The John Birch Society, May 31, 2022: Today we want to ask a few questions about what you may know about Joe Biden’s agenda before we take a deeper look at Biden. Is Biden making mistakes? Is he fumbling around with no real direction? Is he taking orders from outside the Oval Office? Is he so old he doesn’t know what he is doing? If you listen to the conservative pundits, these are the excuses for Biden’s actions. And, they are false. Find out why in this episode of Activate.


Help the US get out of the United Nations:

This is called: 2000 Mules Trailer
It is proof(s) of the 2020 election fraud!
182,021 views, Apr 28, 2022

The Next Revolution’ host slams the Biden administration for NOT focusing on China’s threat to America (instead focusing on Russia).

Dr Mike Yeadon Expresses His Concern About Corrupt Government Science Advice | The Actual Risks of Variants | Booster Shots | Vaccine Passports |

Overcoming the COVID DARKNESS
“Our study found that early ambulatory treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection and resulting COVID-19 disease is extremely safe, feasible, practical, and scalable to large numbers of patients. It is extremely important to encourage early ambulatory treatment.”

A reminder on how the globalist elites see the masses!
Read your Bible, people!

Pulled from Facebook; go "The Voice of Free Speech" https://frankspeech.com/
The only operable site to save our Great Nation!

Researchers expose “political corruption that has taken hold of the universities.” Journals publish outrageously fake papers:
Originally published by John Stossel on November 20, 2021, at 9:09 AM · Nov. 22. on YouTube

Here it is folks. Straight from the Mainstream. We've all been lied to. Protect your family.
(This clip was booted from an OAN broadcast)

Host of: No Agenda, on Fox Nation, Lara Logan, joins Watters' Word to discuss the open borders policies, which the Democratic Party is fully aware of!
This is a "booted copy", as leftist media controls are consistently at work in protecting their Democratic base; while suppressing valuable information to the public.
On a personal note: As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this runs contrary to any civilized western culture, and is very destructive to the general welfare of any populace! Demonic forces are attracted to trauma, death and negative energy. They operate on a level which runs contrary to the Lord's laws of peace, life, love and things which glorify God - as taught in the Holy Bible.

From: "The First"
These 3 women of BLM want to overthrow the American system of free government for "Communism", and are using our corporations to do it!

The facts about vaccination - so that you can make up your own mind. Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA has been researching and writing about vaccines for 50 years. He has lectured doctors and nurses on the subject. He used to debate vaccination on TV and radio but won every public debate and these days vaccine supporters will no longer debate with him.
His Amazon Book: Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying Paperback – March 27, 2019
His YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6F39mg7LPUkw1BfiJDibw

The Next Revolution' host calls Biden's push for 'vaccine passport' standard an 'unprecedented, undemocratic power grab.' #FoxNews
(It's all about your data, or why not just add a code to your driver's license?)

THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO... Andrew Klavan has nailed the decadence of the modern-day cultural left!
This has a "Trigger Warning": Yet this is the funniest introduction I've ever seen in lampooning our declining culture!

Two short clips by Dr. Gorka and guests confirm why the military heads are doing what they are doing in targeting common sense, conservatives, instead of our enemy foreign powers!

Facts published by the LA TIMES.
Pass this on if you care about our communities, please!

From the Bongino Report.on Rumble March 19, 2021
China now says the United States does not have the position to speak to China from a position of Strength!
So long President Trump, we have been sold down the Yong Ding River!

Dr. Steven F. Hotze, M.D., of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, discusses Covid-19 health concerns.
NRMA (synthetic) Gene therapy produces Spike Proteins of the Coronavirus continually, and hypercharges and stresses the autoimmune system to overreact, called an "antibody enhancement reaction", and is thought could even weaken the resistance to exposure to future infections?

My tribute to Rush Limbaugh, he was the master in explaining political loyalties, corruptions, and media manipulations of why people do as they do!
He will surely be missed. Just listen to his explanations of events and level of lies the public is fed, and you can more clearly understand the pickle we all are in!

It is called "low-intensity conflict" used in Special Ops to get people to do what you wish!

