fake alien invasion coming in our lifetime. get ready. soon they will commence the greatest hoax of all time and create a one world government to fight the threat that is 100 percent fake.

They want you defenseless for what is to come.
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The air we breath is being poisoned with dozens of toxins. How many millions have been killed since the start of this depopulation agenda? 10,000? 100,000? 1 million? 10 million? who knows! we are being sprayed with toxins like pest by mass murdering psychopaths. Agenda 21, and agenda 2030 is now in full effect. Chem trails keep the population weak and in line so that they can be controlled until herded into certain death.

A montage of the sellout himself during his last year as "president".
Handing out 100's of billions to the racist totalitarian state of israel.
Handing out trillions to corporations during a pandemic. shutting down small businesses. and annihilating any hope of a fair economy and inflating the currency.
Bombing a sovereign nations general. in order to "stop terrorism" or whatever the fuck that means. It's just another way of fulfilling an agenda that will be paid for by the American tax payer. and has nothing to do with us.
He declared a state of emergency (WHICH HE NEVER LIFTED) giving the government indefinite authority over your daily life. Yes and he handed that power over to joe biden.
he renewed the NDAA which gave your government the right to basically do whatever they want to you without trial. Including killing, imprisoning you forever and torturing you etc.
He made a new branch called the space force. Playing into the project blue beam agenda. (Fake alien invasion)
he promoted, funded and planned to distribute and more than likely enforce the deadly MNRA vaccines.
Bonus: He was friends with pedophile epstein who was friends with bill gates. almost all his cabinet was deep state shysters.

Since they censored all of my comments and shadow banned me from this "freedom of speech" platform I have no choice but to make another video exposing Q and x22 as blatant shill operations.
Trust the plan = trust the system
Q has declared war on freedom of speech. Don't start what you can not finish. this is an information war. And we will see how true Q really is. I am in the works of making a documentary 100% exposing Q as a blatant phy op. there is no plan other than the one to completely eradicate 90 percent of the worlds population. Still figuring out what other platform i should use. Leave the alternatives in the comments. The blatant censorship and removal of 1000's of comments simply because people flagged the comments is unacceptable and censorship. Q has taken over all alternative platforms and it has become apparent that it is nothing more than a movement based on blind faith that someone will save them so that they can remain comfortable sitting on the sideline doing absolutely nothing while their rights are being stripped away with each passing moment.

I have been officially censored by the "free speech" platform bitchute.
Never spammed. Never threatened. Just utterly censored.
Bitchute is a gatekeeping divide/conquer echo chamber operation trust style website now.
nothing more that can be done.

I give my reasons why disney's star wars is nothing more than a lifeless corporates brainwashing projection made for a mass indoctrination of America.

all electronics are made of metallic material. this is an unavoidable oddity when it comes to the transhumanism/depopulation experimental agenda. wake the fuck up sheep. your government doesn't give a flying fuck about you.

zionist with duel allegiance and hypocritical standards defend a country that defies all basic human rights. Tensions clash as masses of people get into shouting matches, scuffles, and arrest. Arabs, jews, and others stand against the zionist state of israel and face off against zionist who support the ongoing genocide in israel.

the reign of terror never ends in the "land of the free".

Israeli foreign invader is forced to flee as a mob of angry Palestinians drive the Zionist invaders out preventing more homes from being stolen and claimed by the tyranical racist ethno state of israel. The zionist "Israeli" is seen attempting to plow his car into a protestor and being beaten by the infuriated Palestinians whom have been the subjects of land theft, slavery, genocide, and a generational totalitarianist reign of terror by so called israel. The IDF is forced to step in and pull a gun out on the unarmed protestors who simply want basic human rights and dignity in order to save it's fellow invader.

an old video when i was just waking up to flat earth in 2017

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Idiots still thinking that the vaccine won't be mandatory. you can just sit on the sideline not get it and your life will go on as normal. Protest and resist now with your voice or this will be your future.

Older generation always talk about how easy everything was for them.
Each and every generation before ours has sold out the country and kicked the can down the road more and more until us zoomers no longer can feasibly own a home, have a stable career or have any sense of financial security EVER. thank your grandparents/parents for wasting trillions on useless wars, promoting worthless politicians and perpetually taking away more and more of your rights with every passing generation. Now the karen generation is demanding you give away more of your rights and income in order to prevent a "virus" with a 99.99 percent survival rate from potentially killing them. these older entitled boomers who have already lived their life and are demanding young people stay indoors for the next 10 years so they can live comfortably. No more parties, no more friends, no more social interaction, no more economy. It is all so rich boomers can comfortably shop at a handful of boomer owned monopolys like Walmart and target while living in their lavish middle class suburban home while the average zoomer struggles to even pay rent on a studio apartment. The average home cost 100k and the average saving of an american is around 1k. This country is finished. And thank your brainwashed boomer leaders that lied to you and told you going to a 100k dollar university and buying a 100k house all by the age of 25 is actually possible in this day in age with the rampant amount of inflation and cost of goods going up each year. The older generation does not give a flying fuck about you. they have already sold us out decades ago and by the time hyper inflation kicks in they will already be long gone.

1000's of friends and not one of them would help you out if your car was stuck and you needed a ride. mindless demoralizing propagandizing gibberish for braindead attention seeking numbskulls.

Old riot footage from i think the Ferguson riots...found on hard drive.
The same people who endorsed the KKK in the 1800's are the same people who endorse antifa and black lives matter today. Using criminal blacks within our community hiding behind our skin color while committing crimes and using a just cause (stop Police brutality/racism) to cause violence and destruction on a massive scale. The democrats no longer need racist white supremacist to burn down our community's and create hate. Now they just get us to burn our own community's by our own hand and get other races to hate us not by preaching hate but by encouraging black america to act as self destructive as possible and flooding negative images of us on all fronts while encouraging and promoting us to kill ourselves in mass. It's time to wake up from the Marxist spell and realize we are being duped big time.

Permanent transhuman patch will soon become mandatory requiring monthly updates to stop the imaginary invisible virus. Those that refuse will be placed into "quarantine" camps (Concentration camps) and will be killed off and starved to death. We are approaching the end game.

Indians are allegedly openly revolting against the lockdown enforcers and the vaccine pushers.


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