Near Death Experiment

Our mainstream media and public health officials haven't done a very good job of making us aware of this.

Damn Blue Anon conspiracy theorists...

Reasons why mask use should be limited

Amanda runs Children's Health Defense Canada and is the co-founder of The Freedom Organization

Colin explains how he was able to stay open during the lockdowns.

Filmed in Brantford, Ontario on April 3, 2021.

Filmed in Brantford, Ontario on April 3, 2021.

Thanks for helping me make this series John, you rule!

Gandalf returns

Recently became friends with the infamous John K Hutchison and made this 3 part series about his life's work.

The flu season that never was.

For the full "Scientific Proof" doc as well as "Absolute Proof" visit

A film based on the work of Dr. Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and John Hutchison.

Filmed back in Oct 2020 at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto.

If you think I'm crazy it's because I am.

I'll stay in the "control group" thanks.

Have you noticed that, whist the state broadcasters ruthlessly terrified the Canadian public with COVID propaganda, there wasn’t any significant rise in death rates in Canada in 2020, despite the WHO declaring covid-19 a pandemic? So, if there aren’t more people dying, how is this a pandemic?

Clown world.

Is that the Blue Anon thing?

Thanks Dr. Trozzi!

What have I been telling you guys? Thanks Tony!

Always great when more doctors speak out on this madness.

Coke has gone too woke


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