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Found on YouTube at https://youtu.be/4jatg9SZF40?si=d7HhLfx71QyYd7gV  
Filmed May 30, 1930
(This is my private copy, in case it is removed from YouTube)
The Real Origins of Memorial Day! 
"Boys and Girls, 62 years ago (1868), my Corps Commander John A. Logan (1826-1886) issued an order... that this 30th of May should be used as a Memorial Day in honor of the soldiers that fought during the Civil War." "And every year since that we have been observing this day."

You’ve destroyed our country.
Discarded of Americanism, disregarded its values, principles, and morals, leaving us lost in a godless existence, resulting in cultural decay.
You’ve discarded our public service and exchanged it for power, being fueled by greed and corruption.
Our nation's well-being is compromised, spirit wounded, and burdened by what feels like defeat.
The masses are submerged in anxiety, depression, immense confusion, and inner conflict.
We’ve witnessed the controlled demolition of this country under Joe Biden and Democrats.
Is it too late for America now...?

Here is the video of the collapse of the Key Bridge struck by a ship! Prayers for all the Families involved! ✝️
At about 1:30 this morning, it appears the ship lost control of its steering due to multiple power losses during its approach, but it is still under investigation...

The people who’ve handed our country to China are banning TikTok to protect you from China? Probably not. So what’s really going on? Rand Paul joins us to explain. (GOV. CENSORSHIP)
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Tucker asks some questions on Morgan.Dana

Where are our intelligence services?

* If you take the Lord from our children and our homes, those demons once cast out, ( by the Gospel ) will come back stronger to fill it!
I don't normally post full-length videos, yet this one is so important to watch for the history of our nation and the future of our children, that I just had to share it.
On a personal note, I once worked in street ministry and had to learn about demons, and this is very telling of the days we are now in!

TRUMP: “I’m stuck here.. I would rather be right now in Iowa, I’d rather be in New Hampshire or South Carolina, or Ohio or a lot of other places, but I’m stuck here because I have a corrupt Attorney General that communicates with the DOJ in Washington that keeps me nice and busy.”

FOX News host Mark Levin sounds off on President Biden's handling of the border crisis on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'
#foxnews #Levin

Live feed unedited...
Social services threatening to collapse!

READ CHRIS FARRELL'S OP-ED: http://jwatch.us/sLnz5y
Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell appeared on “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax TV to discuss The Atlantic's article “THE PATRIOT, How General Mark Milley protected the Constitution from Donald Trump,” and more! WATCH NOW!

The 'Life, Liberty and Levin' host joins 'Fox & Friends' to weigh in ahead of Attorney General Merrick Garland's Wednesday testimony on the weaponization of the Justice Department.

From the New American with Robert Spencer; This is a critically important video to watch to discover what the real Fascism is in America today, and how it is never mentioned!
*The New American channel, has been pulled from YouTube according to JBS.org

(Please note: different opinions are welcomed, but I will not tolerate anti-Semitic comments.)

This is what the COMMUNISTS want : total control...
"Police State' is a movie that I never wanted to make, because I never wanted America to get to a point where a movie like this needed to be made. I feel like the animal that alerts the herd to approaching danger, so we can take precautionary steps before it's too late."

@TomFitton - The mug shots of Trump and other American innocents are evidence....of the Democratic Party conspiracy to rig an election and to deprive Americans, under color of law, of their civil rights.

From: Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer
WATCH: Trump supporters in front of the #FultonCountyJail are waving this massive flag in support of President Trump. “Trump or Death” symbolizes the death of our country if President Trump doesn’t get back into the White House.
(It is not a statement of physical violence.)

President Trump makes 1st statement since leaving jail:
“You should be able to challenge an election.
I thought the election was a rigged election, a stolen election.
What has taken place here is a travesty of justice."

I guess this was why Obama said "We are no longer a Christian Nation" and projected more than just a rainbow from the White House... What Obama and Biden did to Africa is Demonic, yet the Media says nothing!

