A Friday Funny. The Glastonbury Live concert event had Greta speak on Sat evening, and GL demands climate action now. The audience who cheered both, left the venue as a disgraceful dump. Now lets see if GL will lead, get it's musicians and audience on board. I again ask GL to do so.

The SMARTFLOWER have beautified the solar industry with decorative solar panels that follow the sun all day long, close up at night and during wind/storms and self cleans the solar panels as it closes. You can also become a Dealer or Installer.

Extreme heat is causing roads to buckle and bleed, and even some car windows to shatter. Dark black road pavement absorbs about 95% of the solar radiation that reaches it, which causes it's temperature to soar and remain hot into the evening. That heat can and does do damage to tax payer funded roads.

Like many lakes and bodies of water in the U.S. west these day, the Great Salt Lake outside Salt Lake City UT is drying up. That can and will have many negative effects for the area. One of the consequences that is making headlines is the Great Salt Lake has arsenic in the lake bed soil, that will create poisonous dust clouds which will contain arsenic.

Greta just spoke at the Glastonbury Live music festival in the U.K. where she told the world we need t speak of climate change all the time everywhere. What Greta censored is she has prevented the solutions she pretends to seek since Earth Day 2019. I also made Glastonbury Live aware that solutions are available, Greta is a fraud and they need to use their voice for solutions and to silence Greta. I'm sure they will get on that.

Since Jun 25, 2019 Project Veritas has been refusing to report the one environmental truth there is, which is all environmental voices are preventing solutions frauds. So we remain subject to listening environmental voice fraud, get robbed donating to their non-profits and now gas, electricity and home heating is sky high and gaining and tyranny is coming to your living room. All while PV couldn't be prouder to not be what O'Keefe & PV say they are. Drink up.

Yellowstone Nat Park (YNP) is working to get roads in the north part of the park open, not only for tourism but to keep YNP own jail and court operating. YNP law enforcement is very serious. From protecting animals and thermal features, to every crime imaginable, law enforcement is prominent. If you get in trouble in the park, you will get taken to Yellowstone jail and appear in Yellowstone court. But for that the roads in the north part of the park must be open.

Biden signed an Executive Order to cut oil and gas and the Keystone pipeline, and is now blaming war, Putin and oil companies for hefty gas prices. America is always at war, so that holds no water. Americans financial pain is caused by this administration cutting oil supplies, demanding a transition where there is nothing to transition to. All because this administration has refused the environmental solutions the world needs since Barack's first presidential campaign & Gore since 94.

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee, Mr. Clean Energy, just eliminated the Snake River electrical generation, which is 8% of Washington's energy production and half Washington's clean energy generation. Taking out clean energy as Inslee says this will happen because the climate crisis worsens.

Yellowstone National Park will open the south end of the park on Wed Jun 22, with entry based on license plate number for odd/even day entry requirements. Surrounding towns aren't so lucky. Red Lodge MT at the base of the Beartooth Pass Fire Chief says that right now Red Lodge is so devastated that is should not be open for business.

A Friday Funny. Not a really haha funny funny, but an ironic, how is this happening funny. During this massive drought in the southwest the Visitor Center to the Glen Canyon Dam is watering their parking lot lawn. This is in the middle of a rock desert, where there is no lawns, the dam who knows how dire the water situation is is watering their parking lot lawn.

Hemp batteries have proven themselves and are no going into limited production. Like all products, right now as production is starting, research and development continues to improve the initial product.

Barack didn't install solar at his sun drenched, south facing Martha's Vineyard beach home, or clean wind energy. No Barack just got approval for a 2,500 gallon commercial grade natural gas tank. That's as his daughter Sasha is driving a gas powered Subaru, not an EV. So much for walking the talk of his pretend clean energy agenda. This is as White House climate advisor Gina McCarthy just said anything against their alleged clean energy transition must be censored.

Yellowstone National Park is closed. You can almost hear John Candy saying sorry park's closed, but this isn't funny. Unprecedented rainfall as causes extremely dangerous conditions like flooding, rockslides and mudslides that have washed out roads and bridges. This closure is through Wednesday June 15th right now, but can and most likely will continue for longer in at least areas of the park.

Al Gore attended the WEF Davos gala, where Al lambasted those who greenwash. The King of Greenwashing himself, states what he does is horrible. Right now Gore is in Vegas training people to tell others we need solutions, while Gore continues to refuse the solutions that would have solved our environmental problems long ago, since Nov 93.

A Friday Funny video. General Motors CEO Kristin Zimmerman says the electric car she is promoting is powered from the building where she works. When pressed she says the town provides the power. The power company rep says it's 95% coal powered. So again EVs are not a solution, they use the same fossil fuels as burning gas does.

Fish in Florida have tested positive for prescription and over the counter drugs. One fish had 17 drugs in it. Drugs from antidepressants, Prozac, and caffeine, which can effect all aspects of fish behavior from behavioral to migration. Researchers were alarmed at this finding, but really? It's been known drugs are in tap water for a long time now, so this result should have been expected.

The mining process for the ingredients electric vehicles need is overlooked in promoting "clean" EV's. Also reports say the world can't convert to electric vehicles, simply because all the known reservoirs of these ingredients doesn't have enough product to build the batteries.

Carbon removal is not an environmental solution. Bill Gates says it's the most expensive solution, because every facility costs billions to build then operate every year. The biggest plant in operation today takes 3 seconds of yearly carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. Yet more are being built as all environmental voice refuse the solutions that would stop the bleeding (carbon emissions) and would have solved our problems long ago had anyone allowed solutions since Nov 93.

Queen Elizabeth states she is proud of her family's environmental work, because it's such an important global issue. Yet Elizabeth just celebrated her platinum jubilee which promoted unenvironmental Range Rovers, was even gifted a custom Range Rover for the event, and sent her private Range Rover to pick up Harry and Meghan when their private jet landed. So give it a rest royals.

Earth's face changes daily, but some days it happens where it is visible to us. That happened over Memorial Day weekend when boaters captured a massive piece of rock fall into the lake.

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader who is New Zealand's Prime Minister just visited the U.S. for climate leadership and tourism promotion. Ardern met with Gavin Newsom, V.P. Comala. They will work for results by mid century, while refusing environmental solutions that would have already solved our environmental problems had anyone allowed solutions since Nov 93.

Another Tesla just caught fire at an intersection, locking the driver in the car. He had to break through the window to get out to safety. All while the population never hears about or has the option to buy a safe car made from and powered by hemp. Hemp car fuel could cost 1/4 of gas, is sustainable, not bad for the environment and won't leave you trapped in a smoke filled car.

The largest wildfire in New Mexico history, which continues to burn, was started by National Forest Service prescribed burn, which never fully extinguished but rather smoldered all winter and was brought back to life with strong winds. Meanwhile, years ago Oregon ranchers the Hammonds did what ranchers do, a backfire, and got 5 years federal prison because it burned some BLM land.

Davos ended with us useless eaters being told to not resist their painful global transition and the environmental tyranny you will be subject to, because the real sensible, needed global solutions have not been allowed since Nov 93. All coming to your living room because no press will expose these frauds including Alex Jones, Infowars, Rebel News, Project Veritas and every one else.


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