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Burning the Israeli Flag of the Child-Raping Kikes
#jewsrapekids #flagburning #deathtozog
Heil Hitler!

Signiture of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snow looks like JEWS
The Sigil of Their Signiture Looks Like JEWS

The Primordial Swastika ࿕
🌌The video clip at end of this video was made by someone else (not sure who but found it on Telegram)
🗝Early Polar Maps and Exploration
🏔Nordic Resistance Movement⚡⚡George Lincoln Rockwell speech IMMERSION:
🌾Herr Nordstorm
🌲main song: Race of Heroes
National Socialist Black Metal/NSBM
Lyrics: In an age of honour steel and stars
The tough Hyperborean half-beast half-man
Clad with skin of wolf scent of blood in the air
Conjuring solstice night barbarian fires
To Grom to Odin to war fathers

The archaic shadows on the mountain
Heard him provided counsel
Glory of the darkside
An oath was sworn of agony and triumph
Of blasphemous strong deeds
Southward he sailed towards magic forests
Bound by his oath wrapped in fog
Where exist frozen tears and mystic consciousness
In his veins the bloodlust still burning
He didn't let it die what I am if not a man
Survived the battles of the past

From the deep black woodland under autumn leaves
And whispering shadows we were grown fearless and wise
Descendants of heroes our clans become hordes united northern tribes
The Aryan pagan frontier banners fly under moonlit sky for a thousand years

Race of heroes race of kings – for the sons of wolves the snowland sings
Race of heroes – from ancient times blasphemy and destiny
Night shrouds our crimes

When traitors allied with wrong bloodlines listened to deceiving voices
Buried our dreams profaned our temples abandoned our fortresses
Infiltrated by scum by southern mutant breeds
The earth and sky you heard our war cries – we are the race of heroes

We are the Hyperborean race we won't let it die
We still have the gates within us
To the memories we lost, to the secret paths

Race of heroes, race of kings – love and hate between mind and fist
Race of heroes from ancient times – by fire and night, we are ready to fight⚡⚡

When Everyone Else is the Same, Beauty Has No Meaning
#stopwhitegenocide #nasalies #wheneveryoneelse
Hail our Aryan Gods! Heil Hitler!
Main song in video is NSBM
Artist: Goatmoon
Song: Kunnia, Armageddon
Honor, Armageddon!
We were born, we arrived above the beautiful Finnish land
We soared across the woods, with the wings of black metal
Winds of Armageddon carried us
Towards the horizon of blue and white

From the cliffs of fatherland I look down upon the dying world
Everything perishes into destruction except the honor of fatherland
Soon the anguished screams disappear
Honor, Armageddon!
Everything perishes into destruction except the honor of fatherland!

Soon everything is but a memory except the heritage of pure blood
Blood and honor, legacy of the North
The outside world rapes itself, but you will not take our honor
We we're born into this land, others don't deserve a place from here

From the cliffs of fatherland I look down upon the dying world
Everything perishes into destruction except the honor of fatherland
Soon the anguished screams disappear
Honor, Armageddon!
Everything perishes into destruction except the honor of fatherland!

Many try to abuse our land and deprive from us
But soon the day comes when you will see, it'll stay as an attempt

From the cliffs of fatherland I look down upon the dying world
Everything perishes into destruction except the honor of fatherland
Soon the anguished screams disappear
Honor, Armageddon!
Everything perishes into destruction
except the honor of fatherland!


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࿕ Black Sun Walnuts & Nordic Swastika Healing
NORDIC FRONTIER #164: Autumn Breeze

#blacksunwalnuts #Álfblót #NordicResistanceMovement

NatureS࿕Swastika Garden ࿕ Making Progress
#NSfamily #Bloodandsoil #HailOdinn

࿕ Garden Working the Soil
#garden #Nationalsocialist #Aryan

#EuropeanHeritage #Garden #Yggdrasil

࿕ Garden Beginning
#garden #NationalSocialistNotNazi #geocentricpermaculture

Hail Allfather!
White Pride Yggdrasil Wide ࿕ Heil Hitler!

