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Many are attributing the massive Dubai flooding from Dubai seeding clouds, which has clouds produce precipitation.

Cicadageddon is about to happen as trillions of cicadas from 2 broods are about to emerge, which happened last 221 years and will happen again in 2245. They emerge to mate and die in about 4-6 weeks, but their mating call is loud. up to 100 decibels which is like a lawn mower.

Alex Jones and Infowars ran an article about the shocking study that the ocean floor is a graveyard for plastics. But for a long time Alex has refused to give you good environmental information to have prevented this. See the email I sent Alex today asking he finally give good environmental information.

A Friday Fun double header. Italy's Mt. Etna is blowing smoke rings, treating the area to a sky view most don't ever see in their life.

A Friday Funny where The View host Sunny Hostin believes that the total solar eclipse happened because of climate change. Even the very left leaning Young Turks says how embarrassing this is.

Alan Dershowitz knows everyone, is an environmentalist at heart, and is about the truth, especially in areas important to the public, like national elections. So I ask Dersh to do what all independent "truth" media refuse to, to expose all the fraudulent environmental voices including Bobby Kennedy and to finally get real, needed, sensible, can't be argued against solutions implemented.

A study found the obvious, that plastics in the ocean end up using the ocean floor as a graveyard where they will spend eternity. PHD's and Doctors did this study, to find the obvious, with the summary saying this is important because it helps understand how trash moves in the ocean instead of put money and effort into not having trash in the ocean.

Land is valuable, even when it is underwater. Currently the U.S. and Russia are dueling before the International Seabed Authority about the U.S. designation of hundreds of thousands of square nautical miles of seabed as part of the U.S. Extended Continental Shelf, which means the U.S. has the rights to minerals and use of the land like laying undersea cables.

A Friday Fun about the total eclipse next Monday that completes an X over America, and what happened last time two eclipses formed an X over America. Also about the unknown 2033 eclipse and the publicized 2044 eclipse.

The U.N. Youth Climate Advisor is getting press all over the place, but she has exactly no environmental knowledge or solutions. She is an anti-white race baiter who is a socialist, Marxist, so that means she "demonstrated commitment to the UN’s values." which was the criteria for the UN hire. The UN who has refused solutions that would have solved our problems long ago, but like all other environmental voices prevents the solutions the world needs.

Alex Jones is again saying how he exposes everyone, and that good things are coming because of it. But environmentally Alex and the entire independent "truth" media give the entire fraudulent environmental industry a pass. So good things are not coming. The public not being aware what is available and will do good is censored by Alex and all indy "truth" media.

The neighbors up north are standing up to their government's carbon tax. Nationwide protests started and organizers say will continue until the tax is repealed.

Australia's famous Ayers Rock which is also known as Uluru, is in the arid Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Occasionally the area gets rain and the rock become a waterfall. Recently the area got a heavy rainfall, which created spectacular waterfalls in the park, which only 1% of visitors get to see in person.

The occupation continues it's attack on your way of life, this time advancing their not environmental electric vehicle agenda.

A solar farm in Texas just had thousands of acres of solar panels be heavily damaged by a strong hail storm. Now power generation is a question and residents are concerned about toxins in the solar panels getting into the ground water supply.

National parks are not the pristine people envision. A new report just came out showing the parks with the most pollution, haze and invasive species.

A Friday Funny, Will and Kate think nothing of taking a plastic bag from a store while shopping. The same Will and Kate who have their EarthShot Prize to save the environment, and give an award yearly to end waste. The same Will and Kate who will not allow real solutions, like ending our disposable society including leading with reusable stadium concessions that Wimbledon should have lead with long ago, but no, because Will and Kate don't care.

Ewaste amounts are increasing every year so now the UN is calling all our ewaste a catastrophe. So the way the UN treats environmental catastrophes, does this mean soon they will believe no one should have eproducts?

A 80 year old Montana man pleaded guilty to paying to smuggling parts of the largest sheep in the world, the Marco Polo argali sheep from Kyrgyzstan, cloning it, then using the clone to create hybrid sheep. Authorities say this could threaten the integrity of our wildlife species. On July 11th the man will be sentenced, which could be 5 years prion for each felony count, a $250,000 fine and three years supervised release.

Beaches are eroding and threatening homes, resorts and outdoor recreation beach areas. So huge money is being spent to restore the beaches, only to have one storm wipe the restoration and all the money it took out. How much money do you throw at a non remedy, especially when that money is not actual money but debt?

A Friday Funny, Pierce Brosnan pleaded guilty to foot travel in a thermal area in Yellowstone National Park. Pierce faced a 2 year ban from the park, but expressed sincere remorse a plea agreement agreed to a $5000 fine, 2 years probation. The judge imposed a $1500 fine believing remorse saying, “It’s not fair to punish you because we think you have a lot of money.”

Tyson Foods is partnering with Protix a insect protein ingredient company, for starters to have insect protein in pet, aquaculture and livestock feed. So if you are buying any of these check the product's ingredients. Tyson and Protix intend on expanding this operation internationally, and I don't doubt to human food.

The upcoming April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse will put an X over the U.S. whose second X line was from the 2017 eclipse, 7 planets will align and the devil's comet will be visible in the sky. Lots of rumor and speculation out there with all these variables.

The North Face has an hour long racial inclusion and allyship course, which will give you a 20% discount for completing it. The course basically lets it's consumer base know what a problem they are. People of color don't enjoy the outdoors because of them.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing JBS beef producer for false marketing claims that it intends to be net zero by 2040. Well JBS and everyone else claiming to be leading environmentally, including every fraudulent environmental voice who solicits donations but is a proven fraud and will not allow solutions. Seems like JBS is being targeted.


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