My heroes and mentors who have taught me the truth and helped me greatly

Changing things will begin when we step out of fear and comfort and let the truth change us

The universe is subject to natural law---and so are you

Trust is usually given freely but must be earned and respected

Reading and creativity get your whole brain to work together

The triune brain and how balance is crucial

Sometimes the truth needs a little volume

We can know more through realizing how much we don't know

Why do we run from the truth?

Are you in sync or out of sync with reality?

Human authorities always attack believers

Being awake is great, sharing what you know is even better

The old tactic of divide and conquer being used to keep our focus where it should not be

How modern use of food and entertainment affects us

The ancient and modern technique to keep stomachs and minds occupied

Simple questions to ask yourself about this alleged pandemic

Recommended reading: The Contagion Myth by Dr. Thomas S. Cowan & Sally Fallon Morrell
The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg


AI is not capable of evaluation, only blind reaction

The quest for truth can be tricky and sometimes leads to dogma

We can led by others or choose to make our own choices

Two kinds of ways we receive new information that forms our worldview

Opinions and arguments can divide and destroy or they can be used as a stepping-stone for learning

Possibility and probability are 2 more tools we can use to investigate reality and find truth

Two ways of knowing that are different but both necessary

Input of information can form a good perception or a distorted deception

It is a subtle line between the symbol and the reality


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