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Two mother boars and three approximetly one year old piglets.
I had tracked the boars and saw them making a run for it across the field, I had to run after them and position myself upon a small hill to get them on camera.

Three bucks sneak into the residential area in the night

Red deer in Sweden.

Two bull moose in the snow in Sweden.

Roe deer fawn in Sweden. The mother later came and united with the fawn.

Fallow deer in Sweden.

Moose cow with calf. I had to crawl forward over a small ridge and was actually not more than 20 meters from the moose. I had seen them one time the same day. After approximetly three minutes they began to smell me and went away.


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I make videos of the wild animals in Sweden. All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 which is not optimal. Distance to the animals are 20 - 50 meters.