Messed up my camera settings on this one, all apologies. But here it is, my album review on Morning of The Magician by Wizard Bloody Wizard!

Another kickarse review from yours truly. Today I take a look at the album Come My Fanatics which is made by Electric Wizard - enjoy.

The time has come for me to review a series of albums made by Serpent Throne. These pack some serious hard-rock era riffs, can't help but love it.

Starting this kickass review series off with one of my favourite metal bands of all time, Motorhead! Their album 'Another Perfect Day' is a damn fine piece.

It's been awhile hasn't it. How have you all been?
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An epic debate about border security and government shutdown, took place on Trump's home turf - the white house.

Scott Adams talks about wildfires, the Tucker Test, forgotten black voters, SNL, the abortion ad, Broward, and coffee.

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Date of broadcast: 11/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about the enemy of the people, wildfires, tweets, and Whitaker. With coffee.

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Date of broadcast: 10/11/2018

Scott Adams goes through late night news and shows you the smokey view from his side.

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Date of broadcast: 09/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about Antifa terrorists, caravan, guns, healthcare, Mueller, and coffee.

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Date of broadcast: 09/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about the national temperature, Jim Acosta, RBG, and the shooting. With coffee.

Jim Acosta has combined theatre with what we used to call “news”
It’s the same successful concept President Trump uses
CNN works for ratings, so Acosta is in sync with CNN
President Trump, in his own house, was disrespected by Acosta
Is agreeing with your boss a valid reason to recuse yourself?
Weed stocks went up yesterday after Jeff Sessions was fired
Perfect opportunity for a “new CEO move”, legalize it
Current shared power situation will reduce the political temperature
Tucker Carlson and paid professional costumed protesters
They should go to to jail for terrorizing his wife and kids
Whiteboard: 3-Legged Stool of Trump Hatred
President Trump praised and congratulated Nancy Pelosi
For 87 minutes, President Trump spoke on a range of topics
The “enemy press” asked about the only remaining leg
George Soros funds the left, he’s a visual icon of the left
President Trump’s reply to reporter asking “a racist question”

Date of broadcast: 08/11/2018

Scott Adams explains why you can’t tell good news from bad. With coffee.

Prediction success: Republicans will do better than expected
(fun) Prediction success: Outcome will be ambiguous on election day
(fun) Bet success: Republicans will hold the house
Our robust election system worked
At what point do we stop reporting the ethnicity of elected officials?
It’s a big deal when the first something takes office
It’ll be a bigger deal when “the first” isn’t a big deal
Healthcare…why can’t we have both single-payer and universal?
Let everyone choose one or the other, as they prefer
The election results were the best thing for the country
It will take a while, but in the end the country will benefit
The Senate assures continued Presidential progress
Prediction: The House result will allow allow progress as well.

Date of broadcast: 07/11/2018

Scott Adams watches CNN discover the worst case scenario develop.

If the Democrats gain a bit of power, it might be good for President Trump.

Date of broadcast: 06/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about elections, alien probes, racist ads, and coffee.

CNN reports cigar-shaped interstellar object, possible alien probe
President Trump says he’s going to tone it down…be nicer
Have interstellar aliens taken over our President?
“Even” Fox News won’t show the GOP ad accused of racism
The standards of 2018
Both parties have tried to brand other side by the worst few
The possibility of a split congress
Hawk Newsome and voting rights for ex-cons.

Date of broadcast: 06/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about Kanye, Jon Stewart, Trump’s latest ad, and the coming insanity. With coffee.

Kanye pulling back from politics and Republicans
CNN reports opinions as factual news
Don Lemon came out as a racist who has a problem with white men
Jon Stewart…oh oh…their only smart guy just came back
Fun Prediction:
If midterms go like everything else…
It’ll be a photo finish with an ambiguous ending
The President, is doing rally after rally with huge happy crowds
High energy crowd
Happy crowd
Positive messages and having fun
Confident Prediction:
IF the Democrats take the house
THEN President Trump will become even stronger
President Trump gets the visuals right
Has Q gone away?

Date of broadcast: 01/11/2018

Scott Adams talks about Hillary’s “joke,” and my awkward meeting with Diamond and Silk.

Hillary made a joke about people that say what she said.

Date of broadcast: 30/10/2018

Scott Adams talks about domestic terror and who does it. From NYC without coffee.

