Hail völkisch kindred!🏞🌳🏔🇩🇪🌲🌾💚⚡⚡
Maybe will have to pause to read some .... as max time is 90 seconds on standard version video maker app using but leaving some links

In 2016 had seen this insane commercial on someone elses tv and made a video about it back then....will upload the rest later when phone working faster.
"every 45 seconds a holocasust survivor dies"🎬🤹🤔??😂

Made this video originally in 2016...reading a very amazing article had found. It was disabled then taken down when had been on TheyTube.
Using my phone to record the video of of my old computer that does not go online so you may need to turn up volume?
Hoping to help clear away the slanderous anti-white lies that have for Far too long spread genocide against my German kin, our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler & our Aryan/White/European Nations/race/heritage.

🌲Hail kindred!🇩🇪🙋🏼🥁🌱Life is precious and may you be made whole in truth and all the 9 Noble Viking Virtues🏔🌳🌾⬆🏞
Sonne Hagal - Churning & Churning song sample with pictures of geocentric flat earth and folkish heiden Old Norse Germanic heritage🌾💚🇩🇪🌌
💚⚡⚡Hail Thor! Hail Allfather! Hail Frigg! Hail our Aryan Gods & Heil Hitler!🔥

Small clip from 17 minutes of Part 1 of 2 originally on (((YT))) as well as a video I had now all removed off of theytube.
There is a little bit of a song towards the end, this was 2016 video and only able to record so much with phone currently but thought it would be good to upload. Anyone remember the Castle Hill Production videos? They were /are amazing! It is very disturbing that the videos were banned on YT....and very telling of how they protect their own media controllers whom are guilty of unjust censorship and other more evil actions such as trying to promote tolerance for pedophillia and anti-white rot.

2016 video of old which no longer is on (((YT))) after banned there but was to share why this woman supports Eric Dubay and real flat earth ancestor folkish Heiden as well as National Socialist 1488 and how it in no way harms other races when supporting 1488 and in fact helps preserve their own races when not intermixing as the commie/bolsheviks/marxist/yahoodi dia spora/death star cult/ashkanazis/jews/ZOG wish upon us for their anti-white and anti-life agendas. Be aware of controlled opp shills like Flat Earth Society/Mark Sergeant/Matthew Boylan aka Powerland(COWARD land) Patricia Steer and her shilly tranny cia "hot potatos", FE Core and Metatron scientology masonic cia links with most every "flat earth representative" online also realize that ALL HELICOENTRIC NASA is a freemasonic(tool of the jews) club of liars, scuba divers, hollywood studio tricksters...Kubrick helped film the "moon landing" & was murdered shortly after Eyes Wide Shut(the pedophile jews removed his original end scenes and other bits to keep normies unawares) but they are liars who rape children and push heliocentric all caps G("Gravity")which is only theory and a rotten one at that, taught in public slave camp "schools" as if were fact.
Wake up and reclaim(preferably peacefully BUT NEVER EVER GIVE UP BARING ARMS AS IS OUR DUTY TO PROTECT OUR KIN FROM THESE INSANE MURDEROUS DEGENERATES WHOM if ever try to break into our homes we should be prepared to defend our familys with) Reclaim Midgard from the small hat slave-masters and put an END to the Jew World DisOrder.
Europe for Europeans! 14/88

Puts Fear in the heartless-heart of ZOG

The audacity of some of these child-raping small hat brag about their inslaving and subjegating living man whilst crying poor-me soap zyclon bs lies...its so disgusting when you think about the fact jews are behind all wars/slavery/decadance/mutilate male baby genitals in a pedophilic evil barbaric ritual, along with allowances and comandments to rape children etc it is all very insane to see them threaten us for speaking truth and for opposing being genocided!
The jew lies.
Truth prevails! Hail Victory!

#Germanic #ancestors #heiden #geocentric

We need to be able to fly our flags, honor our dead, our living, heritage, futures etc and live Free from decadant ZOG-JWO-clown-world-filth.