Burzum song with flat earth ࿕ memes
National Socialist
Flat earth geocentric
Old Norse Heil Hitler!
European Heritage
Wotans Volk
9 worlds of Yggdrasil
Hail Deutschland
Indrawing Seas
North Pole North Star
Blood und Soil

࿕Heil Hitler!࿕
Where the video is mirrored from but originally it was on his own channel,Thule Productions, before (((YouTube))) disgustingly shut his channel down back in 2018.
The difference between Fascism and National Socialism

A few more videos and audio here on Archive:

Nordic Resistance Movement | The National Socialist Front Line

Song: Mors Triumphalis ࿕
Album: The Heroic Ideal  ࿕
Release date: Sep.10th 2020
I've see the world's degeneration
What my eyes have witness, my anger have touch!!!
I've see the world of semitic desert's tribe
There is only a way to for me...
I've see the world of the eternal jew
The start and an end of a kali yuga
To few the call will come
For all them therre is a mors triumphalis!!!
See it!
Destroy it!
Look this beautiful world
With the iron fist it teared down!!!

For all of us there is a mors triumphalis!!!

With death, elysia!
By the triumphy, empire!

For those who live with both wars!
Rebirth, the death can't touch
For all of us there is a mors triumphalis!!!

Hail! Skip the 4 minutes of talk to get to song otherwise enjoy the somewhat blackpilled 🌾
/Der Stürmer ~ Piles of Pig Heads in the Synagogue/VACCINES/The top 5 manufacturers in the global vaccines market are:
1>Merck & Co.Inc.,
3>Pfizer Inc.,
4>GlaxoSmithKline PLC,
5>Johnson & Johnson
·All Owned by Israel/Jews!

Edward Jenner | English surgeon | Britannica

Smallpox vaccination in napoleonic Italy (1800-1814) |

German Jews are ‘miracle’ and ‘special gift’ says Angela Merkel

No vaccine for the scaremongers

Thunder strikes the Zionist beast!
A song by Der Stürmer, a National Socialist band (NSBM) who named themselves after Julius Streichers Der Stürmer (the Striker) German paper/political carictures. Lyrics included but will also add at end of decription here
Europa for Europeans ࿕ Hail Allfather!
Truth Will Prevail!
Forever Heil Hitler!
Hail Victory! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! ࿕
Brave Warriors Marching in Battle
There is no place to hide
The Youth's Elite Reveal their Might
They are the Werewolves in the Fight

Revenge!! Revenge Burns Eternal!
In Frontline with the Comrades from Europe
Revenge!! Revenge Burns Eternal In Us!
Thunder Strikes the Zionist beast!!!

In Dark Times, in an Age of degeneration
When all forgot the Ancestral Pride
The Honour of Blood, the Honour for Race
To Save our Fatherland from the enemy's hands

H TAN H EPI TAS!! Our Final Battlecry
With Us Or Against Us!! In the Final Fight
The Crystal Night will come again
The jews and their servants will be hanged Pain

There is One Way, with the Elite or the sheep
To be a slave or to have our Ancestors' Creed
To die disgraced or to Fly High like an Eagle
To be taken by Valkyries in the Fatherland's Battlefield

(Lyrics by Commando Wolf)

Part of a song/rap by Eric Dubay from 2015 called Merry Go Round World. Despite the Jewish Lie-Machine Hitler Was Right!

[copy paste description from a video mirroring from Archive but had seen originally elsewhere in 2015]
▪Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon is a 2001 film written, produced and directed by Nashville-based filmmaker Bart Sibrel. Sibrel is a critic of the Apollo program and proponent of the conspiracy theory that the six Apollo Moon landing missions between 1969 and 1972 were elaborate hoaxes perpetrated by the United States government, including NASA.

Sibrel presents assertions of an alleged hoax, including: supposed photographic anomalies; disasters such as the destruction of Apollo 1 in which crew members Roger B. Chaffee, Gus Grissom and Ed White died; technical difficulties experienced in the 1950s and 1960s; and the problems of traversing the Van Allen radiation belts. Sibrel proposes that the most condemning evidence is a piece of footage that was inadvertently sent to him by NASA when requesting photographs and video of the Apollo 11 mission.

