Today I take a closer look at a landscape texture mod called Tamrielic Textures. We'll look at several areas, and harass the local wildlife along the way.

If you'd like to check out this mod for yourself, you can find it here:

After mixing up some new poisons, and getting slapped around by some Spriggans, we head off to Bloodlet Throne to neutralize a vampire named Vighar.

We'll take a look at a new ENB by Firemanaf, called "Touch of Natural Tamriel", together with the new NAT 2.0 weather.

Let's take a look into the newest mod I'm working on. A collection of destruction spells (and some very destructive restoration spells).

First, we turn in a few jobs in Markarth, pick up a new quest from the Jarl, then head out to recover the Jarl's shield from a Hagraven.

Conjurer's Compendium:

Continuing the testing of spells from my conjuration spell mod. This time, testing the expert level spells.

Continuing the testing of spells from my conjuration spell mod. Testing adept spells this time.

Today I'll be testing some spells from a conjuration spell mod pack I'm making. Apprentice spells today.

Taking a closer look at Re-Engaged ENB and Rustic Weathers.

We recover Lisbet's statuette from the Forsworn at Bruca's Leap Redoubt, then take out the Forsworn leader at Dragon Bridge Overlook.

A short video about my newest mod. It allows the player to craft, temper, and enchant their own thieve's guild armor. Comes with four varieties: Brown, Guild Master, Linwe's, and Nightingale. Now on the Nexus:

We'll take a look at some common interior locations with various ENBs and weather mods.

Let's take a look at a ground texture mod. Skyrim 3D Landscapes

Yet another kill cam compilation. Enjoy!

Let's take a closer look at Re-Engaged ENB and Climates of Tamriel

It's time to move. My house mod is done, and now in the game. After the move, there are still some Forsworn to deal with.

You can get Lakeshore Cabin here:

In this video I'll be taking a closer look at Re-Engaged ENB and Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel Weather.

I'll be taking a look at Natural View Tamriel ENB and Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel Weather.

A brief update to Lakeshore Cabin, v1.1 The updated version of this mod can be found here:

This is a longer, more detailed tour of the house, with narration. If interested in this house mod, it can be found

A walking tour (non narrated) of my new Skyrim SE house mod, Lakeshore Cabin. Formally know as Lakeside Cabin, and Taja's Cabin.
This mod is now on the nexus. If interested, you can find it here:

Part 12 of Taja's Cabin (a.k.a. Lakeside Cabin) The building of a Skyrim SE house mod.

Episode 23. We make our way south to Markarth, pick up some new quests, then clear the Forsworn from Kolskeggr mine.

Episode 22. We help clear out Northwatch Keep, then make our way south in search of Peryite's shrine.

The building of a Skyim SE house mod, part 11.


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