOM, Saudi Arabia. Assistance is being provided to the RSAF $9 billion Peace Sun Nine (F-15S) program, $3.5 billion Peace Shield Kingdom-wide C2 air defense system) program, the RSLF Ordinance Corps Center and School (TOCC&S), and several SANG brigades.

Covid 19 hoax pandemic was always about the vaccine.

Pauvre France vous en avez pas marre de vous faire truander par cette communaute. QUI? #QUI?

In November 2020, commenting on a blog on the results of the American presidential election, Dominique Delawarde had endorsed "the hypothesis of a major fraud", adding: "There are, in my eyes, too many concordant clues to allow the Western media pack, of which we know who controls it, to convince me of the contrary. On Friday, on CNews, the communicator Claude Posternak asked him "who controls" this "pack".

Retired since the mid-2010s, the general smiled: "You know well who controls the media pack in the world and in France (...) Who controls the Washington Post, the New York Times, at home BFMTV and all the newspapers that come to group around, who are these people...? "The ex-military man pretends to wonder. "Who?", insists Mr Posternak. And his interlocutor blurts out: "It's the community you know well! ""We're not going to go into that, we're going to stop there, General, I'm sorry. We can't let that be said on air, I'm sorry, we'll cut it off, we'll remove the general," the show's host, Jean-Marc Morandini, then immediately cuts in.Just saying "It's the community you know well!" was enough to elicite a s***storm against this brave general.

Palestinian man beaten up by cowards

The real terrorists want you to take the bio weapon shot which is now killing more people than covid 19.


You will be on the road again as history repeats itself...these fuckers want us all dead hence their zionist vaccine but us Goys will fight till the end.

This army base also hosts US soldiers.

Ex French minister of culture knew Epstein very well and received funds from him for various projects.

Retired French politician Jack Lang has broken his silence over a sizeable donation from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, saying it was meant to fund a movie.

In 2018, a year before his arrest on sex trafficking charges and his suicide in prison, Epstein made a donation of more than $57,000 to a French nonprofit through his private charity. The president, the treasurer and the secretary of the nonprofit were all long-term staffers or friends of Lang, France’s culture minister in the early 1980s and then again from 1988 to 1993.

News of the donation — first reported last week by the Daily Beast — raised a host of questions for Lang, a prominent figure from the French Socialist Party closely associated with late President François Mitterrand’s high-powered promotion of the arts.

The former minister, now president of the French Arab World Institute, declined to answer all of those questions when reached by phone on Tuesday. But, in a brief conversation, he said the money was to finance a movie — without providing specifics.

This Palestinian revolution will be like no other and probably the last one to bring along independence and freedom.

A video filmed by the prison cameras, showing the torture of Palestinian prisoners, whose hands were tied up.They were violently thrown to the ground while receiving batons and kicks by the Zionist .Thirteen prisoners filed complaints with the occupation police who claimed that they had failed to find any anti human treatment.

Biden's DEMENTIA Kicks in Mid-Answer about Putin at NATO Press Conference!

These rats are Nato/US/ Israel proxies never forget that.Turkey sponsors them too.

In the West bank Palestinian men like their rifles.

A large cake was prepared to mark The Big Lunch at the Eden Project, a huge indoor rainforest near the G7 conference site in Carbis Bay.

The 95-year-old Queen accompanied by daughter-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince William's wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was in attendance at The Big Lunch in Cornwall when a huge cake to celebrate the event appeared. And the monarch was in charge of slicing into it. An aide told her majesty that there was a conventional knife available, but the Queen replied: "I know there is, this is more unusual".

Elizabeth II took a ceremonial sword handed to her by Edward Bolitho, the Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall and sliced the cake with Camilla and Kate chuckling happily by her side.



This is when a regional war starts against Israel on multiple fronts.

Guevara al-Budairi arrested
The occupation forces arrested journalist Guevara Al-Budairi while covering the events in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, after assaulting her severely and destroying the Al-Jazeera camera to prevent the transmission of the truth of the events taking place in the Jerusalem neighborhood.

Activists circulated videos and photos that showed the moment the occupation forces attacked and arrested the Palestinian reporter.


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