Sibrel believes that the footage shows Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins attempting to create the illusion that they were 130,000 miles (210,000 km) from Earth (or roughly halfway to the Moon) when, he claims, they were only in a low Earth orbit. Sibrel views this clip as "smoking gun" proof that the Moon landings were staged.

video to some viking music🙋🏼#NationalSocialistNotNazi #Forndagr #Wotansvolk
Heil Hitler!

End of Chapter 2
Was pretty sleepy when reading this aloud so fogive this if not as clear to hear.
Hail Allfather! Hail Freya! Heil Hitler!

࿕ German Youth Display (1940) ࿕
<MIRRORED> the description below is copy paste from the original video.HH🌾

German Youth Display (1940)

British Pathé
1.6M subscribers
Published on Apr 13, 2014
Unused / unissued material - no paperwork - dates unclear or unknown


A march of young girls, members of Nazi youth movement. They march through a symbolic gate carrying swastikas and singing a song.

Girls do mass display of pt / keep fit. Display of folk dancing.

Group of Hitler Youth Boys run across field. Boys do PT display wearing boxing gloves. They then do some sparing.
FILM ID:566.17


"Kill even the best of the goyim" says the kikes pedophile Talmud/Torah. So now even the jew owned media reporters find themselves trying to explain to the Jew-owened police that they work for the same Jewish slave masters. Insane clown world. Death to ZOG!

CNN Reporter & Crew Arrested on LIVE TV Minneapolis Riots

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Ptolemy's Model of the Universe
[Mirrored video: "The word "planet" comes from the Greek word "planetos" meaning wandering star (thus, unlike the Earth, in Ptolemy's model, the Sun and Moon were planets). Because of retrograde, for centuries unexplainable movements, the heavenly bodies in Ptolemy's model does not move by ellipses but rather by curves called epicycles.
This animation shows simplified Ptolemy's model of the Universe with Moon as a first, and Sun as a fourth planet orbiting around Earth. All planets except Moon and Sun are moving on epicycles whit their centres positioned on circles called deferent. Last sphere, after Saturn, is a sphere of Stars. In this particular figure, orbital periods are adjusted so they always draw the same path." ~From original random yt video decription)🤔?

🏔How Maps, Compasses and Circumnavigation Work on Flat Earth

🌾 IFERS - Exposing the 'Global' Conspiracy From Atlantis to Zion
The International Flat Earth Research Society Administrated by President Eric Dubay

🏝Flat Water · Mt. Meru Discovered

࿕ Heil Hitler! 🌾࿕🏔
Welteislehre im Gespräch World ice theory under discussion<GERMAN SPEAKING> Ein Video über die Welteislehre von Hanns Hörbiger und Philipp Fauth. Die Glacialkosmologie wird jetzt nach über 100 Jahren nach erscheinen des Buches immer mehr durch aktuelle wissenschaftliche Beobachtungen und Messungen bestätigt.Video gefunden bei dem YoutubeKanal "Weltfreund".🏔
࿕⚡⚡A video about the world ice theory by Hanns Hörbiger and Philipp Fauth. The glacial cosmology is now more and more confirmed by current scientific observations and measurements after more than 100 years after the book was published.
  [The following is just some from jewapedia/Wikipedia definition so is likely to be taken with a grain of salt]🔎In the Third ReichEdit
After Hörbiger’s death in 1931, the followers of WEL came to the conclusion that given the changing political situation in Germany, aligning the idea with National Socialism would eventually lead to its acceptance; WEL had already been heavily and successfully promoted as the "German antithesis" of the "Jewish" theory of relativity in the late 1920s. And so the movement became more and more pro-Nazi, with WEL supporters saying things like: "Our Nordic ancestors grew strong in ice and snow; belief in the Cosmic Ice is consequently the natural heritage of Nordic Man.", "Just as it needed a child of Austrian culture – Hitler! – to put the Jewish politicians in their place, so it needed an Austrian to cleanse the world of Jewish science.", and "the Führer, by his very life, has proved how much a so-called 'amateur' can be superior to self-styled professionals; it needed another 'amateur' to give us a complete understanding of the Universe."[citation needed]


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