Nobody has been able to answer two basic questions for me…
Soros is the devil, got any links and facts to support that?
Who does more domestic terror attacks, GOP or Dems?
Shortcomings of the data and links received in response
Should President Trump take any responsibility for recent violence?
A “fake trick” argument, various filters are in play
Anything will trigger somebody…in a pool of 300 million
If the Fake News was honest and just reported without bias…
would President Trump need to be so provocative?
Challenge for CNN:
If you think less provocative talk would help the country…
will you correct your reporting that promoted and continues to
promote the Charlottesville hoax?

Date of broadcast: 29/10/2018

Scott Adams tells you how the latest news will influence the midterms. With coffee.

President Trump hosted the Young Black Leadership Summit
400 Black leaders of tomorrow met President Trump
Event was held at the White House
Recent horrors, filtered as two movies on one screen
Which movie is supported by President Trump’s reactions?
Which movie is NOT supported by President Trump’s reactions?
The biggest Republican turnout in history is poised to happen.

Date of broadcast: 28/10/2018

Scott Adams talks about CNN’s clever persuasion that is working. With more coffee.

Effective mind control by CNN and the other anti-Trump press
Should a sitting President criticize the press?
Bypasses key question…do they deserve the criticism?
CNN wants you to “think past the sale”
Press bias can be productive, or damaging to our country
Friend of the people…versus the enemy of the people
Example of the press being the enemy of the people
Charlottesville hoax: generated, promoted by the press
To this day, it’s used as confirmation and fact by CNN
Extremely divisive and damaging to our country.

Date of broadcast: 28/10/2018

President Trump announces capture of bomber…
thus protecting his biggest critics (the media) from the bomber…
during meeting with Young Black Leadership Summit at White House.

Date of broadcast: 27/10/2018

Scott Adams talks to border expert Brandon Darby about the caravan, with coffee.

Various cartels control various sections of the Mexican border areas
Passage, legal and illegal activities are all under cartel control
Illegal immigration is a significant portion of cartel profits
Journalists must pay the cartels for permission to cover the caravan
The cartels dictate what topics and things can be reported
The caravans are an attempt to protect the participants from the cartels
Our catch and release policies are encouraging illegal immigration
What percentage of the caravan are legit asylum seekers?

Date of broadcast: 26/10/2018

Scott Adams talks about bombs and coffee.

Who was and wasn’t on the bomber’s list…and why?
Was the bomber activated and programmed by the press?
CNN makes a radical claim (with no details) about violence from the right
Senator Hirono says President Trump is a racist white supremacist
Hirono is despicable, should be (legally) removed from office
Humor changes over time, it’s generational
Funny decades ago is now completely inappropriate
Trump and Biden, same age, same sense of slapstick humor
Eric Holder “kick ‘em”, same sense of slapstick humor
The Dems and press are intentionally painting half of US worthy of death
NOT the same as “old guy slapstick humor” from both sides
The bombs appear to have been a message with no ability to explode.

Date of broadcast: 25/10/2018

Scott Adams talks about Saudi alibis, Soros, caravans, fake news, #fentanylChina, and coffee.

100 pictures of Comey and Mueller hugging
7,000 person caravan…it’s for the cameras
Chinese spy chips on motherboards per Bloomberg, Apple says nope
Opioid reduction bill, closing the postal and cross-shipping loopholes
Getting off Fentanyl or other opioids with Suboxone
Lying in western cultures is different than in Arab cultures?
Western style lying is to convince the other person
In Arab cultures…lying is sometimes just to get past a topic?
George Soros derangement syndrome and the arguments against him
NPC (Non-Player Characters) is brutally effective persuasion
Is NPC bad and need banning…or is it just funny like @NPC_Dale?
President Trump says he’s a Nationalist…so what?

Date of broadcast: 24/10/2018

Scott Adams talks about caravans, Khashoggi, Avanatti, and coffee.

Avenatti tweets that the caravan is “obviously a setup”…by GOP
Ian Bremmer tweets graph showing countries imprisoning journalists
A+ for President Trump’s trade negotiation strategy with China
The caravan hits the top two human persuasion triggers
Executing the Chinese illegal Fentanyl lab owners
Is George Soros an evil guy with bad intentions?

Date of broadcast: 23/10/2018

Khashoggi cover story weakness and flaws
Is Middle East style lying fundamentally different than our style?
We have moral cover to take out mass murdering illegal Chinese Fentanyl manufacturers
Big proposals should first, be tested small
Good ideas have an efficient path directly to President Trump
Is Soros a bad guy?
Cory Booker accused of aggressive sexual restroom behavior
Imagining a network system for safe, efficient self-driving cars

Date of broadcast: 22/10/2018


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