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An almost tame hare running around me without taking notice. I think the wind laid in the right direction and I had the sun in my back so it did not see me. The hare was approximately three meters away from me and even came running towards me when I called for it, something I did not expect!

In the burnt down forest.
It is early spring in Sweden in February and there are only a few spots of snow here and there. The ants have woken up and are beginning to rebuild their nest. The snow has entirely disappeared from the forest floor but on the north side of the hills it still clings on.
On my way back from my expedition in the burnt down forest a white boar takes his time leaving as I pass by. Only a few minutes later I find a bull moose grazing in the nearby forest, his still has not shed his antlers.

During a forest trip I ran into a family with moose. After filming and loosing the moose, I found them again. They were now completely unafraid of me and I could walk up to the moose at a distance of 40 meters.
In the clip, the moose can be seen eating and ruminating. The moose calf is also trying to suckle. I spent about 4 hours in the company of the moose. I left the forest during the evening and the moose were still there going on their daily business.

Early morning and the stags let out their mating call. A fox emerges from the forest.

I hiked in the mountains in Sweden and filmed the Jämtland region in Sweden.
I climbed the mountain called Sylarna and on the way up I saw a lot of reindeer standing on the snow to cool down.
It was a very hot week so the reindeer spent the days up in the mountains were there was still some snow.
During the night they came down in the valley.

A rock ptarmigan hen with her chicks in the Swedish mountains of Jämtland. The bird lives above the tree line in the Swedish mountains and is adapted to arctic climate.

Peaceful Forest - Into Oblivion by Darren Curtis
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A fawn and his mother.

I’m Not What I Thought by Darren Curtis
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A compilation of baby and adult animals during the summer in Sweden.

Forest Walk by Alexander Nakarada | https://www.serpentsoundstudios.com
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Some sounds I recorded in the Swedish night. During the midsummer in Sweden the sun never goes down completely.

The first video shows a clip of a wolf pup during the day. The night before I howled at the wolves and they howled back at me.
I was surprised by the evening experience and left the area quickly to get back to my tent.
There was one adult wolf and several pups but I only managed to see one of the pups.

A baby roe deer with its mother. It's nursing and then trying out some leaves.

A moose in a forest that was ravaged by a large fire 1999. The moose haven't seen me but can for sure smell me.

I was waiting for a wolf to turn up but a fox came wandering instead.

An almost tame pheasant looking for food.

In the evening I encountered a large herd of male wild boars. When the boar reaches one year of age they leave their mother's herd and usually form herds consisting of only males. All boars shown in the clip are male, and quite young except the big black one.

I am standing on a big root from a tree that has fallen over. The wild boar piglets are feeding and playing around their mum.

Two one year old boars. Their mother can be spotted briefly in the video, she is now a mother to three piglets born this year.
The video was recorded 15 m away from the wild boards.
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I encountered a mother boar and her piglets while out wandering. I had to make a quite quick retreat up a rock, then I quickly left the area but went for higher ground for safety and better camera view.

A herd of only male fallow deer has come out into the open field to feed on the new fresh grass that has started to grow.
I crawl closer and manage to film the oldest buck which then hears me. He is not sure of what I am because I am still.
He then returns back to another buck for comfort. The herd then leaves slowly as they can sense my presence.

New camera and better quality

Fox hunting mice in Sweden

Two mother boars and three approximetly one year old piglets.
I had tracked the boars and saw them making a run for it across the field, I had to run after them and position myself upon a small hill to get them on camera.

Three bucks sneak into the residential area in the night

Red deer in Sweden.

Two bull moose in the snow in Sweden.


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