🏔❤Europa for Europeans🏞🌲🇩🇪🌾🌾🌱⬆


This is continued from last video duscussing an article on Blovotsky and how she was soon realized for pushing Jewish kabalah oto masonic rot and so Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler declared Dissoulution of all Theosophical Societies in Germany. Not as informative in detail of the actual history of this as would have liked to add but in the meantime was smiling to see the signiture of Heinrich online found it and added screen shots of that in both of these videos^__^❤🏔🇩🇪🌲🐎🥀🏔🌲14/88🌾🌾⬆

Talking about a couple of different articles and subject of how Hitler did in fact kick the demon Madam Blovotsky out of Germany and how he was Not a supporter of her venomous ideologies which were crafted to try to define Jews as the true Aryans! This video is in 2 parts and not the best spoken as am a little under the weather but hope this finds you all well and made whole🇩🇪

#blackmetal #grandbelialskey #vulturesofmisfortune

This is the last video am making on the subject or mentioning : Dr.Jonathan Reed, Matthew Powerland, Hollywood Pedo GW, 🔍🛑
😃That means can get back to where want to be putting my energy in studying my North Germanic heiden geocentric roots⬆
⛵ Looking back in reflection and some personal experiences with, having sadly been more unaware of based redpill truth making it easyier to be duped/used, by some pretty rotten tricksters.
REJECT and end JEWISH Rot FABLES/Lies pushed by pedophile Popes UN heliocentric NASA BigBang gaschamberSoap nonsense all of the bullshit mainstream disorienting lies about where we come from, where we are etc....

Everyone has flat earth ancestors so why not return to this rather then having abandoned our entire futures for some cheap trinket of acceptance by other normies? For supposed bragging rights we can regurgitate heliocentric jewish propaganda? No thanks🐚
🇩🇪🏔⬆🌳🌾❤Time to return to blood and soil...of you can learn anything from hearing some of my past drama with these kinds of JWOagents then maybe you might too see clarity more and do Not let another day go by dishonoring our North Germanic ancestors (or wherever your from excluding kikes)
🌳Hail Allfather!🏔14/88🔥

#satanichollywood #documentation #ciapedophiles

A little hard to listen to but is some parts of an hour long phone call had thought to share as more evidence of past sitatuion.
No need to fear any cowardly pedo scumbags and their wanna-be-all-powerful illusions of for the reality is that truth & courage will defeat any such blob that attempts to harm. One other video after this talking a little about the last decade or so and will upload after this.
Will be about done with making any other videos on this topic of gaslighting/stalking/hollywoodPedos as it is very disturbing shit to think or talk about.

This is a YT-friendly (censorship-free? We will see cause one more strike there and they shut me down again) to share there about this and am also uploading it here.

Some more documentation of some 5 years ago with summons to court for Eric Dubay and myself by Math Powerland.
Also some more documentation of Hollywood connection MTV etc and pedophile (Matthew probably did not know as nor did this woman just how evil Grant A. Waters is but does NOT excuse his kikey narcissist actions and lies either which he covers up with Grant in what they tried to get me to be involved in)....
..truth fears no investigation meanwhile censorship has eraced years of videos on this so again am making an effort to bring some of this up to attention not to attack shills as much as to expose and stop child sex trafficing and all forms of harm against children by the insane nonchalant hollywood jews/supporter of jews/pushers of the ridiculous bullshit mainstream kike narrative "holocaust" WHICH ALL THESE SHILLS ARE AND DO AND OR ARE MARRIED TO!
Please protect your children from satanic masonic marxist cuckold demons that will take advantage of your kindness. STOP WATCHING TV AS IT SUPPORTS PEDOPHILES AND ANTI-WHITE CHILD-MURDERING VAMPIRES. Thank you & Heil Hitler!

Real flat earth geocentric International Flat Earth Research Society(NOT the controlled opp masonic "FES"...please know the difference as the mainstream media online makes it confusing to find Eric's channels after years now of censorship:

2019 Opened this channel but no longer able to get into it due to my own loss of phone/email info etc at the time/
UpwardsTheMagneticTree Valkyrie:

(First YT channel which I had been talked into shortly after my uploaded videos, which some were removed..YT never letting me back in after emails/calls/ID given etc to prove I had no password as Reed had said they had lost it & I had been tricked into giving it to them. Suffice to say that never again gave YT channel passwords away though was offline mostly after such a traumatic experience it was some 6 years later until making videos again which that channel(OrangeYouGlad?/then later changed name to 卐FaithIrene卐) was almost as swiftly attacked :
      as had within a short time become aware of the 6Million lies..coupled with my own experiences documented, revisionists information, real flat earth support for ending the jew world disorder helicoentric pedo matrix, returning to our heritage and honoring the wisdom of ancestors etc....that channel had well over 100 videos originally and 2 years after being inactive as was unable to get into my own channel it was shut down in the big purge last year in 2019, along with so many countless other channels)
  This link is my 1st YT channel which the "Team Reed" added their playlist to without asking me and it makes me wonder how long the YT controllers have been hunting down white women & possibly putting hits on them to keep them from being redpilled as soon and or more insidiously to steal/trick/hurt us women so they can inturn feed their own anti-white agenda and keep good hearted folk from communicating/gathering/growing in Nordic Resisitance Movement.  ?