Only with certain catastrophic events do the Democrats and their media allies wish to show their selective outrage. Planned, financed, and delivered public disobedience, violence, low intensity conflicts, complete with riots from the 1960’s are nothing new now, and have become all to commonly a tactic in replacing one politician with another for personal gain.
I believe what people see in broadcasting nowadays is just an extension of military style civil affairs tactics used by people in power and fiance to channel people towards their narrative, cause and power grabs. It is tragic that such manipulation and destruction is used all too commonly today in securing ones objective.
I apologize for writing a book here, yet people need to learn identify false flags and live theater often used by elitists to ensure they are put into office, much like the riots used in the 1960s to secure positions for new mayors around the country!
If events spontaneously occurred on behalf of the citizenry, that would be one thing. Yet world history does not work like that, you must plan and be ruthless in tactics, when blaming the other guy for what you have created!

This is a shortened clip from CBSN on YouTube: it is just of President Trump's Attorney MICHAEL VAN DER VEEN. I understand his family home was vandalized by an angry mob, and they had to move out with security escorts soon afterwards.
(Sorry, for some reason processing doesn't always finish on Bit-Chute?)

A brief history of Social Security; what it was intended to be, and what it has become.

Jeep® reminds us we are stronger than the obstacles in our way, and invites u...(I understand this commercial was pulled due to Bruce Springsteen getting a DWI)

Jesus said; that a house divided CANNOT stand: later Abraham Lincoln repeated this is his Gettysburg address,
When Globalist Totalitarians divide, crush and steal our system of Government, there is no come back without the cross.
The only real hope over fear is Jesus Christ! Do you know Him? I drew on this film, but it is difficult to see.
Awake oh sleeper, the day of redemption draws near!

Like a million people who have been put out of work by a new administration, this truck driver says: It wouldn't let me save this from messenger. I have my ways, I hope they do this! (Sort of like spread the suffering around to these elitists) Warning: rated R to bad language!

Tucker Carlson warns Democrats' suppression of (populous) dissent, divisive rhetoric will lead to 'scary' repercussions


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I'm retired U.S. Army, I served initially in the U.S. Coast Guard on two overseas Cutters. I also did work for the Baltimore Maritime Museum, while studying and serving at night in Street Ministry for 6 years under a man with 22 years in seminary. This practical experience would later allow me to become an accredited minister from Emmanuel Baptist University.

I joined the U.S. Army later as a marine machinery technician, serving out of Curtis Bay, Maryland across from the U.S. Coast Guard Yard. I was right at home working and sailing on U.S. Army tug boats, and other watercraft. After the 9-11 attacks on our country, I was later, one of the first to be mobilized, and insisted upon orders to serve with my regiment, and received orders under Operation Enduring Freedom.
After returning home from Ft. Bragg, NC. I rejoined the watercraft unit that I worked for as a technician.
On Feb. 6, 2005 I was undertaking water survival training at Ft. Meade, MD. I had 23 years of service for pay purposes and nearly 20 years’ service towards my reserve retirement. However, this was not to be, as I suffered a massive heart attack while wearing a bit too tight rubber water survival suite.

I found myself being pushed shoulder to shoulder with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, at the moment my heart stopped beating. I can remember looking down on my own ambulance from above, as I pleaded with the Lord to allow me to complete my mission! I was later airlifted to Washington Hospital Center for emergency stenting, but was not expected to survive the night.
My case for medical coverage as a reservist, was sent up to the Pentagon along with many other reservist who had been wounded in combat for study, and as a result TRICARE Reserve select was born.

In my videos I struggle to put over the importance of once having started with Christ, to continue to spiritually push in with him, and not become a castaway, as the Apostle Paul put it.
Growing up under the reformed Christian faith, with the once saved always saved doctrines of TULIP, I soon discovered just how flawed the latter part of the doctrine actually was! The rest is Bible or academically accurate, but the totality of understanding is partially missed, in accordance with the rest of the scripture.

You see, it is a matter of “Heart” which God sees, not just a matter of doctrinally correct teachings which any false brethren can learn up and teach, without ever having the indwelling Christ within them! The Danger in this was first phrased by the Apostle John as the “Spirit of Antichrist” those who started off with us, but did not finish!
This is the demonically inspired systematic theologies, in which an actual disciple or follower of Christ must overcome, or risk the work of the cross within them (Sanctification) from not being made complete into Christ’s image. No, it is not our work, but we must never become an enemy of the cross as Paul called them, and continue to strive to enter the kingdom of heaven now, before our bodies pack up!