The True Christian History of America is a powerful documentary, showing the Bible-based Christian origins of the early American view of freedom, tracing the principles of liberty back to England and the great Reformation.

Sharing this because I love everything about this video! ❤️
Unfortunately, many Americans have learned the wrong values from hateful and unethical people.

Former President Trump is of the opinion that they “bump” President Biden up with cocaine before a speech or interview. (Video: Real America’s Voice)

The founders knew that only a separation of powers would help to strop tyrannical rule.
(It's like the old saying: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"). One party rule has always destroyed personal liberty, and the Democratic Party is insistent to crush any opposition legally or illegally, is Mark Levin's point in his book.

Dr James Thorp, a 43-year Veteran in OBGYN, has 221 overall publications on my CV - 48 of which are on COVID-19 related issues. I’ve seen over 27,500 ob patients in the last 4.5 years.

The message is that Jesus is coming: and without repentance in Jesus, no one will see the Kingdom of Heaven!

CNN finally reports some truth about Hunter Biden and Joseph Biden's shady business deals, then limits the sharing ability of it by slipping in a more sanitized version while using the same people! So, I was forced to film this original version on my phone!

"You are about to embark on the great crusade toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you… I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty, and skill in battle." – Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. 79 years ago today was The World War II D-Day invasion of Normandy, and we honor our heroes as we remember the spirit of D-Day and the 160,000 brave Allied troops who landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight! #DDay79 #DDay #TheGreatestGeneration #OperationOverlord


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I'm retired U.S. Army, I served initially in the U.S. Coast Guard on two overseas Cutters. I also did work for the Baltimore Maritime Museum, while studying and serving at night in Street Ministry for 6 years under a man with 22 years in seminary. This practical experience would later allow me to become an accredited minister from Emmanuel Baptist University.

I joined the U.S. Army later as a marine machinery technician, serving out of Curtis Bay, Maryland across from the U.S. Coast Guard Yard. I was right at home working and sailing on U.S. Army tug boats, and other watercraft. After the 9-11 attacks on our country, I was later, one of the first to be mobilized, and insisted upon orders to serve with my regiment, and received orders under Operation Enduring Freedom.
After returning home from Ft. Bragg, NC. I rejoined the watercraft unit that I worked for as a technician.
On Feb. 6, 2005 I was undertaking water survival training at Ft. Meade, MD. I had 23 years of service for pay purposes and nearly 20 years’ service towards my reserve retirement. However, this was not to be, as I suffered a massive heart attack while wearing a bit too tight rubber water survival suite.

I found myself being pushed shoulder to shoulder with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, at the moment my heart stopped beating. I can remember looking down on my own ambulance from above, as I pleaded with the Lord to allow me to complete my mission! I was later airlifted to Washington Hospital Center for emergency stenting, but was not expected to survive the night.
My case for medical coverage as a reservist, was sent up to the Pentagon along with many other reservist who had been wounded in combat for study, and as a result TRICARE Reserve select was born.

In my videos I struggle to put over the importance of once having started with Christ, to continue to spiritually push in with him, and not become a castaway, as the Apostle Paul put it.
Growing up under the reformed Christian faith, with the once saved always saved doctrines of TULIP, I soon discovered just how flawed the latter part of the doctrine actually was! The rest is Bible or academically accurate, but the totality of understanding is partially missed, in accordance with the rest of the scripture.

You see, it is a matter of “Heart” which God sees, not just a matter of doctrinally correct teachings which any false brethren can learn up and teach, without ever having the indwelling Christ within them! The Danger in this was first phrased by the Apostle John as the “Spirit of Antichrist” those who started off with us, but did not finish!
This is the demonically inspired systematic theologies, in which an actual disciple or follower of Christ must overcome, or risk the work of the cross within them (Sanctification) from not being made complete into Christ’s image. No, it is not our work, but we must never become an enemy of the cross as Paul called them, and continue to strive to enter the kingdom of heaven now, before our bodies pack up!