(Please bare in mind this old instagram is somewhat normie, confused and even tinged with Abrahamic hollywood rot though was in a negative place not as awoken until 2015, but was also censored there as towards the end in 2017, prior to lock out & them removing some of my posts specfically against racemixing anti-white agenda, were more J-woke & with a better knowledge of true National Socialist 1488)

#GoyimRevolution #NASAlies
Eric Dubay's channel on Bitchute:

Der Stürmer
Political comics
Viktoria Sieg Heil
The March Of The Waffen SS
Where Somthing is Rotten the Jew is the Curse

Uploading this to YT but might be shut down there over this with possible 3ed strike if they so choose to strike me over this as 1 strike already recieved from last whistelblower video talking about my personal experience and testimony regarding very serious criminal narcissist pathological liar Grant A. Waters, Hollywood soundmixer and producer and Hitman/CIA/Mason who has been found to also have hired another hitman to murser his x wife Yasuko...he has multiple families/mistresses/houses/ in and out of the US but mostly resides in Kumamoto, Japan and is involved in selling little girls underwears (part of why Yasuko had left him) & he is involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilla, bragged about his buddy Harvey Weinstein and others.
For several years my daughter and self have had to live in hiding and homeless shelters and refuse now to live in any further fear from this satanic murderer and child-raper!
He works for ALL MAJOR MEDIA: Fox, NBC, CBS, MTV, Discovery, Food Network, ABC, Lifestyle, etc etc plus has produced films himself and hides his accumulated wealth and secret pedo lifestyle from his gullible swallowers of lies. #StopHollywoodPedophiles #StopChildRape #Gaslighting

4th video upload so far, this one includes proofs #31 - #50 from one of Eric Dubay's incredible books: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

Stay based🇩🇪🙋🏼🌾Earth is flat! Hail Allfather!

Evidence #19 - #30 out of the book: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball - By Eric Duaby.

🏔Reading continued from Eric Dubay's book which have heard in 2015 but only just now purchased this paticular book of his and sharing online here with those whom might like to listen to it narrated by my self🙋🏼, at their leisure, broken down in smaller parts. Water seeks its own level💖Stay based kindred and hail our heiden, pre-Christian, flat earth, Old Norse Germanic ancestors! If you are not white then treasure your own race culture heritage roots and let us remember to reject the lies of those who use vile words such as "goyim" to describe us.

Narrating from Eric Dubay's book: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.
Have so far recorded 50 of the 200 and will upload those firstly before finishing the rest of book for my phone abilities for video making are a little rocky. The photos of book's pictures are not as crisp as prefer but this can be for the audio listening or can be found in better versions online in audiobook read by Eric himself, some narrated by others. Thank you for listening & thinking about this all. Hail Allfather!⚡⚡

Our geocentric heritage is lost if we abandon our ancestors amd heritage, the 9 noble Viking Virtues.
Our children need us to not only protect them from decadant rot but also to nourish and help encourage positive growth.
We already must fight to find truth and to share it ..many are imprisoned for simply speaking or writing the truth that will set us free.
Please if all you can do is to simply not indulge in freemasonic zionist jewish fables then start to consider letting go of false narrative constructs you may not have realized you had been under a spell/curse by.
I'm No kin to a monkey. So why would I want to be following/accepting bullshit as "bible truth"? 😅...helicocentric big bang monkey plankton godless nonsense they push on us "goyim" ..No thanks spinning ball globes. Our ancestors knew it was a stationary flat earth, hail Wotan!
Our children need their root heiden heritage with no harm by doing so⬆🌾 #EndMaleGenitalMutilation #StopMandatedVaccines #RemembertheHolodamor #Geocentric #NationalSocialistNotNazi #FlatearthMidgard #NasaLies #OldNorse #StopWhiteGenocide #GoyimRevolution


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